People aren’t supposed to take items from the exclusion zone in part because they are still contaminated with radiation. In 1986, almost 50,000 people lived in Pripyat, the closest town to the Chernobyl plant. Humans live in close symbiosis with animals, slaughtering takes place at home, apples ripen on the windowsill.". Some estimate that Chernobyl caused 4,000 deaths from cancer. The disaster had released several times more radioactive material into the air than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined (with harmful radiation drifting as far away as France and Italy). See photos of Chernobyl today. And the humans aren't all that's left in Chernobyl today. Some 30 years after such an apocalyptic event, life in Chernobyl today has found a way. Now it's known only as the Chernobyl exclusion zone, forcibly devoid of humans and since retaken by animals and nature itself. When the reactor blew in 1986, as is shown in the HBO series Chernobyl, the government evacuated 350,000 people from an “exclusion zone” erected around the plant. Many dogs, foxes, and even wolves freely roam the grounds of Chernobyl. Visitors walk in the “ghost town” of Pripyat near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant on April 22, 2016. Welcome to Chernobyl today, an empty shell haunted by its disastrous past. In Belarus alone, Chernobyl's cost in modern dollars was well over $200 billion. How many people died at Chernobyl? See photos of the disaster site today. 35 Photos Of Chernobyl Today After Being Frozen In Time By A Nuclear Meltdown. Thyroid cancer among children is considered one of the main health impacts. Chernobyl today remains an “exclusion zone,” and photos have captured the eerie scene of lives interrupted. Once the order was finally given, the entire town evacuated in three hours. Workers risked their lives in those ruins for more than a week afterward to eventually contain the fire, bury the mountains of radioactive debris, and enclose the reactor inside a concrete and steel sarcophagus. staggering photographs of abandoned Detroit. Indeed, Chernobyl today perhaps isn't quite what you'd imagine. According to Inverse, though, wildlife returned to the radiation-tainted area; “brown bears, bisons, wolves, lynxes, Przewalski horses, and more than 200 bird species,” are among those creatures living in the exclusion zone today, reports Inverse. A technical experiment failed, and sent Nuclear Reactor 4 into meltdown. Given its environmental impact, billions have also been lost in potential agricultural yields. Therefore, we urge you to remain in a sober, adequate state during your visit,” the government advises. The Chernobyl exclusion zone, encompassing 19 miles around the plant in all directions, soon became a ghost town with buildings left to rot and almost all humans fleeing for their lives. As a result, by this act you contribute to the distribution of radionuclides across the territory of Ukraine.”. Most of these areas have since been restored, but require costly cultivation materials. VIKTOR DRACHEV/AFP/Getty ImagesWild horses walk the fields as a worker of the Belarussian radiation ecology reserve measures the level of radiation inside the exclusion zone. The structure blew up and it would take Soviet authorities a full day to order citizens of Pripyat to evacuate. You can see photos of the disaster site throughout this article. The levels are high enough that workers are limited in how many hours they can work at Chernobyl – five hours a day and then 15 days of rest after a month’s work, according to Manchester Evening News. According to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, “The Chernobyl accident’s severe radiation effects killed 28 of the site’s 600 workers in the first four months after the event. Powered by. The town of Pripyat is a particularly eerie site today; it was the community where a lot of the workers lived near the nuclear plant. How much radiation do people on tours get exposed to? Leave your best tips for visiting Chernobyl today, taking pictures of Chernobyl, or any questions you have about an upcoming trip! Today, there are two exclusion zones, according to USA Today. A large fireball soon burst through the reactor lid and huge amounts of radioactive material were unleashed. Check out our posts on beautiful abandoned structures and staggering photographs of abandoned Detroit.

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