"The NFL is undertaking short-, intermediate-, and long-term diversity identification initiatives for both non-football and football personnel to ensure more opportunities for African Americans in leadership management positions across the league.". "However, here's the rub: Even though things have significantly progressed, a lot of scouts and coaches when they see an African American quarterback will immediately frame them as someone who is a great athlete, as opposed to someone who is a great quarterback.". 4. He fell to the final pick of the first round, where he was taken by the Ravens. . The draft positions of some Black quarterbacks have raised some eyebrows. They are listed in order of the date of each player's first start at quarterback for the Bears. In honor of Black History Month, ChicagoBears.com features three African-American pioneers in franchise history. Every play that was called, every block that was needed, every pass route that was run, every pass thrown, it was all in perfect symmetry. Here’s a look at every black QB who has played for the Bears, as well as what their statistical contributions were: Willie Thrower was one of the first black quarterbacks in the league, and he played for the Bears in 1953, backing up George Blanda. This was down to nine by week two after an LA Chargers team doctor. Having gone undrafted in 1978, Moon went to Canada, winning five consecutive Grey Cups -- the Canadian Football League title -- before he was given a chance in the NFL with the Houston Oilers in 1984, aged 28. The bears NEVER ONCE talked to me.. https://t.co/nMX7JKW99P, — Deshaun Watson (@deshaunwatson) May 9, 2020, Footage from the Rich Eisen Show eventually surfaced featuring Watson saying he had spoken to the Bears back in 2017, which led some to call Watson a liar. As a junior, Evans settled in as the starter for the Trojans, setting up a senior season in which he led the Trojans to a Pac-10 title and an MVP performance in a Rose Bowl win over Michigan. A Heisman Trophy winner as a sophomore at the University of Louisville, Baltimore Ravens' Jackson was seen by doubters as just a runner, rather than someone who could throw, make critical decisions and lead too. Those largely clipboard-holding years at the end might have been affected by his 1984 decision to join the USFL after seven seasons with the Bears. Evans returned only after the NFL strike two games into the 1987 season, when desperate owners worked feverishly to fill rosters. According to a leading academic, Black quarterbacks have historically found it more difficult being drafted into the league than their White counterparts. "Ahead of No. The Washington Football Team president Jason Wright (right) is the first and only Black president of an NFL organization. At No. You see African American quarterbacks are doing very, very well," he says, reeling off the achievements of Wilson, Murray, Mahomes and Jackson. 26. Six years later, Evans turned down a scholarship to North Carolina Central University to move to Los Angeles and play at Los Angeles City College. "If it was racism then they [Black players] wouldn't be allowed to play the game at all," he told CNN. It all started with a tweet. From 2012 until his death, Macon had lived in The Commons on Thornton, a senior community in Stockton, Calif., with his wife of 71 years, Jessie. Jackson to date has performed so much better than any of the four white quarterbacks taken before him that it’s flat-out embarrassing. This means the NFL only made a net gain of one person of color in one of these positions of power from 2019 to 2020. Still, those listing the likes of Campbell, Burris, Stewart or Blake to support their assertion Chicago has given black quarterbacks loads of opportunities might want to actually look at the depth and breadth of those opportunities. "I think if he would have stayed in the NFL for a couple more years, he wouldn't have been as overlooked. A running back at Valley High School, he switched to quarterback at Michigan State and was part of the Spartans' national championship team as a senior in 1952. ... QB. Someone has to be the first and I was the first and I feel very proud that I was the first.". Listed below are the Chicago Bears Overall Quarterback Win/Loss Records for players that have started at least one game at quarterback. "He threw for over 30 touchdowns, but everybody just wanted to talk about the runs. 6' 6" 253 lbs. It might not be overt, not even conscious, and its presence might even be anger-inducing when suggested to those exhibiting it — this prejudice against non-whites at the highest position — but it’s there. The subject of the Chicago Bears, Deshaun Watson and black quarterbacks has been … Other than Vince Evans, who spent seven seasons with the Bears, Chicago has seemed unwilling to commit to black quarterbacks for more than a season. The Bears became the first NFL team to draft an African-American player in 1949 when they picked Taliaferro in the 13th round out of Indiana. Last week, writer John Feinstein commented on the Chicago Bears decision to decline quarterback Mitch Trubisky’s fifth-year option, and he reminded everyone of something Bears fans are already achingly aware: Chicago chose Trubisky over Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson in the 2017 NFL Draft. Jackie Robinson had broken baseball's color barrier five years earlier, and several African Americans had played in the NFL from 1920-33. During the same time period, six of the 31 departing head coaches, coordinators or general managers were men of color. You know, be the face of a franchise, all those different things that go along with being a franchise quarterback.". The current crop of supremely talented African American quarterbacks, says Moon, are successfully changing people's perceptions of Black quarterbacks. McMahon got hurt, and I probably would have played. Evans played for the Bears from 1977-83. Visit ESPN to view the Chicago Bears team roster for the current season. Mahomes is the highest-paid player in the NFL, having signed a contract extension during the off-season with the Kansas City Chiefs reportedly worth nearly half a billion dollars. As a member of the Bears, Thrower became the first African-American quarterback in NFL history on Oct. 18, 1953 when he replaced an ineffective George Blanda in a loss to the 49ers at Wrigley Field. “We kicked that club off when Joe Gilliam died; we wanted to not only commemorate his life but continue the legacy of what he had done with his tenure in the league.”. Guys like Doug Williams, Donovan McNabb, Steve McNair, and Michael Vick weren’t in their reach so they’re out of the discussion. Powered by WordPress.com VIP. During his career, he often played the position well. Dwight Stephenson became a Hall of Fame center for the Dolphins in the 1980s. There was no mystery here. About Nielsen Measurement. Stigma about black quarterbacks still exists in the NFL. North Carolina. He appeared in just one game for the Bears, going 3-8 for 27 yards before Blanda returned to the game. The battle for Black quarterbacks begins with entry into the NFL. ", The statement added: "The league is also implementing universal data collection to gather diversity information from all 32 NFL clubs. Vince Evans remains the lone black quarterback drafted by the Bears. Thrower completed 3 of 8 passes for 27 yards before Blanda was reinserted and played in only one more game for the Bears in 1953 before being released.

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