[62], Seto and Mokuba ended up together in a forest. [101], After sending an SOS to Roland, Mokuba appeared to watch and begged Kaiba to stop the Duel or Alister would lose his soul. : "Clash! [81], The battle of Gods caused Yami Yugi and Kaiba's consciousness to be transported to an ancient city. Seto and Mokuba ended up together in a forest. Kaiba, Téa and Yugi wound up with the rest of Yugi's friends, while Noah took the Big Five away to tell them off for trying to steal bodies having not won their Duels. He remembered what she had said to him before but merely shrugged and left her to perish into dust. With access to vast wealth, technological resources, and a wellspring of scientific and business expertise, Kaiba seeks to expand Kaiba Corp's business operations not just across Domino City but the entire world. His cards are intended to be pugnacious, bellicose and vicious to reflect Kaiba's serious, stiff, and uptight personality. This is shown in Yu-Gi-Oh! [10][11], True to the terms of the bet, life with Gozaburo was the complete opposite of the luxury that Seto and Mokuba envisioned after their adoption, as Gozaburo forced Seto into a rigorously accelerated school program, forcing him to study several subjects including economics, social studies, foreign languages, and game theory. Kaiba tried to leave with Mokuba. Marik took control of Lumis' mind after he surrendered. However, Gozaburo intended to use it for war. Seto made sure to dress as elegantly as possible. After that, Kisara said how she wished to see her father, and Kaiba gave her his mirror, and when he heard from Kisara that her father was sick and possibly dying, Kaiba let Kisara go save him. Come back when you've collected 10,000 cards". Aside from that, Kaiba maintains a conservative, stiff, and uptight exterior. [48] He sacrificed his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" to prevent Yugi from losing and provoked Umbra and Lumis turning them against each other. [19], Kaiba became the Duel Monsters World Champion and came into possession of three of the four "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" cards (In the Japanese version, the latter didn't happen until after Kaiba tried to obtain Solomon's "Blue-Eyes").[21]. Maximillion Pegasus invited Kaiba as his special guest to the Intercontinental Duel Monsters Tournament in New York City. Outraged, Yugi Dueled Kaiba as Yami Yugi. It was a day that nobody thought they'd see. [119], At the beginning of the tournament Kaiba jetpacked into the Kaiba Dome to introduce the tournament as the ultimate test of survival with Kaiba Land as its battlefield. They prepared to fly towards it, but military helicopters appeared and gestured them to follow. Kaiba planned to use Joey as a guinea pig, so he can study Marik's strategy. Not yet, however the encounter of fate, KISARA. Within months, they owned several machines in six different barber shops across Domino City and one in his father's Kaiba Corp headquarters. (In the dub, Sartorius said that Kaiba hadn't aged in years. Kaiba also uses a combo of "Saggi the Dark Clown" and "Crush Card", destroying all monsters in his opponent's Deck with more than 1500 ATK, further crippling their ability to defend against him. Kaiba later told Mokuba to only worry about his fortune and leave savages to him, opening a bear barrel with his sword. Once he found out, Kaiba, much to Yami's surprise, attempted to use Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon's ability, to destroy the Pyramid of Light. Mokuba suggested that they disqualify them, but Kaiba allowed for it. They were guided through a swarm of locusts and onto the USS Courage. This is shown when Kaiba risks his own life by standing on a ledge to win the Duel against Yugi so that he can get to Pegasus to save Mokuba. Seto Kaiba does not believe in friendship or the supernatural til late season 5 where he sees magic is real. Kaiba was stunned to see Joey still standing after taking the blast. A virtual copy of Kaiba appeared and Duels a "Total Defense Shogun" in a demonstration of the Deck Master rules, used in this virtual world. He found Yugi in a Duel against Strings, who was possessed by Marik Ishtar and using the Egyptian God card "Slifer the Sky Dragon". Kaiba then tossed Solomon into the dungeon for trespassing. Kaiba initially had no interest, but after Diabound used "Blue-Eyes'" "White Lightning" attack in the Memory World, Kaiba looked at Eye again, swearing he just heard "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". He has made a personal conviction of following in his father's footsteps to claim his future stake by striving to become the world's greatest player in Duel Monsters. Kaiba saw a battle between Kisara, Seto and later Pharaoh Atem against the Shadow Magus, which resulted in the deaths of Kisara and the Magus, as well as "Blue-Eyes White Dragon's" spirit being sealed in a tablet. For that they hate Yugi and his friends for helping Kaiba. "Then by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and…dragon?" Kaiba was unconvinced and left to prepare for the detonation of the Duel Tower. At the beach, Kaiba and the others meet his older ex-girlfriend, Daphne Flurte. In response, Zorc blasted fire at him. Kaiba recognized an insignia on the ruins as that of Paradius. Joey foolishly attacked Kaiba's monsters with a barrage of weaker ones, until he Summoned his "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", which Kaiba defeated with "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and took out the remainder of Joey's Life Points. Zigfried whispered to Kaiba that he dabbles in technology. Kaiba and Francis' relationship is first seen in the Retro episode Kaiba's Revenge! Since Yugi was so determined, Kaiba said that he would stay until the end (in the dub, Kaiba said that once Yugi loses, he will show the pharaoh a real Duel). Unsure who did it, Kaiba tightened security and vowed to punish the hacker. Kaiba