to make contact with a British Battalion but instead encountered enemy troops and was shot dead. They did not live there for very long for his Probate records show he died at Brierley Hall, near Barnsley, Yorkshire, in 1920. a colliery proprietor. family lived in the part of the house with eight rooms. Initially he was buried in Ham German Military Cemetery, but then his body was exhumed and reburied in, Very shortly after Major General John Talbot Coke returned to his home at, Hall from serving in the Boer War in 1901 he was asked by the Urban District Council if he would sell a small part of the Priory. Military Unit. 05 Jan 1955. He was also the surgeon appointed to work with patients from Sherwood Colliery. Hall, at Mansfield Woodhouse, nearby to The Priory. George Coke was himself the son of another D'Ewes Coke (died 1751), of Suckley, and of his first wife, Frances Coke, daughter and co-heiress of William Coke of Trusley, and was the only one of their three children … About 1819 John was also involved with a new railway which transported coal from his colliery at, to the Portland Wharf at Mansfield. The settlement recovered and by Tudor times, was home to a number of wealthy families. Rank. Later, Medical Directories for 1935 and 1942 show that Dr. , had retired, but was still living at The Priory and that he had worked at Mansfield District Hospital. Bank House in Mansfield in 1805 for Mr Stanton who owned Stanton’s Mill in Bath Lane. They were Eliza Jane, known as Jennie, nee Pryce, a former nurse at the London Hospital, Whitechapel, and her husband Doctor Reginald. Becket Lindley, a wool buyer, at The Priory in the trade directories for 1922 through to 1936 and his Probate record reveals, he was living there at the time of his death, that the Beckett family had moved to the seven, The Priory continued to be two residences, for, managing director of Mansfield Shoe Company, Malcolm and Sylvia Martin moved to live at one half of the Priory then called the Western Priory. 19. It has a … Run over by tubs. The area declined after the Romans left but by the 13th century, there was a growing settlement of smallholders. Their house could have been The Priory, The Grange or the Manor House, Perhaps more documents will come to light over time and reveal more, Moving forward to the latter half of the 18. Here we found a group of small hawthorn trees. They moved to the Somme in August and took part in the Battle of Thiepval. The Old Mansfield Woodhouse Society is concerned with the heritage of Mansfield Woodhouse and aims to promote studies and activities on all aspects of the place, from the past, to the present and into the future. 42. 06 Jan 1955. Monmouth Regiment and was mentioned in Despatches twice. Its land became known locally as the Priory Grounds and some of its boundaries formed a triangle enclosed by Station Street, Priory Road and the grounds of the large house next door called The Grange. and he laid the foundation stone for Mansfield’s new Town Hall. The Census shows Reginald’s assistant Charles Henry Oliver, a medical practitioner, was also living. It is located about a mile to the south of Warsop on the A60, Mansfield Road. When war broke out in August 1914, he was a junior master at Tonbridge School in Kent. [7], The Manor Sport and Recreation Centre is a £1.9 million indoor and outdoor sports facility opened on 11 May 2002, largely funded by a £1.4 million Sport England Sports Lottery grant, with the remainder from a variety of organisations and sponsors. The area also has a volunteer-run newsletter called The Woodhouse Warbler, produced quarterly since late 2000, with a circulation in the thousands. John Coke’s only son, John, by his wife Susannah (nee Wilmott) died in 1828 at only 19 years of age. This address (Yorke Street, Mansfield Woodhouse, Mansfield) can be considered less ethnically diverse than the UK average. family were great benefactors and had significant connections to Mansfield Woodhouse and did live in the village but exactly where is not known. Arriving in France 1 July 1916 and moving to the Arras sector. He did serve as a Captain with the Royal Army Medical Corps at some period so he could have been away on duty. … The next evidence we have of occupants at The Priory is Sarah Sophia Coke, the daughter of D’Ewes Coke of Brookhill Hall, who married Commander George Robinson in 1827. was absent from the house on Census night 1911. Farming and quarrying were the main livelihoods and Mansfield Woodhouse also prospered with the growth of the textile and hosiery trades into the 19th century. In 1839 the designer of the Houses of Parliament, Sir Charles Barry, selected a sand-coloured magnesian limestone as the stone that would be used in its construction. It also produced a magazine collating locals' Second World War memories, funded by the Big Lottery Fund. George died in 1867 but Sarah continued to live at The Priory in widowhood and is shown there in the 1871 Census together with four of her children and five servants. 