Try it for roller shots too!

Discraft's 30-year reputation for consistency means that if you lose it, just pull out a new one and you're back in business.

If you are ordering golf discs for your retail business but aren't familiar with disc golf, you might be feeling like a freshman in a quantum physics class.

For long distance and trick shots. The Discraft Nuke is great disc to wrap this list up with. You can get the King here on

It was parked right underneath.

For higher arm speed players, this disc works great for turn over shots and hyzer flips. A mix of each is highly recommended. In 2016, David Wiggins Jr. threw a 156 gram RPro Boss 1,109.8 feet to break the “Longest Backhand Flight Distance (Men’s)” record. It will hold just about any line you put it on. Consider the Discraft Thrasher.

You can get a Boss here on

My favorite all out distance driver, it only comes out in the field when I have a lot of room to make it bend. And I’m glad he did.

The 3 Best Beginner Disc Golf Discs for 2021 (Leopard, Buzzz, Judge).

The Cannon is special in that it’s another world record holding disc.

The skill needed to make these discs really fly takes a tremendous amount of effort, practice, and patience.

When I stepped up to the teepad, I did something that I hadn’t ever done before – I threw the discs and it went over 300 feet – through countless trees, brush, and everything else in the woods. In addition to classes and models, you'll need to think about plastic lines.

The first record is for fastest thrown disc. 37 Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners (You Need These). EFORCE.VADER3 Out of stock Force ESP Advance to Expert Inventory Grab the Pharaoh here on

The important thing to understand is that golf discs are like clubs to a ball golfer: each is intended for different shots and course challenges. The Raptor is extremely reliable and very easy to control. We’re obviously already on the same page.

You can get a Valkyrie here on It’s very overstable and requires a very fast throw and a powerful arm to be handled correctly. It is a wide-rimmed distance disc that loves big distance flex shots, long straight shots with a …

If not, please believe that I’m telling you the truth.

Crank hits the sweet spot: it's the best disc a player can find for easier accuracy and big distance. Nuke, Distance Driver, Experienced | Longer drives are now as easy as pushing a button: NUKE™ delivers virtually effortless maximum distance for moderate to expert players. But my buddy Hunter gave me the Sheriff. But it made it all the way to the basket. Easy to throw, it will fly straight at low to mid speeds, or fade to an anhyzer at higher speeds.

The Predator is our most predictable overstable driver. I have been using the BigZ plastic primarily, however I also have Z plastic as well. Disc is available in highlighted plastic icons.

It's easy to control whether you're going straight, hyzer or anhyzer. Very popular with new players. They were literally made to go the distance.

The wide, heavy rim and refined aerodynamic engineering give NUKE unparalleled velocity, while a 1.6 stability rating makes it more useful to a wider range of players. You guys are awesome!

The D1 is said to also have great grip (especially in bad weather) and just the right amount of flexibility. Item No. Why do some discs fly to the left, and others go right? When I first started playing disc golf, I was seriously bad. In the examples above, the spin on the disc is clockwise (to the right), so an overstable disc fades left. Many different systems exist for rating golf discs, which makes it tricky to do a side-by-side comparison between brands. Hopefully you've already experienced how great it is in your first couple of rounds and are hooked just like I was. If you have not tried them out, please give it a shot.

Expect extra glide whether you're throwing backhand or sidearm, and a consistent fade into your target. Innova calls this disc the “sidewinder on steroids.” The Katana is great for huge turnover throws, tailwinds, and intense shot shaping.

Did you know that the Valkyrie is one of the former distance world record-holders?

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