I know that this is Europa Universalis, so it is more important to take care about European countries first. 9.00 - En gang imellem allerede fra kl. Close. Press J to jump to the feed. Are you simply trying to WC using daimyos as support? Countries can be force vassalized in a Peace Treaty or can agree to vassalization via a diplomatic offer. Foreign diplomacy is handled by the Emperor who's seated in Kyoto and who holds superiority over the Daimyos. Daimyo swarm WC. Are you releasing every possible nation as a daimyo? Acquiring land without paying coring costs and often avoiding rebels if the daimyo you’re feeding has cores or culture/religion 3. I made my first WC as Ashikaga. Daimyo swarm WC. Close. WC if possible, but at the speed I'm going, probably not.Right now I only have a couple of daimyos, which I don't plan on annexing (I annexed all the ones in Japan proper though). As the Shogun of Japan, every nation you vassalize through any means becomes a daimyo; this is insanely powerful and allows you to amass a swarm of daimyos that … The Holy Roman Emperor can also vassalize members of the Holy Roman Empire by passing the penultimate Imperial Reform, \"Revoke The Privilegia\". Get some provinces near countries to get the holy war CB, get most of their land (or full annex) then create a daimyo ? ÅBNINGSTIDER: Jeg letter de fleste dage fra kl. Daimyo swarm WC. Ashikaga is a Japanese nation that is the Shogun in 1444. I have around 1200 dev right now. Are there any kind of benchmarks to know if you're well on your way for a WC (not necessarily one tag), right now it's a bit before 1600 and I feel like I have nothing, just Japan, Korea, Manchuria (given to Haixi) and I getting much of the Moluccas, right now I'm about to try and get Pasai and stuff around there. hmmm, well if you can't then I think you can only convert the provinces before you create daimyos. Wait, if you form Japan do you annex them all for free? Well an exact benchmark doesn't exist, mainly because as you said it speeds up a lot once you get absolutism, and once you reach dip tech 23 and admin tech 27, especially as you don't really need to tech anymore at that point, so you could just spend all your points on expanding. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Are you feeding a handful of daimyos? I think if you wanted to emulate Japan during the Edo period, the idea is to not take the decision to unite Japan. To OP, if you wanted to be historical, you wouldn't form Japan and you wouldn't integrate all the Daimyo, and you wouldn't expand much. A swarm of vassals with 4-5 troops and 1-3 transports each will all individually feel too weak to try... look up the Unknown Emperor strat. Thats like saying a nation can be a pirate republic even if they have the monarchy form of government. When Japan was united, the shogunate didn't just vanish, and the Shoguns didn't just kick the little hat of the emperor's head and say "Well, I get that you, Emperor, are descended from godhood and we are your servants and protectors and all, but. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio. If this Formible Japan is modeled after the Tokugawa Shogunate, then the Shogunate(government) should NOT be abolished. A method of reforming the government, likely through choosing different government reforms, would more sense for a gradual transition to either keeping the military rule of the Shogun, or restoring the Emperor, the shogun of which should have a variety of downsides in relation to management of foreign vassals, where the Emperor could better manage an Expansionist Japan. https://i.imgur.com/j6FRvP6.png for the names of places, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I chose Uesugi for this because I could use its strong starting position to unite the island very quickly (I did it in 30 years), then focus on using my super good military ideas (second only to Shimazu of the daimyos) to crush everyone else with space marines. I feel as though a system to gradually reform from a shogunate to a centralized empire would greatly improve the current situation. Question about Japans daimyo vassal swarm ... a refusal starts a war but with the swarm behind you that should be easy enough. They may ally, rival, and fight other daimyo (particularly with the "Sengoku" casus bellithat gives 25% less aggressive expansion), but not external countries. Seeing as Timurids, Ottomans, and various SEA and Indian nations are named after their dynasties. I'm not 100% on this but I think the created subject's religion is determined by their capital's religion? Hey, I'm trying to do a Daimyo swarm run but I have a couple of questions: Since I'm unable to use the reconquest and claims CB of my daimyos, I decided that the best run of action would be to go religious. 254. Annexing yes/no? The unite Japan decision may look good - it boosts Japan to Empire rank and gives a nice amount of mana, but I argue that you should not take it. Yeah holy warring seems like a good idea, just holy war and give most of the provinces to created daimyos, keep the borderlands, make sure you're aware of how core creation distance works (I think you can only core a province if it's either coastal or connected via a land bridge with your capital (which it's unlikely to be unless you move your capital to the mainland).

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