59. 12 Jan 1955. No family lived at The Priory on Census Night 1881, only servants. [1] A major military figure in the conflict was John Talbot Coke, grandson of D'Ewes Coke, born at Mansfield Woodhouse, a well-known Nottinghamshire industrialist and clergyman. Richard Parkes York Street Mansfield Woodhouse. Fall of roof. The settlement was recorded as having a population of over 18,500 according to the 2011 census.[4]. At Mansfield Woodhouse a Coke Street was renamed Newhaven Avenue. Her late husband Clement Howard Prance who died in 1890 had been the Vicar of Annesley. Private. bought a Royal Rover Gents’ Roadster cycle, with special heavy tyres for £11 from George Betts & Son at Christmas 1907. Mansfield Woodhouse is a settlement about 1.2 miles (2 km) north of Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, England, ... Natives of Mansfield Woodhouse include D'Ewes Coke (1747–1811), an unusual combination of clergyman and colliery master, and the pianist and composer John Ogdon (1937 –89). Mr Frank Plant Cook, who was the surveyor for the Urban District Council. The Priory because her housekeeper in 1871 Annie Booth was still recorded as living at The Priory in 1881. the 1881 Directory for Mansfield Woodhouse indicates that Mrs Robinson was a resident of Mansfield Woodhouse. senior consultant surgeon at King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton, in 1984. Hall, who married Commander George Robinson in 1827. Today. 01-07-1931 Mansfield Town Hall. Trade directories for the 1820s show that William Wilkinson was still working as an architect based in Mansfield Woodhouse. Mansfield Woodhouse is known around Nottinghamshire for its junior football clubs: Woodhouse Colts JFC and Manor 4th FC, both of which offer football to youngsters from 6 to 18. Her husband, a serving Naval Officer was not at The Priory on Census Night so was more than likely. Fractured arm Died 25 Apr 1915 Septicaemia: George Taylor 39, Cavendish Street Shirebrook: 21: 01 May 1915: Worsop Main: Fall of roof, Fractured leg: Arthur William Forknall 13, Barn Lane Mansfield : 25: 18 Jul 1915: Rufford: Fall of roof, Multiple injuries Died after admission: James Albert Hayward Langwith Road … William’s wife Augusta was away visiting her parents in West Derby, Lancashire. who currently play in the East Midlands Counties League at Debdale Park.[11]. 18. It is a settlement built and named after the Battle of Spion Kop which took place during the Second Boer War in Natal, South Africa, in January 1900. 58. After the Second Duke of Portland died in 1761 and his wife, death in 1785, The Priory was purchased by John Coke, whose family owned, This next paragraph is conjecture but it is recorded that landowner Henry Thornhill rented a house at Mansfield Woodhouse, at around the same time that he himself leased some 15 acres of his, Manor to the five partners Henry Hollins, Thomas, , who wished to establish cotton spinning mills at, It is also recorded that Henry died at this house in 1792, Another source records that William Wilkinson. He died at Portsmouth Hospital in 1943 and Jennie died in 1951. in 1911 contained seven rooms and the Nadin family. 17-02-1933. The Co-op in Mansfield Woodhouse closed on 10 January 2009, and was replaced by a Morrisons store on 29 June 2009. Kirkby. Here we built a … It was advertised in the local paper with enquiries. 106, Coke Street Mansfield Woodhouse: 14: 12 Apr 1915: Langwith: Crushed by tubs. Clipstone. 43. During the UK miners' strike, some coal miners at nearby Sherwood Colliery on the edge of Mansfield Woodhouse continued working, a decision made with members and officials as part of the Union of Democratic Mineworkers, a breakaway from the National Union of Mineworkers. There is a commemorative plaque.

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