With the Global version of the game celebrating it's 5th anniversary, it's sure to attract lots of new and returning players. In this new Event we can recruit 2 new characters INT Saiyan in Fate's Hands Broly (Kid) and AGL Surviving Prince Vegeta (Kid). Each unit has it's own Banner, therefore Dual Dokkan Fest. The first two stages come in two difficulties while others only have one. I won't go to much into detail with this events at this point. WARNING: an extremely challenging Late-Game Content. Ticket Summon: 5th Anniversary! Make sure to clear this events and collect as many potential orbs as possible to strengthen the hidden potential of your units. This guide will cover the 5th anniversary content for most part and does not serve as a introduction to the game as well as it's core gameplay and mechanics. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. We can use different cards that share the same name to increase their SA, however it's not that simple. In addition, this mode allows you to use units with the same name on the same team. Should I grab 4 of the Vegeta Multiple Summon Packs too, Or save the stones for another event? Also thank you for your contribution to the MFF community. I remember how lost and clueless I was when I started playing Dokkan so with the 5th anniversary (right after Legends 2nd is ending) I assumed lots of people will start playing or return to it and with them in mind I wanted to provide an opportunity to have an easier start. ". You cannot use support items, Continues are not allowed but you shouldn't waste dragon stones on continues anyway. The lower difficulty drops 3-6 awakening medals, while the harder one always drops exactly 7. Welcome to Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle new players. The Missions reward you for clearing each stage as well as the whole level and encourages using units from specific categories with bonus rewards. From time to time all the enemies are changed (not just their types) and sometimes there are also special themed battlefield opponents. Important to note that once you have selected a unit for one battleit cannot be selected for another team again in that run. They be obtained form the the following events: More about the events can be read up in their indiviual section under New Events. 5th Anniversary Transdimensional Login Bonus! Part 2 will continue in the comment section. This New Time-Limited event drops a new items called Skill Orbs. Hopefully thise guide helps them out a bit. In case Beerus appears as the Enemy instead of Whis, you are guaranteed better drops. Sometimes old Story Events get a revamp which means that your progress on them gets reset and you need to complete all the stages again, but don't worry, you will receive 1 Dragon Stone upon your 1st clear. There is a very limited pool of units that can be used in addition to one or two units that must be used in your team. Information, guides, tips, news, fan art, questions and everything else Dokkan Battle related. Conquest is playable on every map so even if you play just this mode, you’ll eventually deploy at each location. AGL West Kai and TEQ Supreme Kai of Time - support units that link well with Beerus should you choose to use them on rotation. Missions reward you for clearing the Battlefield up to 3 times so try to clear the event three times to obtain all the rewards. Divine Transcendence! This is a very challenging team building event. Oposed to climbing levels this events have a limited amout ot levels (usual 2 with 2 difficulties). I didn't pull for Vados but I wish I had. To fully awaken Fusion Fighter Protecting the Earth Gogeta you will first need 35 Gogeta medals from stage 2 to awaken him to TUR. All of the necessary events are currently already available so we can already prefarm the necessary medals. Gogeta's Banner (only new units and LRs are highlighted), Vegito's Banner (only new units and LRs are highlighted), All those LR units are DFE and I'm pointing them out because they very rarely appear on banners so it's great if you can grab any of those. Not all units are good or useful, but they might get an awakening in the future. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The Left one awards more (S)mall Orbs, the Middle on more (M)edium Orbs and the Right one more (L)arge Orbs. This event is similar to Give it a Dokkan! © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. You already get one LR with tickets, and DFE LRs are generally better and harder to obtain than regular LRs. event meaning you try to do as much as damage as possible in one attack. This subreddit is for both the Japanese and Global version. Take my upvote. By performing a multi summon you acquire 55 units, the last one being a guaranteed LR. TEAM BUILDING BASICS In Dokkan battle team building can be a daunting task, watch this video to understand it.. Read more - Team Building. Depending on this Bonuses and your Box the difficulty warries. Same process can be done with SSR STR Fusion Fighter Protecting the Earth Gogeta. Dokkan Battle can be quite overwhelming for new players when they start playing and even for some veteran gacha players as well. Medals required for the Extreme Z Awakening can be obtatined from the the Extreme Z Area event that will become available in part 3. True, but we have only mentioned F2P units so far. I apologize in advance.). Better to have too much than run out and not being able to awaken a unit. A new stage of Boss Rush (level 10) will become available during the 5th anniversary. However, they can be cleared once per day only. If you're struggling, there are two great F2P teams that are covered in section Other. Aim for as much damage as possible. TIP: This events have three different paths. Should i spend 50 stones in the multiple Kai pack to get the Special Attack to lvl 10? can be exchanged for Elder Kais, which are used to raise SA level of any character by 1. He is an amazing unit. I'll try to clean it up if the following days. Everyone else, if you still have stones, don't sleep on INT Goku Black. That's really low but we can increase that percentage by awakening the SR Vegito to SSR the chance will increase to 50%. Hope you can help me with some beginner questions. There are two versions