It is a masterful piece of writing, one which Gramich believes “shows off her skill at ‘dyfalu’ (thinking up ingenious metaphors to describe something) extremely well.” For my part, “Poem to the vagina” provides a holistic introduction to Mechain’s poetic approach; not only is it thought to be a retort to male contemporaries (specifically, Dafydd ap Gwilym’s “Poem to the penis”), the more liberal of Gramich’s translations—the collected works contains both a rhymed, free translation and a literal one—demonstrates how it overtly engages and celebrates “you female body, you’re strong and fair / A faultless fleshy court plumed with hair,” while also expressing a general disdain for men’s opinions. Rather, she “was very much part of the mainstream and adept at the (very complicated) demands of strict metre poetry. As such, her joyful, bawdy, whip-sharp poetry means Mechain strikes me, and others, as a medieval poet for the modern age. (I titled an academic paper “See You Next Tuesday.” No, I’m not kidding.) According to Gramich’s introduction, she was “the daughter of Hywel Fychan from Mechain in Powys”—a region in northeast Wales—and a woman named Gwenhwyfar; had at least four siblings; and, with her husband John ap Llewelyn Fychan, had a daughter called Mawd. For example, from the poem Cywydd y Cedor, by the fifteenth-century poet Gwerful Mechain: Here we see the pattern {C L Dd Dd [stress] L} present on both sides of the caesura. Gwerful Mechain (fl. "Lovely bush, God save it. Far from being a yawn-inducing medieval poetess whose work has been dredged up from the depths, Tomos Owen, a Cardiff University colleague of Gramich, considers her “a fascinating writer to think of nowadays: so much of her work seems relevant in a world of #MeToo, for instance.” (Gramich agrees.). Yes, please. She is perhaps the most famous female Welsh-language poet after Ann Griffiths (1776–1805), who was also from northern Powys. But while her poems, which Gramich believes “undoubtedly have a serious feminist undertone and purpose,” hold a not-insignificant amount of relevance today (which begs the only slightly facetious question: are women’s rights still on a par with the Middle Ages? Mechain upends that. The main stressed vowels are ⟨a⟩ (a short monophthong) and ⟨wy⟩ (the diphthong /uj/). Take “To jealous wives,” in which she talks about “the love of good, big cocks … All these Mr Bigs are after me, desperate for a lay”; or the erotic “A lad beside the bush,” a concise expression of sexual desire. But Gwerful Mechain, the title of whose most infamous poem is sometimes translated to “Cunt,” was a name I’d never come across. In cynghanedd groes there are generally no consonants in the second half of the line which are not part of the consonantal echoing (there are exceptions, especially in the case of ⟨n⟩ at the beginning of the half and, as mentioned above, a line-final consonant). Ode to Mazzini. Though of ancient origin, cynghanedd and variations of it are still used today by many Welsh-language poets. Exactly as in cynghanedd groes, except that there are consonants at the beginning of the second half of the line which are not present in the series of 'echoed' consonants. Because if Mechain was anything, she was overtly talented, “confident in her own craft and opinions.” Not only was she entirely capable of mastering the poetic conventions of the day—as Gramich is careful to note in her introduction “when she wished to write conventionally and “correctly,” she was perfectly able to do so”—she “enthusiastically” undermined them too.

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