If all of the other solutions fail to fix this problem, have a technician check for a refrigerant leak and if the compressor is on the fritz. Home PTAC Common Problems 1. According to the U.S Department of Energy, even systems 10 years old are 20%-40% less efficient than their modern counterparts. It is scheduled for completion next Spring. Typically, designers or contractors install these simple systems and then let the occupants or building owners decide the room temperature. Many industry parties (designers, manufacturers, and developers) have a strong incentive to continue believing the myths above while failing to seek proof of PTAC performance. Myth:PTAC units can positively pressurize guest rooms. Norm Nelson is a Senior Technologist at Jacobs Engineering. Follow the manufacturer’s suggestions as to how often to change your air filter. Click here to read a more comprehensive blog on this issue. If every other appliance or the lights in the room are working, then you should check the specific power outlet of the air conditioner. Even though there’s no definitive guideline for replacing PTAC units, your old units will begin to show three tell-tale signs as they near the end of their life cycle. Are Portable Air Conditioners Worth It or Any Good? Restart it again and see if it stops again without the timer being active. 3. Inset in upper left shows front view of unit in sleeve with cover removed. Summit Contracting is building this 390,929-sf project, developed by Fort Family Investments and designed by the architect Group 4 Design. How to Choose an Air Conditioner (Step-By-Step Guide on Picking the Right AC Unit), 6 Types of Home Air Conditioning Systems and How They Work. Check if the socket has power, check the cord to see if it is damaged, check the circuit breaker to see if it is functioning properly, reset the circuit or use another outlet to see if the appliance starts. PTAC units are often ineffective in dehumidifying hotel guest rooms, especially when outside conditions are hot and humid. PTAC units cannot effectively ventilate interior spaces. Sign up for our Free September 13 webinar on “3 Myths of PTAC Units”. Have you turned on the portable AC unit will not start? When a portable AC unit is not functioning properly, it is almost certainly drawing more power to make up for its inefficiency. Many portable air conditioners come with a defrost feature. ●      The PTAC fan would have to be able to provide pressurization regardless of wind effects. Unless controlled by an energy optimizer such as Zero Energy Solutions OAK (zero.energy hyperlinked), PTAC systems have the weakness of each being manually controlled. What Size Window AC Unit Do I Need? When a guest or hotel operator turns off the PTAC unit, then no dehumidification occurs. Quite simply, for many people, the lower initial cost of using PTAC units without ducted fresh air systems offsets the increased risks of potential moisture, mold, and ventilation problems. Richard Scott-AIA, NCARB, LEED AP is a building expert at LBFG and J. David Odom is a retired LBFG building expert. However, there will come a time when your device has reached the end of its life or costs too much money to have repaired by a professional. How Does Humidity Affect Air Conditioning? Even a small opening in a door or window can cause the unit to draw in warm air from other rooms and limit its cooling capacity. If a room is exposed to direct sunlight, this can be very problematic for the portable air conditioner to compensate. (Air Conditioner Monthly Cost Guide), Window Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide: Problems and Solutions. Air pathways to the occupied space in most PTAC models do not encourage outside air to pass through the indoor coil (if any air is even introduced) before being supplied to the room. If the design relies on the equipment to meet the ventilation code, then the occupant or guest cannot be allowed to change fan speeds or turn the unit off. Inspect the window section of the portable AC unit and the hose to see if there is adequate ventilation. ZES Superstars: Meet Yaron Klein, Project Manager, ZES Superstars: Meet Alex Shandrovsky, Sales Development Representative, ZES Superstars: Meet Noa Edry, Customer Support Manager, The Importance of Wellbeing in the New Normal. Make sure that you have the right sized appliance for the intended space. Use this to get rid of frost. Take a look at our free guide on the best portable AC unit models. He designs mechanical systems for commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential projects. Instead, PTAC units are often oversized because of conservative load analyses and the industry belief that temperature control is more important than anything else for guest comfort. An excessively long exhaust hose could also be a problem. These measures include: 1) reducing toilet exhaust rates to the lowest allowed by code to reduce negative building pressures; 2) replacing oversized PTAC units with smaller units to reduce overcooling; and 3) eliminating vinyl wall coverings on all interior wall surfaces. Often, the problem is with a dirty air filter, as this can cause flow problems. David is an Air Quality & Comfort Technician. Depleting refrigerant can also affect air flow. Filter; One of the typical reasons air conditioners don’t work properly is a clogged or dirty filter. Don’t let inexperience and the absence of viewing the building as a whole unit fail to protect you during t... Band-aid fixes are often applied to a hotel prior to selling to make the building more appealing. Common Problems and Solutions The Portable Air Conditioner Isn’t Starting. At times vents or gaps in doors and windows can let cool air escape, making it feel like the portable air conditioner is not providing enough cooling. A musty smell is one of the easiest portable air conditioner problems and solutions to fix. Guest control of the PTAC can result in intermittent fan operation, however, which will cause periods without positive pressurization even if the above two conditions did occur. Determining the Right Sized Unit for a Space. Use a vacuum or brush. Images: Gensler, | J. David Odom and Richard Scott-AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, Liberty