With studios in the Capital Region of Victoria and bureaus in Nanaimo and Courtenay. Legislature. That fear is being driven by the assumption that U.S. President Donald Trump won’t accept defeat if he is in fact defeated, or may prematurely declare victory on election night before all votes, including mail-in ballots, can be legally counted. “That’s what a democrat does,” Beatty said, and “that will be the test” for the United States tonight. Polls conducted this way do not come with a margin of error, since they are not considered random. The poll did cause technical difficulties on the CHEK site and was closed after 6:30 p.m. Legislature. Beatty, who was a cabinet minister in the Progressive Conservative government of Brian Mulroney recalled the words of former Liberal prime minister John Turner, who died last month, and whom Mulroney defeated in 1984: “The people have decided, and the people are always right.”. Independent and employee owned - local news stories, weather, sports, events and more. “Despite Trump, the U.S. is still the leader of the free world, so any internal turmoil inevitably has collateral damage to the western alliance,” said Robertson, “What can we do? ... CHEK News. Independent and employee owned - local news stories, weather, sports, events and more, SoundCHEK – Arts, Entertainment and Culture, US Election: Vancouver Island residents closely watching the results, The fate of the presidency hangs in the balance as workers count millions of votes in a number of states cast in the US election. The Leger poll left no doubt who Canadians want to win the White House – 80 per cent favoured Biden. The final week in polls: Trump eats into Biden's leads in Arizona, North Carolina, Nevada and Pennsylvania USA TODAY News Apple's Mac event: How to watch on Nov. 10 Vancouver Islands source for local news. “It’s a bit like watching your neighbour’s roof catch fire,” said Perrin Beatty, the president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Four out of five respondents said they were concerned that increased racial tension would lead to protests and violence. SoundCHEK – Arts, Entertainment and Culture, O'Toole calls for pause on CRA audits for businesses struggling due to COVID-19. Protesters say they plan to remain there until the province agrees to pressure the RCMP and Coastal GasLink to leave Wet’suwet’en traditional territories in northern B.C. That view is reflected in a new poll from Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies that found a clear majority of Canadians surveyed worry that the United States will suffer a breakdown of its system marked by “social chaos” if no clear winner emerges. “Cities were burned down and had to rebuild, and some of them never really recovered,” she said. 1st HIV self-test approved in Canada Sure, he’ll be unhappy. The CHEK Point opinion poll Tuesday reveals 85 per cent of those who took part do not support protesters at the B.C. But he’ll leave.”. The CHEK Point opinion poll Tuesday reveals 85 per cent of those who took part do not support protesters at the B.C. Colin Robertson, a retired diplomat who served in multiple U.S. postings, said Canadians have every reason to be concerned about what’s unfolding south of the border, but now is not the time to take sides. disrupted events at the legislature ahead of the government’s throne speech. The Leger poll left no doubt who Canadians want to win the White House – 80 per cent favoured Biden. Tension is growing as Donald Trump disputes the results,  leading[...], B.C. Canadians are watching closely today as their American neighbours vote, capping a campaign marked by voter intimidation, threats of postelection violence, and concern about the potential breakdown of democracy itself. Featured Stories. Watch CHEK News live from 5-6 p.m. every day, as well as 6-7 p.m. and 10-10:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. Canadians are not oblivious to a chaotic final weekend of campaigning that saw Republican supporters block highways, including surrounding a Joe Biden campaign bus on a Texas interstate, as gun sales soared, businesses boarded up in cities across the country, and Republican lawyers stood ready to contest the results. CHEK. Breaking news, local stories, weather, sports and events on Vancouver Island. Will he say outrageous things? “That’s garbage. Will he be unhappy? “I hope that we can put this in the dustbin of failed presidencies and bad periods.”. But Donald Trump has done damage to the trust part of that relationship,” Heyman said. Tip us off. Burke said it was “hype” that Trump would refuse to accept a defeat. “Who would have ever thought we would ever ask the question? The survey delved deeper into Canadians’ anxiety: The possibility of “significant civil unrest or violence” in the streets on election day or the following days worried 77 per cent of respondents; 72 per cent were concerned that Trump wouldn’t accept the election result if he lost; 62 per cent were worried about a stock market crash. “Literally, stores are boarded up across America right now, in anticipation of civil unrest in the streets. As of 6:30 p.m., 1,520 people had answered yes or no to whether they supported the demonstrators or not. Independent and employee owned - local news stories, weather, sports, events and more. Hundreds of protesters gather at the B.C. “The Democrats have a cohort of people that are very violent, and don’t have any problems about rioting and looting,” Burke said. “We have a chance to turn the ship around and head in the direction we were progressing along, regardless of party, Republican or Democrat,” he added. Bruce Heyman, who was Barack Obama’s second ambassador to Canada, said Americans are equally worried but only a “handful” of the 330 million of them are troublemakers. “The Republicans have a cohort of people who talk about their guns, but what they’re going to do is just retreat _ move away from participation in American society. Based in Victoria, BC with bureaus in Nanaimo and Comox Valley. Independent and employee owned - local news stories, weather, sports, events and more Also share your thoughts on the CHEK News Facebook Page Tweet us @CHEK_News Email: chekpoint@cheknews.ca Your responses and poll results on CHEK News at 5 English (US) Español Sarah Goldfeder, now an Ottawa-based consultant and former U.S. diplomat under two American ambassadors, said Canadians must be vigilant to guard against the ideological infiltration of extreme, divisive politics into Canada. announces 335 new cases of COVID-19, including 4 in Island Health, Girlfriend of one of the three found dead in Whiskey Creek missing, also feared dead, Frontline worker hero pay could be clawed back from disability benefits. SoundCHEK – Arts, Entertainment and Culture, Canadian basketball legend Bill Robinson dies at age 71, Protesters say they will 'walk away' from BC legislature. But that’s where we are,” said pollster Christian Bourque. Hundreds of protesters blocked entrances to the building, chanting “Shame” as politicians tried to enter the building with help from security. Burke is deeply troubled by the chaos she is viewing from abroad and said the only comparison in her lifetime is the race riots in the late 1960s. This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 3, 2020. Protesters opposed to the Coastal GasLink pipeline in northern B.C. The survey of 1,516 Canadians selected from an online panel was conducted from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1. And I don’t know which is worse.”. And that’s not good for anybody that has a has to do business with the U.S.”. The CHEK Point question Tuesday asked “Do you support the protesters at the BC Legislature.”. Probably. Legislature Tuesday. Keep calm, consult with the allies and, as (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau said, prepare for all contingencies.”. A total of 1,287 did not while 233 did. But if Trump wins, that will just embolden Democrats to spend four more years trying to undermine his presidency, she said. Send us your news tips and videos! As of 6:30 p.m., 1,520 people had … Georganne Burke, an Ontario-based dual Canadian-American citizen who has campaigned for Trump in the U.S., blamed the Democrats for stoking fears of unrest and violence. The Canadian Press. “Canadians should sit back and take note that the United States-Canada relationship is our most important relationship. The Leger poll found that three-quarters of those surveyed in Canada are worried about the U.S. election, and 68 per cent worry that there will be a “complete breakdown of the political system in the U.S. leading to a period of social chaos.”.

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