Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. How square root can be calculated from manometer? May have detailed technical provisions attached in annexes, such as six annexes to the MARPOL convention, each dealing with a different aspect of marine pollution. Its duty  to implement various national and international legislation to which the flag state is a party. SOLAS stands for International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea. Post a Chief Engineer job to 100 job boards with one submission. Any movement of E/R oil, (2) Bunkering, (3)date and time of operation, (4)incineration, disposal of residues to reception facilities, disposal of residues into sea as per schedule to the regulation. +100A) is known as class notation. The North Sea, including English Channel and approaches, The Antarctic Region (South of 60 degrees), the ship must not be within a special area, the oil content of the affluent does not exceed 15 ppm, the ship must have in operation equipment required by Reg. There are no answers to these questions. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. safety of life at sea (SOLAS) or marine pollution (MARPOL). It came into International effect on 3/2/2000. Tests critical thinking and research skills. ILO 147 which is called the Minimum Standards Convention. High quality with cheap rates. Classification societies act under the authority delegated to them by the flag administration. International shore connection is for connecting with the fore main for water supply from sources other than ship’s main and is located as per Safety/Fire plan. Chief Engineer Responsibilities During Bunkering Operation July 31, 2018; Effects of Impurities in Fuel Oil July 31, 2018; Ship Charter May 20, 2018; Boiler Water Treatment July 12, 2017; Scavenging and Turbocharging (Questions & Answers) May 18, 2017; Oil Record Book (Questions & Answers) May 11, 2017; Enclosed Space Entry May 11, 2017 This document refers to the various classes, packing, marking and segregation of dangerous goods and marine pollutants carried in packaged form. Compliance with the standards which are published as Rules of the particular classification society ensures assignment and maintenance of class. Latest Development on Energy-efficiency in International Shipping by IMO (MEPC 68th session), Wärtsilä 50DF engine capables to operate on ethane gas, Wärtsilä to deliver scrubber systems to clean the exhaust from two Dutch RoRo carriers, Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy for Ships, Mobile and Internet Services for Cruise Ships by MCP, Hull Appendage MT-FAST for Ship’s Energy Efficiency, Flettner Rotors- The Wind Turbines as Ship’s Propulsion, Wartsila’s New Fuel-efficient Tanker Design, A Combined Wind & Solar Power Solution for Ships, Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) System, Green Ship Technology for Energy Saving by Air Carpet, “Liability In Maritime Collision Case: How Is Fault Apportioned?”, Properties of Fuel Oil and Bunkering Procedure, Bearings Clearance Basics – Circle Track Magazine, Tools, Valves and Materials for Marine Use, Watch keeping duties , responsibilities and cargo documentation, “Technology Innovations for Cost- effective Energy Efficiency Measures”, CoC Oral Exam Preparation (Part – 20): EKG, Question and Answer for Oral Exam, Part – 1, Marine Engineer Officer Class- 1 (Unlimited) CoC Oral Exam Preparatory Course Syllabus as per IMO Model Course 7.02, Marine Engineer Officer Class-2 & 1 (Unlimited) CoC Exam Preparatory Course Syllabus as per IMO Model Course 7.02, Marine Engineer Officer Class-3 CoC Exam Preparatory Course Syllabus as per IMO Model Course 7.04, Two Years Pre-sea Course Syllabus of Department of Shipping, Bangladesh, Maritime Security and Security Responsibilities, Shipboard High Voltage- Safeties and Applications, Marine Steering Gear and SOLAS Requirements, Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Marpol Annex VI Chapter IV- GHG Emissions and Energy Efficiency Regulations, Marine Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas Emissions Control Technologies, Responsibilities of a Chief Engineer for a ship in Dry-Dock, MARPOL Annex VI- Emissions Control Development. safety standards, including standard of competency, hours of work and manning. What is class notation, tonnage marks, load line and Plimsol mark ? It is already in force for bulk carriers, passenger ships and tankers. interview questions with All SOLAS, MARPOL and Loadline Convention Certificate including certificates issued under the International gas (IGC) and chemical tanker (BC) codes aand BCH Code for older tankers can be done at one go. When interviewing Chief Engineers, the best candidates will demonstrate active listening skills and be confident in their ability to lead. They may be required to work in the office or onsite. MARINE Engineering Interview Questions and Answers :-17. Protocol for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against Fixed Platforms Located on the Continental Shelf (SUAPROT) 1988 and, International Convention on Salvage (SALVAGE) 1989, Antarctic Sea (area south of 60 degrees South). 22. What is the C.C in motorbikes? You can change your ad preferences anytime. 16(5). Annex 4, Prevention of pollution by sewage. STCW 1978 was revised at a conference in London in July 1995, the revised convention is generally known as STCW-95. There are 12 chapters in SOLAS. Feel free to leave us your comments at the end of the article if you need more information or … Though checked up to 1998, 25. “CoC Oral Exam Questions & Answers” ... Should there be any accident inside E/R, inform bridge, Chief Engineer and raise emergency alarm so that other crew members will muster and come to help/rescue as appropriate. How many national shipping regulations we have got ? Free ebook Athens Convention relating to Carriage of Passenger and their Luggage by Sea (PAL) 1974. What is standard and International Shore Connection ? answers Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against the Safety of Maritime Navigation (SUA) 1988.

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