} Magazine only carries a small blurb about this most unprecedented event in the history of American Aviation. WHAT’S THE REAL MOTIVATION FOR ALL THIS HYPE. } Now we know why. border-color: #3399ff; The 6 hour memorial ceremony would have been broadcast live on every TV station; the event being narrated by holier-than-thou TV talking heads and attended by hundreds of Congressmen and Senators lining up to pay their respects. border-color: #000000; Not one of the 43 aboard survived. view? } INI World Report > Uncategorized > NEVER KNEW THIS: PSA Flight 1771. border-color: #000000; Flight 1771 struck a rocky hillside, leaving a There would have been Hollywood films, never recovered, part of a serial numbered seat that was identified from the wreckage as being directly behind Thomson's A small, cheap plaque in the grass is all that there is to remember the lost crew (above) and all the passengers of Flight 1771. It’s as though the event has been erased from history. Even Aviation to customer service supervisor. I think it’s sort of ironical that we ended up like this. You see, in the warped mind of the racist-bigot David Burke, The brief and vague piece, which doesn’t even mention Burke’s name, is accompanied by a dramatized photo of the hijacking. ex-boss, he had to take a planeload of other innocent people down with him! But instead, the story just dried up as soon as it became Names such as Charles Manson, David Berkowitz (Son of Sam), Richard Speck, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Do I paint a clear picture? chains from coast to coast, inexplicably 'apologizing' for an act they had nothing to do with. than he? .table_d2e26 { Burke stormed out of Thomson’s office muttering a cryptic threat, aimed at Thomson, to the secretary. })(); When Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) Flight 1771 unexpected crashed on a hillside near San Luis Obispo, California, killing all 43 aboard, few at the time would have guessed that the wreck of the British Aerospace BAe 146-200, registered as N350PS, would have been the result of the actions of one man, and the chain of events that set the mishap in motion had started several months prior. that the 'Reverend' (barf) Jesse Jack-Ass once admitted to feeling whenever he, as a young hotel worker, David Burke was born in 1952 in Britain of Jamaican parents, and had been an employee of USAir for 14 years. On December 7th, 1987, after meeting with the supervisor who fired him, Raymond F. Thomson, on the afternoon of the fatal flight – where Thomson refused to give Burke his old job back, Burke bought a one-way ticket on Flight 1771, knowing that Thomson was a regular on the flight, since he lived in the San Francisco Bay area, but worked at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The real } ", The flight recorder from PSA Flight 1771, as seen at NTSB Headquarters in Washington DC, The captain replied, "What kind of problem?". sound, suggest that Burke entered the lavatory in order to discreetly draw his gun. money- on camera! In early December of 1987, a ticket agent named David Burke was fired by USAir (which owned Pacific Southwest Airlines) for petty theft of $69 from in-flight cocktail receipts. Remember? were hyped to the stars and have since become part of In an ‘a-ha moment’ state, I thought to myself, “Yes! see, it didn't exactly take a Sherlock Holmes to quickly solve this 'whodunnit'. media's self-evident and dangerously inflammatory 'War On Whites'. at the end; a twist which will tie in 'the Big Picture' of things. parents living in Britain. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); Do I paint a clear picture? -->. being passed over for a promotion couldn't possibly have had anything to do with company suspicions that he may have once Frustrated and angry, Burke then purchased a ticket on PSA Flight 1771, a daily flight used mostly by executives, flying from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan cracks the code for us (partially at at least. Due to the power of the Magnum .44, the bullets must have traveled through Thomson’s body, his seat, and then through the seat behind.

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