It was promised if he should see Elijah when he 0001492184 00000 n Elijah's spirit when he had seen the horses and chariot of fire. One of the first things that you learn about the geography of the Holy Land is that it’s tiny by American standards. A normal person can walk around 3 miles per hour, so that would be 30-36 miles a day. 0001442260 00000 n 0001491820 00000 n Sinai, “the mountain of God” where Moses received the Ten Commandments. which filled the mountain round about Elisha. 3301: R. 573; E. 781). Elijah’s Cave at the foot of Mount Carmel in modern-day Haifa is said by Jewish tradition to be the cave in which Elijah hid from King Ahab before fleeing south towards Beersheba. The same applies to the author of 1-2 Kings (they were originally one book), who was clearly literate and who records the finding of “the book of the Law” in the temple in 2 Kings 22:8-10. John's Revelation to the 7 Churches of Asia, John's Letter to the 7 Churches of Asia Minor, The messages to the believers on the coastal plain, The messages to the believers living inland, 21. Worked miracles for a needy widow at Zarephath. 0001430329 00000 n Instead, God sends and angel who makes Elijah eat and drink two times in order to strengthen him for a journey. from place to place, please take your map and follow the journey. Although the verse we need isn’t included in Sunday’s readings, we know where Elijah was starting from. One problem in talking with skeptics is that it seems like we have a moving target. I will add different figures to the borders of each map, adding characters that relate to the map subject. Then the power Jimmy was born in Texas, grew up nominally Protestant, but at age 20 experienced a profound conversion to Christ. Today, visitors to Mount Carmel can look out across the River Kishon and towards the Mediterranean Sea from the Carmelite monastery at Daliyet el Carmel. This poor dog who could not walk, was found lying … He hurried away from the city of Jezreel in the north, to Beersheba, in the south. What did Elisha see? At each He left his servant there and went a day’s journey into the wilderness, until he came to a solitary broom tree and sat beneath it. If he were an old man, the journey could have taken longer than 11 days. 0000258846 00000 n Elijah goes with Obadiah to meet Ahab (see 8 on Map 58). Gilgal, Bethel, and Jericho were all places where companies of prophets lived. This is my map of the Sinai peninsula showing a possible route the prophet Elijah may have taken to elude Jezebel’s spies.

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