This can also be due to the total firmness of the mattress as Endy mattress is slightly firmer than other mattresses. So the person who sleeps on his stomach this mattress is recommended for them. However, they both come under the category of medium-firm. This website is possible because of affiliate relationships with mattress suppliers. The Douglas is a luxury memory foam mattress with a ‘Medium Firm’ comfort layer and a cooling, eucalyptus-derived cover. They also have a mattress model that is made of a silicone polymer. The Douglass mattress is recommended for people with heavyweight or have average weight. The Casper mattress is also more firm when compared to Endy, some individuals have also complained that the Casper mattress is very firm and might lead to some discomfort.Click here to save $100 on Casper Mattress. . It was launched by a Canadian company, Novosbed. But the Endy mattress comes with good edge support the people sitting at the edge they will not experience any sinking of the mattress. On the firmness scale, Casper mattress is rated 6 out of 10. The Casper mattresses come in different types in order to fulfill the need and requirements of different individuals. A micro quilted cover that is both breathable and soft, as well as being removable and machine washable for your convenience. The thick layer reduces any kind of motion. Endy and Casper are both direct competitors in the US and Canada. The best feature of this mattress is that it has motion isolation technology. While individuals weighing around 200 pounds or more can feel the mattress sink by 3-4 inches. Endy is a Canadian company that crafts one all-foam mattress in a box based on years of extensive research. The Casper mattresses are delivered in a box as it is a mattress-in-a-box. It also helps to give the right contour and hug to the sleepers. Endy Sleep mattresses are bed-in-a-box, the means that mattresses are delivered to individuals in easy to carry boxes. The side edge technology of the Endy mattress makes it firm on the sides. The Douglas mattress has a more spring feel. The price difference is not a lot but Douglas mattresses are still cheaper when compared. Leesa vs Endy Mattress - Conclusion When comparing both the brands in terms of firmness, motion isolation, edge support, comfort, prices, Endy is better than Leesa. As the table above shows the difference between the prices. The Casper mattress is also more firm when compared to Endy, some individuals have also complained that the Casper mattress is very firm and might lead to some discomfort. Individuals with weight around 130-140 pounds feel the Casper mattress to sink in by two inches. The layer provides comfort and a great feel to the sleepers. Comparing both the mattresses, an Endy mattress is more preferable.

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