0120092413 (October 16, 2009) (complainant's claim that he was required to submit the report from a fitness for duty examination to the agency's security personnel states a claim; Commission has the authority to review an agency's decision to initiate a review of a security clearance status and to review whether the grant or denial of a security clearance was done in a nondiscriminatory manner). In many instances where these claims arise, the person has lost his or her job and must seek work elsewhere. Map + Directions, 1212 Reisterstown Road The Commission affirmed the Administrative Judge's finding that the agency discriminated against complainant on the basis of her disability (Bipolar Disorder) when it failed to provide her with reasonable accommodation and ultimately terminated her from employment. TX Complainant successfully pursued a claim of disability and reprisal discrimination, and requested attorney's fees. Over the years, I have been interviewed by many national media outlets, including The New York Times, Bloomberg, CNBC, Fast Company, etc. between a “burden of production” and a “burden of persuasion”. The agency selected the top three candidates who had expressed an interest in each locality based upon their OPM scores to compete for the position. Agency Breached Settlement Agreement When if Failed to Reimburse Complainant. Understand your rights and restrictions as a federal employee with this comprehensive legal handbook for the federal workplace. to support a claim, shifts if the other party meets its burden.
Other Federal Sector Employment Issues / Private Sector Issues, Nationwide/Global Representation of U.S. Government Employees, I work in the Private Sector in D.C., Maryland or Virginia, I already have scheduled my Initial Consultation. of it as a tennis match – if you serve the ball to the Agency, they § 1981 when they retaliated against her for her complaints about the race and sex discrimination she faced while working at DSU. For example, one of the selecting officials stated that she was concerned with complainant's willingness to take on an assignment in a particular location and stay for the required two-year period. After experiencing age discrimination during the Great Recession, I began researching the problem.

Complainant filed a formal EEO complaint alleging that she was subjected to disability discrimination when she was terminated from her position as a Transportation Security Screener. And two of the four selectees had been trained by Thirlkill and did not possess his years of experience. All rights reserved. Congress, in adopting federal anti-discrimination laws, required discrimination victims to file a complaint first with the EEOC before they could proceed to federal court.

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