GO BEARCATS Why not 10 conferences that all have programs that are viable ratings draws, as opposed to five conferences with viewer appeal and five without? Nah, we'll most likely join the Big 12 when we finally join a P5 conference. BIG 10 Conference Realignment and Cincinnati Bearcats Cincinnati Nebraska Leadership's reaction to the BIG 10's decision to postpone the College Football season, continually evaluate a return date, and announce a subsequent restart has created an opportunity to revisit conference membership and possible conference realignment. There hasn't been much talk publicly about realignment, but that doesn't mean power brokers across the nation aren't thinking about it. When it finally subsided in 2014, the landscape had changed dramatically. Who's getting a W in Week 9? Your ideas could be used (with full credit) in a subsequent column. **Don't fret Nebraska fans, your University andStates' lack of loyalty won't exclude you entirely. There still will be bowl games for the teams that don’t make the CFP. Marshall would finally get West Virginia on an annual basis, and Cincinnati would get Ohio State. Which team(s) would you want to see added to the BIG 10? Lesser conferences followed suit, scrambling for financial viability. In football, each school will play a full round-robin schedule plus one nonconference game (no FCS opponents). Cookies help us deliver our Services. The Big Ten wound up with 14 teams, stretching from Nebraska to New Jersey. Brian Kelly just signed.an extension. /r/GOBEARCATS, Press J to jump to the feed. Dormant, across-the-river rivalries renewed via nonconference matchups: Louisville-Cincinnati, Kentucky-Indiana, Missouri-Illinois. There is not a lot of office or barber shop banter in, say, Orlando between Florida and Missouri fans when the Gators and Tigers play; there sure would be when the Gators play Central Florida. (That list of schools would include Notre Dame. What college football would gain from this realignment: uniformity; conference championships that truly matter; increased access to a more lucrative playoff; a more level playing field for the little guys; renewed regional identity; cherished rivalries preserved, restored—and, in some cases, forced into permanent existence. This plan presents exactly that opportunity. The teams are seeded by the committee. Then there are the rivalries torn asunder by realignment but put back together here: Texas–Texas A&M, Missouri-Kansas, Utah–Utah State. What Would SI's Hypothetical Realignment Mean for LSU? But it’s fun to think about and argue about. Some Big Ten schools that had been aligned since the start of the 20th century would be splintered off into different leagues. The Pac-12 annexed the Rocky Mountains. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is a registered trademark of ABG-SI LLC. Roundtable: Breaking Down SI's Reimagining of College SportsHypothetical Conference Realignment Finds Maryland in Familiar TerritoryA Look at Duke's New Home in Pat Forde's RealignmentWhat Would SI's Hypothetical Realignment Mean for LSU?

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