At their head rode Mandalore’s king, Rex of the Fett clan, his sharp gold eyes scanning the plains for any sign of danger. @ThatShelf He can’t afford to leave his brothers and a relationship with a superior officer would get him in so much trouble. Just be careful. Rexsoka parring also smaller parings Cody/Barriss, Anakin/Padme, master Chief/Cortana. I haven't figured out how long this will be, but at least a few chapters unless I get positive reviews. Star Wars by CynicalSisi. Unlike the mountains themselves, Shili was warm to the point of discomfort for the contingent of twenty warriors who rode through the grass on stocky Fjord horses, wrapped in furs and leathers, which just a few hours ago had been powdered with snow. RELATED: Star Wars Theory: Obi-Wan Hid Luke & Himself From the REBELLION - Not From the Empire. Includes graphic descriptions of battle scenes and romance. We know for sure that at some point, they were in contact, and then Wolffe started blocking her comms to Rex. She likely played a part in starting the Rebellion, but that's an educated guess at best. When meeting the Ghost crew, Rex told them that any friend of Ahsoka's was a friend of his, showing that they still had a close friendship sixteen years after her departure from the Jedi Order and renouncing her command position in the Grand Army. I’m much more interested in Clone Wars-era and post-Order 66 Rexsoka myself. The Mandalorian: Was That [SPOILER] Graffiti in the Season 2 Premiere? Not in a PDA way, though, just like making him look like a dumbass. The clones have been officially declared sentients and freed, no one is dead except the bad guys, it’s great. He’s just really smitten. The Essential Clone Wars: Ahsoka & Rex Edition. For a long time they’re just roommates. Eventually, they actually talk about it. No ifs, ands, or buts - I love S7 and Dave Filoni but Anakin wasn’t the one teaching her to throw a punch. - Ahsoka likes to doodle jaig eyes on things. Does ahsoka have a crush on Cody or rex? It’s usually Rex except for when she cheats. Is captain rex in love? I did not sign up to be emotionally destroyed by Rex smirking and laughing today but here we are and I wasn’t prepared. Features many canon favorite characters. Essential for the Mandalore plot in the finale – and for every Obi-Wan fan. For now, they didn’t make a proper camp, because the sun was still high in the sky and in all likelihood Shili’s warriors would be here soon to meet them. “A War on Two Fronts”/”Front Runners”/”The Soft War”/”Tipping Points”, 14. This is the happiest my lonely son has been since getting back to the 501st with Echo and thinking he was going to stay. Most popular Most recent. Rex swore under his breath and spurred his stocky mare on to follow, taunted by the sound of her light laughter carried back to them on the wind. The friendship. It’s going to hurt me so bad. “We will discuss the terms of this alliance there. The second is the one I personally subscribe to and always write when I write about them, which is that they split up when Ahsoka began working on the Rebellion. The first installment begins the growth of Ahsoka as a character who develops a much more nuanced view of the conflict around her – and the first hints of romance. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Depends on what you’re looking for! I love all of Star Wars, deal with it. All that fans know about Rex's story is that he eventually ended up hanging out with two other Clones, Wolffe and Gregor, and enjoying their retirement on Seelos. While Anakin (Matt Lanter) and Obi-Wan (James Arnold Taylor) are integral to the series, 1. I understand practically that that means we don’t have to imagine our faves killing clones all through the Original Trilogy, but logically it makes no sense for the aging to be so fast and continuous once the clones are off Kamino, and it makes Rex - who is only in his thirties during Rebels - seem like a 60 year old man who’s probably going to die in fifteen years or so. Although they didn't meet until many years later, Rex and Kalani technically conflicted during the Clone Wars on the planet Onderon, until the Onderon resistance (which Rex had been assisting) to the Separatist rule proved to be more trouble than the planet was worth, and Kalani ordered a full retreat of Separtist forces from the planet, effectively driving them away. Ian's also an unrepentant, unapologetic Cougar Town fan, a show he will defend until the day he dies. In recent years, animated series like The Clone Wars and Rebels have added to the lore. Both were frequently found at the side of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, key members of his team and two of his closest friends. - They can’t sleep very well. I have two theories about why they split up. Essential viewing for the finale. “The Citadel”/”Counter Attack”/”Citadel Rescue”, 11. I've been kinda down because of all the antis floating around lately, so I wanted to ask if you had any fluffy rexsoka headcanons? RELATED: Disney+ Needs to Re-Release the Star Wars Holiday Special, Warts and All. Find out which movie and which actor Daniel and Pauline discussed during round 15! 5 6 7. Ezra was the most saddened when the Rebels were forced to leave the clones behind and was the happiest to save them. - Rex can’t wear his armor anymore, but the positive part of that is that he gets to pick his own clothes and so does she. I know, that killed me. Sure enough, in good time, after a few hours of waiting, one of Rex’s warriors, a slim but muscled man named Echo, who people claimed had a gift for seeing into the next world after a fight with a bear had cost him half his face and most use of his right arm, stood up and looked around and called, “I think they’re coming!”. Rewritten because I didn't like it how it came out the first time. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Even before they’re together they sleep in the same bed because it’s easier to ward off the nightmares that way. . The last time fans see them in The Clone Wars is the final episode as they escape, survive a crashing Star Destroyer and head off into the galaxy. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. He has a BA in English Literature from the University of Saskatchewan and completed the Writing Program at Vancouver Film School. The grass of the plains, golden-green, came up nearly to the withers of the horses, who needed frequent coaxing to continue moving through the grass without stopping to eat. It will be another decade before we see anything as stunning and personal in a major console release. Rex was deeply saddened when he learned of Ahsoka's apparent death.

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