The calm sea and the idyllic landscape reflected her confidence and initial joy. Pay attention to other symbols in the dream.... Dreamers Dictionary. And if you were expecting a baby such a dream is likely to be a nightmare. (Also see Distilled water; Earth; Ophthalmologist; River; Walking on water)... Islamic Dream Interpretation. This demonstrated the different relationships between intel­lect and emotion. The Way of Dreams and Visions. spades: A niggling worry through a misplaced confidence. To be reflected in a pool indicates we need to come to terms with the shadow. To pour it: litigation. If your world is full of stress and this dream made you laugh, consider the compensatory nature of it. It may announce the identity of an individual who will be of great value to you. For example, if you dream that a wrist-watch is melting on your hand, are you making the best use of your time? The star only reveals the future. The curiosity that you have to know the future encourages this kind of dream. 41:1-2 ... Christian Dream Symbols, To dream that you are a lifeguard indicates that you are extremely careful about the emotional aspect of your waking life. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams, Happenstance, luck, and skill.... Little Giant Encyclopedia. Negative: Water that is bitter or dirty speaks of a contamination, likely stemming from bitterness. His interest in alchemy, myths and legends added to the wealth of ideas he brought to his concept of the collective unconscious. Endearing, beloved woman, full of grace... Dream Dictionary Unlimited, Brave defender... Dream Dictionary Unlimited, Noble and discerning... Dream Dictionary Unlimited, The Latin music sensation whose fame remained constant over three decades, Carlos’s onstage performance in your dreams may signify the spiritual qualities and values of music. Mystic Dream Book, This is symbolic of impure doctrine, stagnant living, or a spoiled and foul environment, Prov. The ability to breathe underwater and interact with creatures of the sea indicates that you have access to your unconscious feelings and awareness. If someone else is driving, the dream may be expressing your over-dependence on others. Alternatively, this can represent a fear of confronting the depths of your own suhconscious. The Interpretation of Dreams, by Sigmund Freud (Author). Dreams of drunk driving or driving without a license suggest that you are not fully in control of your life. ... New American Dream Dictionary, 2. They have allowed some things in their life that are not of the Lord. Whenever a letter appears in your dream, your dreaming mind is telling you that something needs your attention in waking life. The presence of a reality show in your dream world may be an indication that you are manipulating something or overdramatizing a situation, or you feel that you are being manipulated in some way by some occurrence in your life.

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