Original plastic and decals still on the bike. It’s clean, solid and ready to go. 2 wheels have minor kerb damage, 1 wheel has small dig and 1 wheel is clean. 60.0. For collection from Birmingham or possibly deliver if local and with travel cost added. (item d) wheel & tyre wheel has small dent see pictures in used condition any questions please ask. this steering wheel is in very good condition, with one small repair to the wheel and some crazing on the boss (see photos). Over $1800 in the motor alone. I have up for sale an awesome dirt bike. So I just sold my girlfriends KX 80 small wheel because we decided it was now too small for her. bought two of these, a large wheel and small wheel (see separate listing) for my sons, and they have used them roughly 6 times.. Honda cr85 14" rim tape small wheel motocross. Honda cr 80\/85 big wheels . 2 wheels have minor kerb damage, 1 wheel has small dig and 1 wheel is clean. 1pc 8 inch wheelchair front wheel anti-slip rubber. Nothing on this bike has been hacked, botched, “Mickey-Moused” or otherwise. The size is on the side of the tire. You’d be hard pressed to find a cleaner CR85, and one that has never been raced, beaten and continually crashed. this wheel does have a small hole as seen in the pics behind the finger grip on the back of the wheel which no one would see. Wheel has small buckle (see pictures) and a few small chips wheel can be easy straightened out by a wheel specialist. Excellent condition.Very fastt.I would like to trade to a four wheeler. cr85 small wheel . Purchased as 1 of 5 2007 CR85's and kept for National Qualifiers. We... 2006 Honda Cr 85 in good condition apart from some small damage. On a side note... this litle thing is a screamer! It must be picked up in person. MX 51 tires still in great shape, plastics in good shape. Collection Birmingham . From BikesWiki.com, Japanese Motorcycle Encyclopedia, Honda CR85R / CR85RB Expert: Owners Manual, https://bikeswiki.com/index.php?title=Honda_CR85&oldid=7785, Inverted telescopic fork 37 mm (fully adjustable), 245 mm / 9,6 in, Swingarm Pro-link with mono-shock (fully adjustable), 275 mm / 10,8 in – CR85R. cr85 small wheel , Good condition See pics for details Thanks 4 looking Birmingham to view item and pick up. Oh sorry bout that... its the small wheel model I guess. • Motors and tranny's are identical. It still has never seen any mud. Just take a quick look at the rear tire. 2007 HONDA CR85R BIG WHEEL BIKE. 65 mph is freaking fast on an 85!! I need help convincing my parents to let me buy my first motorcycle? cr85 small wheel never been used only taken out of ... Cr85 1995-2007 17 inch front Brand new in packaging. Tags expire in June of 2015. wheel 1 has a small crack but does not deflate and wheel 3 has a small dent on the inner rim but is balanced. Nevertheless. The big wheel models are the same, the regular CRF150r small wheel and the CR85 small wheel are also the same. We will always contact you if we can't dispatch your order within those timelines. it can assist! CR85, Honda : CR 2007 Honda CR85 CR112 super mini expert big wheel, Honda : CR 2007 Honda CR85 CR112 super mini expert big wheel YZ RM SX KX. Honda cr85 14" rim tape small wheel motocross. We will send you an email notification, Details: honda, small, wheel, swingarm, useable, comes, photos, show, royal, mail, Details: honda, wheel, rebuilt, bearing, small, last, stripped, powder, coated, triple, Michelin Starcross 70/100-17 Front 90/100-14 Rear, Details: starcross, michelin, front, rear, tyres, honda, small, wheel, home, shipping, HEAVY DUTY 2.5mm 70/100-17 FRONT INNER TUBE, Details: honda, small, wheel, swingarm, courier, Dunlop MX33 Soft 70/100-17 Front 90/100-14 Rear T, Details: dunlop, soft, front, rear, tyres, honda, small, wheel, home, shipping, Used, Caster A pair of manual wheelchair front whe, Details: honda, small, wheel, swingarm, require, bearings, useable, comes, photos, show, Details: honda, swing, small, wheel, bidding, armscuffs, bushed, goodjust, need, clean, Details: wheels, aluminium, platinum, motocross, honda, small, wheel, allow, weeks, delivery. Kaytee Spinner, Regular Wheel, Used a handful of times. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. They put a bigger sprocket on the back to make up for the larger wheel size. (Limited edition)?? They put a bigger sprocket on the back to make up for the larger wheel size. well, I should have stated my quandary more specifically....I knee they would have different tooth count rear sprockets, but the final ratio specifically, do they gear the big wheel down just a bit to help with the extra weight? Offering an exceptionally clean and well maintained 2004 Honda CR85RB Big Wheel Expert Motocross bike. LOL. The big wheel will have a 16" front wheel and the regular YZ will have a 14". the wheel has a small scuffed/curbed area on outer rim (see pic 4), pic was taken before wheel was cleaned up. Motocross Bikes, 2005 Honda Cr Series 85RB, CR 85RB big wheel, has Renthal bars,ASV clutch lever, new back fender, side number plates and new front sprocket. Copyright© ThumperTalk, Inc. - All rights reserved.ThumperTalk® is a registered trademark. Asking 1500 will take less 859-358-2814 call or text $1,500.00 8593582814, 2005 Honda Cr Series 85R, CR 85 R with Big Wheel Kit New front and rear tires. silent spinner hamster gerbil small pet exercise wheel quiet wheel. one should never underestimate the power of small 2t machines....I use an rm85 as a backup bike and it hangs with the pack in the tight stuff, I just can't get the top speed of big bikes. The crank bearings are tight and have a long way to go before they’ll need any service. VERY CLEAN, LIKE NEW AND NEVER BEEN RACED. there is 2 small little black dots on wheel which is very minor and not noticeable, this must have been done when the wheel was made from factory. 2004 Honda Cr Series 85R, CR85R Big Wheel dirt/racing bike. 2003 CR85R Big Wheel for sale (19in front wheel / 16in rear wheel), $1300. I don't know if there is a difference in top speed between the two bikes. Still have questions? "Item will be posted by royal... Honda CR85 CR 85 Small Wheel Swingarm 2003-2007 mutleys ear and goggles have been glued back on, and the peg that hold the small wheel to the big wheel has snapped. reserved. 2003 CR85R Big Wheel for sale (19in front wheel / 16in rear wheel), $1300. Thanks for looking! Dont think Id turn this over to a little kid for his first bike! Mutleys ear and goggles have been glued back on, and the peg that hold the small wheel to the big wheel has snapped. Will need tires soon. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. 2007 CR85 purchased new in winter of 2008/2009 and converted to Super Mini. The big wheel will have a 16" rear wheel and the regular YZ will have a 14". 2003 HONDA CR85RB, This little CR85R is actually a big 85 with the Big Wheel kit it is just a blast to ride. wheel is in good order no cracks or buckles and has not been weldedthere may be the odd small mark as it is a used wheel. Im seeing they built a big wheel and Im wondering what the difference was in wheel size between the two? Bought last year, son rode it 4 times, but is afraid, so decided he'd rather not ride. The exhaust has been upgraded with a Fastech Racing Manifold that uses o-rings, as opposed to the oem formed steel sleeve/gasket. One wheel missing and a small part that secures the wheel on the conveyor belt. search on to bing and yahoo. We rode a friends YZ 125 which was a bit too big. The item will be shipped by air m... HONDA CR85 SMALL WHEEL YOU ARE BIDDING ON THE wheel trims £5 for good wheel trim 2nd one has a small chip out of it bogof.

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