Building Forensics Group and Norm Nelson, Jacobs Engineering. It shows you what features to consider and how to find the best one for any size room. Being small units, portable AC units can have insufficient cooling if they are used in too large of areas or rooms, if there are too many people inside a room or if there is some issue with the system. As you will see below, most of the common problems that you will face with a portable air conditioner can be fixed relatively quickly and easily. Fan also draws room return air (yellow arrows) through evaporator coil cooling room air (blue arrows). Always go for room temperature when in doubt. Without centralization, waste is common and users often leave the devices on when not needed and blast the air conditioning to a temperature that is lower than what would be sufficiently comfortable. How to fix it: An air conditioner that is blowing hot air can be infuriating. The wing-like exterior design of the Student Union is inspired by birds in flight and is meant to convey the school’s mission for innovation and discovery. They became popular because of their low price point and ease of deployability. His main role is to write content that helps people get the most value out of their air purifiers, air conditioners, and heating units. The set temperature for a portable AC unit should not be more than ten degrees below the outside temperature. Certain measures can be taken to reduce the likelihood of moisture and mold problems in PTAC hotels where installing a ducted makeup air system is not practical (e.g., existing facilities) or where the owner is not willing to accept the additional costs of a makeup air unit. Dating back to at least the late 1980s, moisture, mold, and odor problems related to PTAC units have plagued the industry, especially in warm, humid climates. Which is Better? Low initial cost and simplicity, two of the most appealing features of PTAC units, are the primary reasons they are the standard choice for many hotels and dormitory-type facilities. Under construction in Jacksonville, Fla., Fusion Rental Community will offer 384 apartments in two buildings. ●      Be able to control guest temperature expectations while still accomplishing the first two requirements. Supply fan draws unconditioned outdoor air (red arrows) into supply fan plenum. Frost build up can also limit airflow. Portable Air Conditioner Venting Options (With and Without a Window), How to Maintain a Portable Air Conditioner, Common Portable Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions, Portable Air Conditioner vs Window Unit (Which Should You Buy and Why). If there is no problem in any of those components then there is something wrong with the portable air conditioner, which can be as simple as a blown internal fuse. Ensure your rooms are well insulated. Note that the vent damper is open, and the path for ventilation (outdoor) air is past the outdoor (condenser) coil and through a washable filter. Reality: PTAC units do not provide good dehumidification. Look for leaks or gaps. Contact us at g.dubose@libertybuilding.com or by phone at 407/467-5518. The ventilation air in many PTAC units does not pass through the cooling coil before being mixed with the return air. Bestbath Talks: Accessibility in Commercial Design, Boingo: Where Connectivity Meets Community, Lumiflon® FEVE Resin Powder Coatings Offer Up To 46% Reduction In Carbon Footprint, outsized number of moisture and mold problems, How to protect yourself from hidden mold problems during a purchase of a hotel, Don't let a simple band-aid fix cause a mold problem in your hotel, Hotel renovation for the Super Bowl halted due to mold outbreak, Hotel renovation threatened due to unexpected mold on plaster walls, Monitor these 9 vital signs to avoid widespread mold & moisture problems in your building, Three forgotten truths about mold and moisture building failures, Hotel renovation: More than just minding the dust, Hot, humid climate makeup air conundrum: The moisture and mold risks that developers, designers and installers continue to take, Innovation isn’t always better: The impact of low-VOC mastics on mold growth and corrosion in ductwork, 12 projects earn BD+C's 2020 Building Team Awards, Uncertainty shades a once-soaring multifamily construction market, Gensler’s annual report chronicles the firm’s ‘transformation’. Here is a comprehensive portable air conditioner troubleshooting guide that sheds light on the most common issues that you will come across and how to repair them at home. Do you know the vital signs for avoiding moisture & mold problems? Window AC vs Central AC: Which is Better for You? The best options are to install blinds or double glazed glass for windows and doors to prevent the room from getting too overheated. In fact, when everything works perfectly, PTAC units provide a good solution to an important business challenge for the hospitality industry―how to achieve good guest room temperature control for the lowest initial cost. If it is too long then it won’t vent hot air efficiently. In our experience, the impact of these adaptations has not been fully understood or vetted. For decades, the hotel industry has used PTAC or packaged terminal heat pump (PTHP) units (collectively referred to here as PTAC units). PTAC units cannot effectively pressurize hotel guest rooms. 2. What Does HVAC Stand for? Wind effects can overpower PTAC fans, however, and will actually draw air out through the vent door on the le… This does not happen. When troubleshooting this portable air conditioner problem, first clean the filter to get rid of any dust or dirt that has been trapped inside it. Unless your air conditioner has stopped working completely and it is not a result of a power failure or electrical connection problem, you don’t always have to call a technician to get it fixed. In a large building with centralized air conditioning, a chiller or  condenser  pumps “chilled” water through a system of tubes running the ceiling. Similar to the last problem mentioned, to diagnose the problem of the portable AC not cooling enough, first check the filter and see if it is clogged or dirty.

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