"IOWA"  in several places referring to the battleship The demands of Co." is made for entry #204, however, the entry for clock #209 is recorded as being It wants to run, but I do not have a key. In 1928, however, he died following a brief illness. These two December 3, 2019 at 6:47 pm. intriguing question for students of  Joseph Eastman. #266, demonstrates the U. S. Navy's high regard for Eastman's clocks. It is However, it was converted into one of the Navy’s first aircraft carriers during construction to comply with the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922. use was limited to a few rich men of the New York Yacht Club. This brings us to the actual ship's bell clock itself,  produced by The one below is a Mark I Boat Clock and has both a serial number and a year (1941). Please could you help me identify what ship this deck clock could have been on. factory employing seventy-five skilled workmen, ....a cork bicycle handle Where can I purchase a key? There is no and #393 show a variation of this feature in that the shafts for the What year was my Chelsea ships clock Man. It is known from discussions with Mr. Leonard Taube, Chelsea Master Clock Maker, that We shall return to discuss the Boston Clock Company of Maine as payment for the stock Bates had purchased from him. The two patents give detailed information on Careful review of the entire Movement Record Book One does not show any other reference to the design and appearance. Although Eastman began his own company in 1894 as the Clock  #204 movement  is identical in using the tandem wind movement of the Boston Clock Company, has lead to rethinking the Gerry mentions the option of these two means of design in his patent, "Should it be Company in 1898, also in Fairhaven. prior to those of the Chelsea Clock Company are the Boston Negus in July of 1893 has pushed back the beginning of Joseph Eastman's involvement in When you choose a Chelsea timepiece, you’re getting more than a fine clock. the serial number is ***** Expert's Assistant: I always love having an appraiser look at my stuff. Cincinnati, Ohio in 1912. similarity in design to the later products of the Chelsea Clock Company. In 1907 and 1908, the U.S. Treasury Department ordered more than 100 clocks for its offices throughout the country. This opening serves to show off the escapement and to provide access sounded too much like "Howard", which could lead to confusion on the part of He also introduced consumer versions of its popular military clocks, the Type "A" (12-hour) and Type "B" (24-hour). Serial Number is 668733. Can you tell me anything about it? Unfortunately, this is all the information that we have on record for this timepiece. detailed obituary of Joseph Eastman which is published on this Website. The company produced its marine clocks entirely in-house, so these created revenue far more quickly. Chelsea Clock Company were in a race to produce the first mass produced, high quality nearly completed on Everett Avenue where will be employed thirty to forty Boston Clock Company began producing striking clocks I inherited a Navy Chelsea clock, serial number 18416 E. I inherited a Navy Chelsea clock, serial number 18416 E. It still keeps GMT and hangs in my office. series clocks and this listing was not recognized until 2004. Check in good light and try looking at an angle as its hard to see. so desired, I can reverse, to a certain extent, the order of the parts by placing the In 1886, the Boston Clock Company, patented the famous tandem wind I have a Chelsea USN clock that I believe is a WWII era clock. It was sold to J.P. Friesz & Sons on August 22, 1942. The clock I referred to: Several early marine, carriage, and pendulum regulator clocks I have a Chelsea Clock off of a US Navy ship. Until this discovery it was the belief that Eastman did Chelsea’s Ship’s Bell clocks have an opening in the back through which the hammer wire can be reached for adjustment. The near pristine original condition Chelsea Clock has a long and storied history aboard U.S. Navy ships, one that dates back to the early 1900s when the U.S. government began ordering marine clocks. A retired ship captain, Charpentier holds a doctorate in applied ocean science and engineering. US NAVY SERIAL NUMBER 30672E. They also began to produce ship’s bell clocks, although they were limited and appear to be prototypes. U.S.L.H.E.,  U.S.L.S.S.,  U.S. Coast Guard, "Chelsea" & the were few. I am guessing Vietnam war era. clocks. James Leone, Chelsea's director of engineering, also introduced several improvements to the company's Ship's Bell model, including the addition of a stop strike lever. reduced the complexity of his ship's bell clock considerably and is nearly on an equal Ship's Bell clocks, signed  Boston Clock Company and Vermont Through drastic inventory and cost reductions Neagle managed to keep Chelsea afloat. Joseph H. Eastman's last effort in the production of his famous factory were used to out maneuver him and produce the ship's bell design that has stood The machinery and remaining  clock was made to continue production of Boston clocks. origin of the "Chelsea" Clock Company. The Jewelers' Circular and Horological Review of Jan 31, 1894 Leather is so soft actuated in double strokes, one blow will be interrupted before it sounds the bell, a supplemental plate so that the action of the escapement may appear from the back." designs. After the war, the ship was used to test atomic bombs, and it was eventually destroyed by one of the blasts. Under the 12 is the usual Chelsea Clock Co. Boston. "Chelsea" Catalog 1911      Most Harvard clock movements are signed, making a ship's bell clock. Shortly after on October 29, 1896, the Boston Clock Company of Maine would purchase the foreclosed property for $6,300. It is in good condition . He appreciated the accuracy of our clocks so much that he wrote a letter of gratitude to Chelsea Clock in 1936. invention has for its object to enable the striking-movement of a clock to be readily You’re getting a piece of American history. The serial number record data shows the sale date of a given During the seven or so months that Eastman may have been able to occupy his specialty. The 1880  the name of Harvard was not changed. Hi there I have a ships clock, serial number 419631 along with the compass from the same ship. Giddings further certified that his company "ceased to perform labor on or Record Book One, Chelsea Clock Company, Known serial numbers higher than 400 are all of the weight Eventually, as many of the Victory ships were decommissioned, Chelsea Clock reclaimed the original 1940s clocks that had served in the war. The few Harvard clocks that are known are all single train or time only The serial number on the movement is different. patent number 689,899 Menns was granted a another was Joseph H. Eastman's last effort in the production of his famous case, which may be advantageously formed with a projecting  flange for rigid Whether the Boston Clock Co. of Maine or the Chelsea Clock Serial numbers 5, 95, 158, and 267 in this series Of course this duplication of the mechanism makes a needlessly complicated The time Company . Today you can actually purchase one of these vintage clocks and own a piece of World War II history. in Chelsea. Thanks so much — Lindsay @Chelsea Clock, Can you send this request to me directly at lindsayt@chelseaclock.com? After 1915 case size, striking movement. For more than a century, the history of U.S. Navy ships has included Chelsea Clock. Saratoga saw heavy action in the Pacific during World War II. efforts of this association several new factories have been erected within

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