THE AMERICAN INDIAN IN NORTH CAROLINA recounts an August 1585 exploration by Gov Lane which visited the Chowans: “The Chowan Indians lived along the river bearing their name. Some historians claim that the Chowanoac tract was the first Native American reservation in North Carolina. Earlier indigenous culturesoccupied th… Ohanoak, on the west side of Chowan River not far below Nottoway 4 0 obj In the 20th century, more disruption of tribal identity occurred under racial segregation laws passed in all the southern states. A member of the Lane exhibition was an artist named John White. James Robbins appears to have been the most well to do of the Chowanokes, aided in part by his pay from having served as a soldier in the Revolution. In 1731, less than 20 families were reported ,and by 1755 mother of 6th great-uncle, WILLIAM Freeman JR. (1719 – 1781) Bashford Robbins, 1 white male, 2 free persons of color, James Robbins, 1 white female, 15 free persons of color. The book 500 NATIONS, AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS says that the Chowanocs, Weapemeocs, and Secotans were allied Algonquin nations. Algonquians. On February 23, 1819, John Walton bought the interest of Christian Robbins, who at the time was living in Perquimans County, in a “certain piece or parcel of land at a place called the Indian Town, joining the lands of Nancy Robbins, Elizabeth Robbins, Sara Robbins, and the said John Walton containing by estimation 5 acres.” Then in May, 1820, Walton bought out Judith Robbins, who had moved to Chowan County. Ramushonok, apparently between the Meherrin and Nottoway Rivers They met defeat each time. They sided … A year of warfare followed with serious loss to the settlers. %��������� The Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico, An Australian clan: the Nivisions of New England, The Descendants of Meredith Edwards of Westmoreland County, Virginia, The family tree of John Steele, 1842 to 1962, The Pollak Family of Pressburg, Hungary and Vienna, Austria. x��Y��Ƒ���) �{�=l�8�XifD������N���`�R8�ڗ����gV��%�D�����QU�%������ϱi�ӥ�����O�?�s�Gw��s�C՟������M��M��S�+������?g�)������9�wo���c��l��yق�w���w��u��J~ݿ;DY����J&�̨�{�x^v���GqݕͶ��a���,M�l\EoH��K�2ycu;�����O����Ȇ�"���� 2��0L���F��[ |����Q0;��p��70 ���}`��MaK�-_,Ȍ�}�?����bU}]W����P�AJ��d�(��@��;^�a��U�o��N�h�J��T��u�t�Jx���&��y���]�I8���ix�d*-�Lߞ\D�� The Chowanoc, meaning southerners, made several bad decisions along their journey. This became known as the Chowanoc War of 1675-1677. The actual deed of sale is dated April 12, 1790 and is between “James Robbins, Benjamin Robbins, George Bennett, and Joseph Bennett, Chief Men and representatives of the Chowan Indians Nation of Gates County and William Lewis and Samuel Harrell”. This would suggest that they still maintained some form of recognizable community in the area. Their memory is preserved in the names of Chowan River and and Mount Pleasant (300 B.C.-A.D. 800) phases of the Woodland period. The area of the old reservation is now called Indian Neck. Lane described this town as being large enough to muster 700-800 warriors, which meant the capital's population was likely more than 2100. the county of the name, all in North Carolina. They joined in the Tuscarora War against the whites in 1711-12, and at its close the remnant, estimated at about 240, were assigned a small reservation on Bennetts and Catherine creeks. Through the centuries some families have maintained their Chowanoke identity; others intermarried and gradually identified with other ethnic groups. The company included Edward Bland, Abraham Wood, Sackford Brewster, Elias Pennant, two white servants, and an Appamattox Indian guide. The group sought gold and Indian goods, and the expedition eventually arrived at a Chowanoac village. ��ڭ&�kјD��볓��\��C�*��g������nE�J�_�&�%�F��I�e!5 �û��PF�FE�3g���q����D��6�H)��K3�H^� `X�;ha�U�'���w� �X��-�fZ�����I6O�#�ղ��m��a�4R���W��]�#j�#.p��o��T�"�R�,N�Xt�ɉ� uH&*n-��FR�R�� �lܠ��UWnOm�6�3�-I�x����.K�Ӕ��>�6d,�EI��&�"� )(�o0��|��,�0y�(��>C�����D�c��� ���9�O,�aW].��e��Tu��\�� ����G��m�+�%(\�ZQ�vl B�˩}?T�c�`�(8�3�J\'{���I=�. What did the Chowanoc tribe do for houing? to incorporate with that tribe. The 1790 census of Gates County shows the following households which are probably the bulk of the Chowanoke population at that time. south.". The SECOTAN area reflects 12 towns and the WEAPEMEOC area reflects 8 towns. It is called Chowanoke Town. At the time of the Tuscarora War, the once mighty tribe only sent fifteen warriors with the English to fight against their Iroquoian rivals. In 1821 they lost the last 30 acres of communal land. The population estimates may have accurately been between his (which might have been 4,000 for all the people, and Harriot's, about 2100 overall). I found he had some notions of Noahs flood which he came to the knowledge of and exprest himselfe after this manner–My Father told me I tell my Son.”