We will help and guide you on this hunt. The guides at Ox Ranch have decades of experience and guarantee a 100% opportunity. We have a 100% success rate on our pronghorn hunts in Texas, going 28 for 28 in the 2011 pronghorn season. Javelina Hunts. If you’re drawing a blank, you’re not alone. The rut is anything but a time of assured success. All hunt deposits are non-refundable. Is there a place that we should know about? However, when acts of God meaning the weather, and circumstances out of our control are present, we will use our discretion to work with you to reschedule or put your deposit towards another hunt. Our success rate on this hunt is near 100% and you are guaranteed to see Trophy Mule Deer Bucks every day. Photo Gallery. Scrapes help bucks announce their presence, define their territory, and show they’re ready…, After hunting hard for days without any close encounters, I snoozed my alarm when raindrops discouraged me from starting early on Nov. 5, 2017. This year's Mule Deer Hunt Season in Texas will be from late November through early December 8, 2019. This can be very challenging … We have maintained a 100% success rate on all hunts with the scores ranging from 70-84. About. Sagebrush Hunts offers hunts for Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Elk & Whitetail in New Mexico, Texas & Kansas. The 2013 Season was a huge success going 20-20 on pronghorn with some excellent goats taken in the 80-85 inch range. Email Us. 575-743-0448. Member of the NMCOG - New Mexico Council of Outfitters and Guides State…, Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), a transmissible neurological disease that affects deer with always-fatal results, is arguably the biggest challenge…, Hunting with friends and family is fun, but hunting alone tests your skills and knowledge, and challenges you mentally and physically. Canada goose hunting dalhart TX Song: Route Canal by Phil Keaggy. Has anyone been hunting pheasant around Dalhart the past two years. Meals are provided on most of our pronghorn hunts in Texas. We have  basic ranch houses available you can stay in during your pronghorn hunt in Texas or there are motels/hotels within 10 miles of our base camp. 575-743-0448. I hadn't heard ANYONE that has "plenty of birds" in Texas the past two years - but thought I'd check here on the forum. Remainder of the hunt balance and any required  license fees, are due when you arrive on the first day of your hunt. Texas is legendary for offering some of the best goose and duck hunting in the Central Flyway! Black Bear Hunts. Owned and operated by Jeremy & Sara Gugelmeyer. We have access to over 50,000 acres of prime Antelope hunting in The Texas Panhandle near Dalhart Texas. License fees are not included in any of our hunt package prices. We have more than 60 species free ranging on over 18,000 acres of Texas Hill Country! Bowhunters require lots of gear and constant practice…, White-tailed bucks make scrapes to communicate by scent. Deer, bear, squirrels and turkeys all feast on this high-protein mast crop to prepare for…, Hunters and anglers support wildlife and wild places whenever buying licenses and a wide variety of archery, fishing and gun-hunting gear. Email Us. News. Upon booking your hunt, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your dates. These Bowhunters Made Mistakes and You Will Too. Media. The…, Bowhunters like you help conserve wildlife and wild places every time they buy a hunting license, or a bow, arrows and broadheads. Master Speed Scouting for Bowhunting Success, Bowhunters: Know Your Duties and Role in Conservation, Join Bowhunters United to Help Bowhunting’s Future, Ensure Wildlife’s Future By Helping Conservation Groups, How and Why You Should Submit a CWD Sample This Season, A Bowhunting Epiphany: How Hunting Alone Taught Me to Be a Better Bowhunter, Keep a Hunting Journal This Year, Be a Better Bowhunter Next Year, Some Images Courtesy of Polaris Adventures. Exotic Hunts. $3500.00 for a 3 day all inclusive hunt we have had 100% opportunity in the last 15 years and have harvested over 350 pronghorn. Talked with a guy who claims because of all the farm/dairy land around his areas in Dalhart, they have had plenty of birds the past two years. We had some great hunters in 2013 and our pronghorn hunts in Texas went down without a hitch. How about a month ago? I found that… I found that… Read More >>> Elk Hunts. The 2014 pronghorn antelope season was a great success going 32 for 32. Texas Hunts. We do not refund hunt deposits. We will have several spots scouted before the season starts. New Mexico Hunts. Bowhunting, after all, is challenging. Turkey Hunts. $3500.00 for a 3 day all inclusive hunt we have had 100% opportunity in the last 15 years and have harvested over 350 pronghorn. Mule Deer Hunts. Texas Hunt Lodge offers a great Low Fence Texas Mule Hunt Package where you are guaranteed to see plenty of Monster Texas Mule Deer Bucks. Trip Planner. For more information on Pope Brothers Guide Service & Outfitting Hunts in Texas you can email pbgso.hunts@gmail.com you can call or text Clay Pope 956-763-3232  Josh Johnson 512-954-8648, or You can fill out this form below and we will get back with you As Soon As Possible. Life is busy and hectic.…, “Say goodbye to hunting.” That was one of the most unwelcomed pieces of advice I was given while pregnant. Each year we take a few that will make Boone & Crockett and most will make the Texas Big Game Awards with an average around 75 inches. They scout hard and practice often to ensure they harvest their quarry…, Proper care of the meat of an animal you’ve taken means field-dressing the animal and/or quartering the carcass, then cleaning the meat and…, Acorns are a favorite fall food for all types of critters. Any extra animals or costs can be paid for on an as we go basis or at the end of your hunt. *All hunt reservations require a 50% deposit at time of booking. Local archery ranges, tips for beginners, and advice on the proper gear, Local fishing holes, gear advice, and retailers, Discover local campsites, helpful hints, and where to buy gear, Canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding opportunities near you, Your local trail guide for all ages and skill levels, Off-road riding in your area, plus instruction, rentals, and dealers, Get started right with local safety education, training, ranges, and retailers, For bowhunters in search of a do-it-yourself hunting adventure, late-season archery hunts are great opportunities often overlooked by other hunters.…, Most bowhunters consider weekends and vacations their prime hunting opportunities. These hunts are very limited because tags are by landowner permit only, so book early! Videos. At North Texas Waterfowl, every effort will be made to provide you with a quality safe hunt. Antelope Hunts. Ox Ranch is legendary for Whitetail Deer hunting and exotic game hunts. No exceptions! Hunting with friends and family is fun, but hunting alone tests your skills and knowledge, and challenges you mentally and physically. Rates. This hunt involves our favorite hunting method of spot and stalking. Menu. Sagebrush Hunts is pleased to offer quality Pronghorn Antelope hunting on our historical Texas Panhandle ranch located near Dalhart, Texas. We can set these Pronghorn hunts in Texas up as a semi guided package or fully guided all inclusive package. We have the largest herds of Axis deer, Blackbuck, and Scimitar Horned Oryx in Texas! To make the most of those precious days, try bowhunting dawn till…, Daylight will filter through the branches any minute. For more info on Pope Brothers Pronghorn Hunts in Texas you can email pbgso.hunts@gmail.com or you can call or text Clay Pope 956-763-3232 or Josh Johnson 512-954-8648  you, contact also contact us here. Aoudad Hunts . Deposits. I found that…, Do you remember what you ate for dinner four days ago? While waddling through the woods with a…, The Rut’s Top 10 Problems (and Their Solutions), 4 Late Season Bowhunts You Should be Planning, Your Guide to Layering Bowhunting Clothes.

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