Players who are looking for one crash site will frequently visit all three of them. to do this i've loot cycled the metal rounded barraks in the NWAF in my favourite server. Just added dayz_spawnCrashSite_clutterCutter=3; to the end of my init.sqf in my mission.pbo . Keep in mind that DayZ is still only in its Alpha phase, meaning that as the developers at Bohemia Interactive update the game, this could change. I ignore everything else on this first circuit because for me the glorious guns are what I'm after. Drive at 30kph outside of towns, but drop your speed down to about 20kph when in towns. You need a car to find helicopters consistently and quickly. You can crawl inside the back of the Russian helicopters. If yes what are the files I should look into to solve this? You can crawl inside the back of the Russian helicopters. about Press J to jump to the feed. Scan the area around the Helicopter and ideally have someone cover you. Loot Crash sites with caution. Now I seem to recall that back then there would only ever be 3 helicopter crash sites per server reset which could be in numerous(?) start at the heli and circle it out to about 20 yards, I've found bits of loot in several directions, mostly though about 20 yards from the 3 o'clock position of the heli(right side of heli ). Also, some of the crash sites are near enough to the towns that shots will bring a lot of infected. Short brief. At server restarts, up to three (3) or sometimes four (4) if lucky, helicopter crash sites of the randomvariety will spawn throughout Chernarus. And I know, you can just shoot the extra infected too, but that clock is always counting down to the helicopter despawning - every second counts and you don't want to be wasting them dealing with extra infected. Make sure to subscribe for more DayZ Content!Don't forget to GG that like button if you liked the video!Loot route●Support Me On Patreon! 13:16:04 "CRASHSPAWNER: Starting spawn logic for Crash Spawner" 13:16:04 "CRASHSPAWNER: Spawning 'Crashed UH-1Y' with loot table 'HeliCrashWEST' at Gvozdno [84:40]" If you’re looking at the DayZDB map, it is located just to the north of a light colored field that should stand out from the rest. And if you can see any way to improve on my method then please share it with me and everyone else. On top of these you've also got a good chance of finding rare items like M4s, AKs, suppressors, landmines, NVGs, NV scopes, tents. It’s there that you’ll find several truck spawns that can help to cut down on your travel time back to the coast. Once you've got a car up and running try the following route.

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