If you shoot out its legs, the Iron Maiden will crawl along the floor, pulling its massive remaining body right at you. Games, Horror & Heavy Metal…What Else Is Life For? There were rumors that she actually became immortal from experiments and even Albert Wesker doubted if it really was worthwhile fighting her. Their faceless, fleshy heads and lack of clothing have become legendary in the gaming world, and for very good reason. Genre: Survival Horror. Clickers in The Last of Us are blind with super sensitive hearing, and use echo location to find their prey, resulting in them clicking. Genre: Survival Horror. But regardless of gender, size, or disposition, Deathclaws exist to kill and they scare the heck outta me. Genre: Survival Horror. If the Crimson Heads – already far faster than the average zombie — are similarly left to their own devices they’ll begin to mutate further, eventually gaining extended tongues, large claws and brains outside their heads. In amongst all the Manhunt controversy, with its gruesome themes and gory executions. Once they’ve located prey they’ll dart forward and use their spear-like tongue to capture survivors, either killing them with their claws or using their tongues to decapitate you. Worst still, Pyramid Head likes to stalk you through Silent Hill 2, attacking you whenever he pleases. Slenderman is something of an urban legend as well as one of the scariest enemies in the horror game genre. Be sure to let us know your thoughts. With decaying skin, a mouth full of jagged teeth, these tall monsters are slow moving, extremely difficult to kill, and lethal. The First Zombie (Resident Evil) ... was one of the first times a video game properly chilled me to the bone. Well, what could be scarier than a baby? Her story will move you to tears, but the moment you meet her, all the pity you have for her will vanish instantly. So why include it? Running away doesn’t even do much, as an Iron Maidens arms can stretch across a room and bring the two of you together in a deadly embrace. Splicers are the main enemies within the BioShock and BioShock 2 series. Just hide, run, scream and hope that these terrifying enemies don’t find you in this extremely popular horror game. Liked it? 40,000+ articles posted by thousands of contributors spanning the entire cultural spectrum. Video games are filled with a large variety of enemies that need to be killed or defeated. The creatures are extremely aggressive, and will attack any uninfected organism on sight. Top 10 Scariest Enemies In Video Games . Regeneradores were experimental bioweapons created by the Plaga procedure. PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale 2 – A PS4 Sequel? The sole purpose of almost all Necromorphs is to acquire more bodies to convert and spread the infection. So when these faceless entities kept inexplicably appearing round every corner and seemingly follow your every move, you can’t help feel an overwhelming anxiety about their next move. Game Review: Jurassic Park Builder (Mobile – Free to Play), Album Review: Mountain Caller - Chronicle I: The Truthseeker (New Heavy Sounds), Album Review: Dark Quarterer - Pompei (Cruz Del Sur Music), Horror Short Review: Jeff the Killer (2019), Album Review: Pteroglyph - Solaire (Blood Blast).

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