continues to make use of his "Crush Card Virus" but instead of "Saggi" prefers "Shrink" to weaken high powered monsters and Tribute them. He no longer intended to do that as he has plans to digitize the entire world and rule it. He then explained Exodia Necross to Seth when he was summoned. Many of the guests couldn't believe that he was getting married at all. Here she used her Millennium Necklace to show him visions from the past, where a sorcerer, who looks like Kaiba, battled the Nameless Pharaoh, who looks like Yugi, using Duel Monster Spirits. [88], With the tournament over, Kaiba and Mokuba, initiated the self-destruction of the Duel Tower to destroy their memory of Gozaburo and his loss to Yugi. Kaiba won on the next turn, taking five of Yugi's Star Chips. After winning, Yami inflicted a Mind Crush on Kaiba dispelling his evil half. Kaiba Summoned a second "Blue-Eyes", which destroyed the phantom. The ultimate collision of light and dark created a bridge between worlds and the real world became visible in the sky. Kaiba sees Mokuba, begging Seto to help him. Kaiba chose the "Masked Beast Des Gardius", which he had taken from Lumis. He lived in Sapphire City of the Neo region with his parents, younger sister - Phoebe, and younger brother - Mokuba. He told him who Priest Seto is and that they are playing a Dark Game formed by the memories of 3000 years ago. [102], At some point, Kaiba sent men to the museum in Florida to find clues regarding the undersea ruins. The Big Five congratulated the players on making it to the final level, but Kaiba protested that they stopped the "Mythic Dragon" from being Summoned, so they have already beaten the game. However Marik informed Yugi that his friends had been kidnapped. Seto suspected, but can't believe it's to do with Gozaburo, since he is dead. In Contest Wars, He wears different colored shirts under a medium-purple jacket and wears a silver belt with a "KC" logo in the center with three Pokéballs on each side. Yugi then fuses it with "Black Luster Soldier" to form "Dragon Master Knight", which defeated the "Mythic Dragon". Wondering why they did that, Kaiba looked at the Millennium Eye and thought Bakura must have gotten to them. [105], Kaiba and Mokuba stopped at a car shop and hopped into a sportscar. Yugi pointed out that he was in this situation before when Marik possessed Joey and urged Seto to keep fighting to awaken his bond with Mokuba. Exploiting a hidden and untapped customer base in young video game fans; those "windfall profits" earned him a Mercedes-Benz and a high-end custom made Apple Mac laptop. Dork fest continues." Alister vowed to hang Kaiba's soul on Mikey's tombstone and the Duel began. Noah insisted that it was Kaiba's former employee that kidnapped Mokuba and that he was the one who rescued him. During Seth's duel with Gozaburo, Kaiba advised Seth not to let Gozaburo discard his hand. Seth said he promised to help Kira find out who her parents were first through the KaibaCorp Computer. An intellectually gifted and innovative computer programmer, engineer, and inventor during his youth, he invented virtual software for playing video games as a young child prodigy. Kaiba started building an amusement park for orphaned and underprivileged children called Kaiba Land. During the party to celebrate the end of Death-T, Seth made fun of Johnny being dumber than his father, but a fight between them was stopped by Tag. When Kaiba Summoned "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", Bakura showed him a vision of Priest Seto holding Kisara up to the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" tablet. As he did this, the souls of Kisara and Seto were drawn into the dragon. Kaiba defeated Solomon and overwhelmed him with the holographic technology used in the Duel. However, Anubis refused to allow this to take place and made himself known to both Kaiba and Yami. [50], Kaiba, Yugi, Joey and Marik partook in a Battle Royal to determine the matchups for the semi-finals. GX’s Chazz Is A Better Rival Than Seto Kaiba At Duelist Kingdom, Seth believed the tournament would give the gang some tough competition. [69] Kaiba refused to attack Mokuba and ended his turn. Kaiba was willing to Duel on the spot, but Pegasus refused telling Kaiba that he must defeat Yugi in a Duel, before he can do that. [20] Once that was done, Kaiba closed the military department and proceeded to build the Duel Tower in its place. Kaiba asked if Yami had the same vision as he did. [116], As Yami battled what was left of The Great Leviathan, Kaiba and Joey were forced to leave Atlantis as a tidal wave approached. Just a tad overpowered -- exactly how Kaiba likes it. Concerned about Kaiba's reputation for his obstinacy, Ishizu scolds Kaiba for his selfishness and hesitance in helping Yami Yugi as well as denying his ancient Egyptian heritage by reasoning with him stating that he'll suffer the consequences and the fate of the entire world will suffer as a result of his obstinate stubbornness by turning back on mankind. (In the dub, Sartorius said that Kaiba hadn't aged in years. [13], Seto invented a virtual software for playing video games. Kaiba refused to believe Noah was Gozaburo's son and asked how come they never met before. Yugi pointed out how friendship helped him win, but Kaiba said that everyone is alone in this world and he doesn't want any pals to slow him down. He re-encounters Armed Ninja and the Dragon Capture Jar, but destroyed the jar with "Trap Master" reclaiming his trapped "Blue-Eyes". With Duel Disks, players would be able to stand further apart and avoid face-to-face contact, which he hoped would be enough to avoid having his mind read. [15], On Seto's birthday, he was given a 2% share of KaibaCorp (in the dub, 10 million dollars) and was told that although he could spend the money any way he wished, he must return one hundred times (in the dub, 10 times) the amount in one year.

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