of this banner, one where you summon with tickets and the second one where you summon with dragon stones (not yet available). The dificulty increases with each new set of stages. Blazing Potara (all dokkan events are currently open daily) we can recruit SR STR Overflowing Power Vegito. Goddam this is so in-depth!, More posts from the DBZDokkanBattle community. Sometimes though, these are more specific as in, complete a specific stage n-times, or win n-times using a specific character, etc. Certain units have advantages/disadvantages over others based on the type wheel. Hope you can help me with some beginner questions. Well, the best returning stories are those that award Tresures. Also the medals are awarded from picking them on the map (pink capsule) rather then being awarded upon defeating the boss. I started writting this guide weeks ago based on the japanese celebration but some things have changed for the global release so please be patient if any information is missing. In Boss Rush you take on several enemies from the Dokkan Events in succession. Each set of stages has it's own LR unit. Skill orbs come in three different variants and can provide different buffs from flat boosts to additional potential skill levels. Save our Kais for LRs or our favoruite units? You can only perform 4 multi summons and you obtain 5 Elder Kais per multi, so 20 Elder Kais for 100 Dragon Stones in total. In this event, all Goku Black, Zamasu and Fusion Zamasu unit deal increased damage so bring those if you're having trobules. Every event drops the unit as well as its own potential orbs. Coins can be exchanged for Grand Kais, Units, Potential Orbs, Support Items or other resources. Authors Comment: As a new player you don't want to worry about this too much as there is a lot of fresh content available to you as well as a lot of resources to obtain. The tickets can be obtained through daily missions but a lot of them could be obtained with missions leading to the 5th anniversary so if you only started playing, unfortunately you missed out on those. or they can be purchsed with real-life currencies via microtransactions. TIP: To unlock Hidden potential routes you can use an SSR to unlock the path of that unit (no need for awakening to UR. Both units can be awakened to TUR and have an EZA. This banner features 18 returning SSR characters. Additionaly this is the first LR unit that can awakened further via Extreme Z Awakening. SA can be raised with Kais (Elder, Grand, Dozing) or with another copy of the same unit. I tend to run Beerus, LR Beerus, Whis, and 3 supports, Never argue with an idiot they drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience, PSN: ChaosInuYasha (make sure you give me fair warning as to where you met me and why you wanna add). So what do we do? However, make sure to do time-sensitive events and time-limited missions. This means you can pull more than one LR when performing a multi summon. Keep in mind that this stones can only ever be acquired once. Last DL celebration brough two new DFE LR units and the banners on this celebrations are usually stacked with great characters. Challenging this stages costs no stamina. Even if you're low on stones I would suggest doing discounts on both banners. If nothing else he can serve as a memorabilia. Please remember that Hidden Potential can only be accessed by units that have reached UR rarity or higher. The lower difficulty drops 3-6 awakening medals, while the more difficulty one drops 7. For the ticket summon you need 55 tickets that are awarded for completing missions throughout the celebration, but you'll need to wait till part 3 to obtain all the neccesary tickets. Special Summon. Once the units are selected and locked you cannot use other units until you either win, lose or retire from the whole event. Mods need to pin this! Because those units already released on the japanese version we know what awakening medals they will require to awaken. The new inferface that highlights new missions and news if you haven't clicked on them yet makes it much easier not to miss any of those. Sometimes story medals can be exchanged in Baba's shop but it's random and takes a lot of time. The enemies of each stage are chosen randomly. It is recommended to always farm the harder dificulty to be more stamina efficient, unless the event is too hard for you to complete. As in the Punch Machine event, the battles last for 2 turn/rotations. Skill Orbs are a new type of items that can be used to further improve hidden potential of units. Use your tickets and take what you get. Authors Comment: If you're a new player, I think it's worth summoning on this banner with dragon stones, as one LR for 200 dragon stones is really good value. In addition, completing the daily missions will award you with 5th anniversary coins, summoning tickets and other resources. If you unlock every node with potential orbs you will achieve a 100% completion within the hidden potential and that unit will receive a rainbow star. With F2P units this is really easy. Dragon stones needed for summoning can be obtained by clearing stages for the first time, completing missions, login bonuses, etc. This Zamasu can be further awakened to an LR. During part 2 and 3 two Extreme Z Area events will become available so we will talk about them in more detail at a later time. *Author*s Comment: While you can obtain LR characters from this banner I would advice against summoning on this banner with dragon stones. We already mentioned different coins so let's take a look at different Banners. Whenever you pull a new unit (that has a TUR or LR form) you will need special awakening medals to awaken them to their full power. Authors Comment: For new players (and F2P players) I think it's best to skip this banner. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. We've just explained that above. Also, you don't obtain any coins. Most units have a max SA of 10 so we need to farm 10 copies. This Gogeta has a 50% success chance from the beginning so if we awaken him to UR we will have a 100% chance to raise the SA. What grind you might ask? This treasures can be exchanged for a selection of LR units of other resources in Baba's Shop.

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