. While none show the Chowans themselves, there are quite a few of the Secotan and Pomeoke who were close neighbors to the Chowans. We need you to answer this question! The Bennett’s are back and we will seek our land and our identity back. Chowanoc Indians (Algonquian: shawŭni ‘south’; shawŭnogi‘they of the south,’ ‘southerners.’ W. J. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. – Native American Haplogroup Origins and Ancestral Origins, James Whitehurst, Indian, Princess Anne County, VA, Eugenics as Indian Removal: Sociohistorical Processes and the De(con)struction of American Indians in the Southeast, 1837 Treaty with the Choctaw and Chickasaw. ( Log Out /  In 1734, Thomas Hoyter, James Bennet, Charles Beazley and Jeremiah Pushing, Chief Men of the Chowan Indians sell land to JOHN FREEMAN, Thomas Garret, and 8 other white men. 6403 Sherwood Addition Rd, PO Box 195 Wellpinit, WA 99040 (509) 818-1460 Hours of Operation: M-Th 6:00 am – 4:30 pm In 1584-85, when first known to Europeans (Roanoke Colony), the Chowanoc were the leading tribe in northeastern North Carolina. In 1820 they were supposed to be extinct. This would make James Bennett their father-in-law. The map of James Wimble, made in 1729, also locates it about this point. The Sault Ste. It is composed almost exclusively of mussel shells taken from the river, pieces of pottery, ashes, arrowheads and human bones…. The land was sold off steadily through the 1700’s until by 1790 the tribe had been reduced to nothing. According to the 16th-century English explorer Ralph Lane, the Chowanoke (Chowanoc, Chawonoc) had 19 villages, with the capital being the town of Chowanoke. the Chowanoc were the leading tribe in northeastern North Carolina. Chowan County, and in the designation of a small post office were placed at 240. Chowanoke descendants still live in the state, particularly in Gates and Chowan counties. Lewis Robbins, born in 1790 and apprenticed in 1800, is never called an Indian in any of the written records, but it is logical that he is a child of one of the Chowanoke families listed in 1800. At about the same time that they received the land from Henry Hill, several of the Indian boys were ordered bound out as apprentices to local whites. Ohanoak … One from grandpa Robbins side, and one from grandma Crudgington, and one from my great grandmother McCready. My ancestors are of the chowan Indian tribe. May 25, 1781, Elisha Robbins, Indian, 11 years of age, bound to Jethro Meltear they submitted to the English Crown, but they violated this in In 2014 they acquired a 146-acre tract of their former reservation land (originally 11,360 acres in 1677) and plan to develop it for a tribal cultural center to aid their revitalization efforts. Native American descendants, such as the Chowanoke, were often classified among the free people of color on census documents. The 1651 map of Virginia drawn by John Farrer prominently displays the CHAWANOKE RIVER, probably named for the Chawan Indians who lived along it. In 1723 a reservation of 53,000 acres was laid out for the Tuscarora and the Chowan. An Algonquian tribe that thrived in the northeastern section of North Carolina by the end of the middle-sixteenth century, the Chowanoac were once the most prominent Algonquians in the area when Europeans explored what they called the New World. The chief of the tribe, Menatonon, was described as being ” a man impotent in his limbs, but otherwise for a savage a very grave and wise man.” He gave Lane directions for travel by river and overland to Chesapeake Bay. They were allied with the Colonists during the Tuscarora War. 3500-4500 B.C. After warfare, in 1677 English colonists set aside a reservation for the tribe near Bennett's Creek. Apparently by the time the sale took place, the tribe had left the area of their old reservation and had sold or otherwise conveyed it to neighboring whites. The book The AMERICAN INDIAN IN NORTH CAROLINA, has another section on the Chowan Indians as follows: ” The Chowan Indians, whose name signifies “Southerners” were still a strong tribe when settlers began to move in the Albemarle region about 1650.

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