Even before they added PU's as a factor in joining the HRE. In the diplomatic ideas group diplomatic ideas opens up many possibilities early on. Nr. BREAK VASSALIZATION. With the elective monarch mechanic Poland will have kings from foreign nations on her throne. Join the empire then take Lith as PU. Then immediately revoke march with Mazovia to start the -200 timer going down). Replace the personal union between Poland and Lithuania with a real union, welding the two countries together into one powerful state, capable of withstanding our enemies. This opens up an easy route for expansion. Feed and break with Moldavia rather than Mazovia. Poland starts the game without a king and there is little it can do, however soon the event “Successor of Wladyslaw III” will fire, allowing Poland to form a personal union over Lithuania. If the war turns bad, you can also settle stealing Norway from Denmark. If I recall correctly they disabled the possibility of Poland joining the HRE a while ago. This opens up a massive reconquest war opportunity. In the mission tree it is possible to turn Danzig into a vassal once the war is completed. As Poland, become an absolutist monarchy, abolishing the Sejm. Best way to do this is as follows: Form an alliance with Lithuania and Austria, selling your nonpolish provinces to lithuania (both of the 2basetax ones before allying austria and the 4basetax one after). Loans are not an issue, as the Ottomans are rich and you can take a lot of money in a peace deal. So Marches wont count because of VassalIncomeModifier = 0 for Marches. Next game I discovered that if I simply revoked states to bring culture up that you want works (at least right now) so if you revoked your Polish cores in favor of Prussian, you can convert to it rather quickly. This page was last edited on 22 July 2020, at 18:07. Espionage ideas normally are considered weak, but for Poland they can be interesting. Another option is the Ottomans, they are a powerful foe, but if they are locked in battle with someone like the Mamluks, an attack from the back can deal critical damage. A small number of events address Poland's position at the heart of Europe, right along the border of the Holy Roman shift towards Protestantism. Force them to release the nations. You'll be able to recover them faster than you would via the Commonwealth decision, but it's just more coring points and agex. 1. Then you can go after Danzig, Szepes, etc. Moldavia has events that can lead to it becoming a may Polish March, and the Teutonic Order has events leading to the revolt of the Prussian Confederation (Danzig), which becomes a Polish vassal if Poland supports them in their war against the Order. The aggressive expansion impact is amazing. You can also join the holy league war, but be careful that the Ottomans and Russians can join the other side, and crush you in a pincer movement. The extra diplomats can help with improving relations, managing vassals and fabricating spy networks. You will spend a lot of monarch points developing provinces, so one will be behind in tech, so direct conflict with big powerful nations might be dangerous. This weakens the empire and if it was not dismantled at the start, it can be done now to open up another front. When I did it I culture shifted to Prussian first, but that's completely up to you, it should be easier if you stay Polish and the previous system of selling to your vassal still works, vassal BT is counted in 1.7 but it counts as less BT than if you'd own the provinces, can't remember if this was changed in 1.8. Around this time the Prussian confederacy event fires, releasing Danzig from the Teutonic Order as an independent state. Form Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Poland). If relation slots and diplomatic points are a struggle however, it is more beneficial to annex their lands directly. Each of them can be clicked on, which will bring up the Diplomatic interface to examine and interact with that nation. Among both the Polish and the Lithuanian nobility there are some, the Magnates, who control very large estates and command great political influence. Waiting for military tech 7 to get some cannons for the sieges can also make this war easier. From Orthodox in the east to Protestantism in the west to the Muslim faith in the south. If the Ottomans or Russians prove to be too strong for Poland, juicing up the horses with this policy will shatter the enemies of the commonwealth. This decision will weaken the country, as two countries together are stronger than one, but it will free up a diplomatic relation slot. Use this wealth to meddle in European affairs, deal with Muscovy or the Ottomans, or maybe gain another throne from a foreign dynasty that was foolish enough to take your throne. The player gets the option to form the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth at administrative level ten. The player can chose to take a powerful local king instead for an alternative game, but to become the most powerful it is best to take the PU. While it does squash any hope of Aragon, England, France, or Kebab joining the empire while maintaining any semblance of their power, Poland can still join while keeping their main power feature (their giant attack dog union partner). Poland is for eating not for friending. The Polish can make good use of the cavalry powerup, and the leader siege and extra manpower both help the Poles a lot in their endeavors. Cookies help us deliver our Services. r/eu4: A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio. Poland's missions are focused on the integration of its vassals, developing the country, maintaining friendly relations with Lithuania, and the subjugation and conquest of its neighboring rivals: the Teutonic Order, the Ottomans and Russia. Have Winged Hussars as your active unit with more than +50% cavalry combat ability. I will try it. Having a powerful dynasty, such as that of the French or Austrians, makes sure that at some point in the future you can claim their throne for your own. In this peace deal you can feed Lithuania some provinces, but be careful you do not give Lithuania too many. If the war was started early enough, and the reformation is late enough, it is possible to wait out the truce and start another war with Denmark to take the other junior partner for yourself before the age of discovery is over. I like 1 more but I still want to stay as Eastern Tech / Poland for the achievements. In 1.7, vassal BT was calculated into your size based on your Income from Vassals modifier. Sweden and Norway can also be annexed if taken. Make sure to be on a lookout for these opportunities. With the incorporation of the duchy of Mazovia Warsaw has become the seat of the Sejm. Humiliate them and take money to complete the age objective and generate power projection. btw, I think it's not really worth it to join the hre as a member as poland. Move capital. Two events chains allow Poland to get new vassals. Sell your provinces to your vassals. I could sell provinces to Lithuania instead of vassals...). Thanks. Then as soon as you have a king, marry Bohemia, wait for your dynasty to take the Bohemian throne, then immediately claim their throne and go to war. I don't disagree with going Prussian entirely, I was just pointing out that you can't do both that and join the empire. If not, sell your one extra province to Mazovia and you'll have enough to join as an OPM. A random owned province with our primary culture gains. Change to Despotic Monarchy. I think it's a very debatable decision. Poland gets the option to move their capital via a decision, this creates a second capital to develop another institution at and it can then spread to a high dev Krakow to fulfill the 10% development requirement when Poland is big. This must be done at positive prestige- i.e. The Holy Roman Empire can be a difficult foe to tackle, as the emperor will defend its tiny states. before selling provinces (see below). This adds 20% cavalry combat ability, combined with their national ideas this makes the winged hussars a force of destruction. Poland starts the game without a king and there is little it can do, however soon the event “Successor of Wladyslaw III” will fire, allowing Poland to form a personal union over Lithuania. December-March: each month sell each of the 4 Orthodox provinces to Lithuania. Quality can further boost the cavalry to make them atomize whomever they are unleashed upon. Once again, Austria can provide invaluable aid, they can siege down the Balkans, while Polish troops can reach around the black sea and strike into the Anatolian heartland.

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