We will replace only one of them if you insist but please be aware that they normally fail within a few hundred miles of each other. Land Rover Discovery 2 Front Bumper Removal, Land Rover Discovery 1 Power Steering Pump, Land Rover Discovery 2 Timing Chain Replacement. is not liable for the accuracy of any information provided in the answers. These cannot be repaired and the complete unit will need to be replaced. It's always best to go for the latest model you can afford, which means around 2103 in your case. Power steering pumps parts for land rover discovery. Anti roll bars help keep a vehicle level when cornering, they have two rubber bushes around them which are held by a clamp bolted to the chassis. Most times it can be released using the emergency release cable under the handbrake button (you will need some heavy gauge pliers and a really good yank to free it). It’s a very capable off-roader, comfortable and refined on the road, and there are few issues to worry about. Discovery 4 Crankshaft Failure The bad new is crank issues with the Landrover Discovery 4 are too common, and even on the later models it not unheard of for total engine failure. Found Sunroof Leak Land Rover Forums Land Rover Discussion in common faults and questions started by mantamad feb 27. Pictures Source By: LR West. Discovery ii land rover workshop manuals exterior fittings repairs trim finisher bumper front from 03my. }; Disco ii leaking sunroof possible solution. Third generation land rover discovery problems reliability issues and recalls explained read this before you buy. Once new arms have been fitted it is important to have your vehicle 4 wheel aligned (checking both toe and camber) otherwise you will find your Discovery 3 or 4 pulling to one side and uneven wear on your tyres lowering their lifespan significantly. In these vehicles the transmission oil cooler pipes may leak due to a poor bracket paint finish andor low torque on the saddle clamp nut which allowed the pipe to rub through the paint. For canada and international shipping please send an email via ebay. Looking at timing chain it has maybe 38 12 of play from straight. Replace suspension drop link (using OEM part) price per side £105 inc. VAT. Common Problems and Fixes – Discovery 3 & 4 Discovery 3 or Discovery 4 common faults Along with costs to repair are described below, for further advice on the following issues phone our service department on 01772 299811 or email … Land rover discovery i 1 ii 2 genuine plastic spare wheel cover stc50043 new. The cost to replace both anti-roll bar bushes using Genuine Land Rover® parts is £300 inc. VAT. So too are the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Mitsubishi Pajero, although the Pajero's rear suspension is prone to sagging when heavily loaded and I would rule that out on that basis. Dependant on age and model of vehicle to replace the complete differential (with OEM units) – Prices start from £1095 inc. VAT fitted. I'm guessing you're over the Pathfinder given your experience with the holed piston in your current car, but the, Over 8,000 questions answered by CarsGuide. However, this process creates more soot which can eventually build up and prevent the valves from operating properly. The factory service information says the manual gearbox oil should be renewed every 10 years and the advice is 240,000km for oil and filter on autos. What's been recalled and why. One of the most common repairs we perform in our workshop is replacing the front lower suspension arms. The same symptoms and warnings can be caused by any of the following issues priced below. Often an MOT fail sheet will refer to the lower suspension bush but it is much easier to replace the complete arm that it is part of as it is very difficult to remove the worn bush and press in a new one perfectly straight. document.write('