Question about Japans daimyo vassal swarm. Returning provinces gives a large boost to the receiving country's opinion of the military victor (+40 per province up to 200 total, decay at 1 per year). I have revoked the privileges and have the vassal swarm now. The overlord invests diplomatic power into the annexation process each month at the following rate: If the total is 0 or negative, annexation will pause, but not reverse. Influence-Administrative: Vassal Integration Act, Zambezi idea 6: Wealth of the Shire Valley, Control of all the vassal's provinces, army, and navy. The Holy Roman Emperor can also vassalize members of the Holy Roman Empire by passing the penultimate Imperial Reform, \"Revoke The Privilegia\". A province sieged by a vassal will be occupied by their suzerain, but an exception is when the vassal has a core in the province and is the siege leader. They can also receive autonomy from a larger country, either as a normal nation or as a client state. The suzerain can also transfer occupation to their vassal whenever needed. one no CB war into india will get you daymios and a staging area to take all of india with no way for them to declare war on you for the first 50 years, regardless of AE. As such, it is not possible to release Iraq from Hisn Kayfa. I have England, Hungary and Bohemia as PU Juniors. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa … Aggressive expansion penalty reduced by a third. Press J to jump to the feed. The releasing nation gains +25 prestige, and Jerusalem inherits the culture of the releasing nation. Fabricate claims and hope for the best. There are several different ways to vassalize a nation. The final cost for the whole country is rounded down, so it can be 0 in extreme cases. This contribution can be increased by the following. Poland and Lithuania got wrecked early. I left Spain in peace because I thought I might get the "Spain, a Habsburg Throne" event, but according to Wiki we both need to have France as a rival. Likewise; vassals which take Offensive and Quantity Ideas further increase this. The vassal will manage its own armies in war, which is less micromanagement for a player ruling a massive empire. Lots of unowned cores or claims: wage war with other nations and take the provinces cored or claimed by the vassal so they can core the land instead of you. Declare a war of independence (which they will once they believe they have a chance based on the relative military powers of them and their allies versus their liege). Annexation occupies a diplomat until complete, and results in direct control of the former subject's territory and military. Anything I can do about CB or getting claims? Refuse to send troops to a war waged by the liege. Novgorod vs. Muscovy vassalizing Tver or Byzantium vs. Ottomans vassalizing Albania. From patch 1.16, care must be taken to balance vassal feeding with direct expansion as falling too far behind in diplomatic tech relative to administrative and military tech will increase corruption. However, this province's culture is Kurdish, which is in the Iranian culture group; Iraq's historical culture is Mashriqi, which is in the Levantine culture group. The subject's vassalage has lasted at least 10 years. However, you can also use this mechanism to your benefit: Vassalize a small neighbor while they are also defending against a large neighbor, and, most likely, you will be able to call AI allies to support you, while the AI attacker will be unable to do so. National Ideas which increase a Vassal's Force Limit in turn increase your own Force Limit due to the percentage for the Vassal's Force Limit being added to your own. Worst case just eat them (they have aragon and portugal as PU) in the late game? Selling provinces will not work if the annexation process has been started. This page was last edited on 6 August 2020, at 12:35. This is especially useful for countries that have many foreign cores, as conquering them on the vassal's behalf incurs less aggressive expansion, costs less manpower with the reconquest CB, and results in no separatist unrest or autonomy. A vassal or client state can be diplomatically annexed by its overlord through the Annex vassal option. To see the target cost select a province and hover your mouse over the "Province War Score Cost", a crossed shield and star icon, it will also show you the total force vassalization cost. Ignore them at first and hope for the best. I have revoked the privileges and have the vassal swarm now. Since these provinces are the vassal's cores, they will not overextend the vassal. These modifiers are displayed below: The full formula for diplomatic annexation cost is: The cost reduction from administrative efficiency is capped at 90% and the final cost per province can not go below 0.1 dip points per development(or 1.25% of the normal cost). Also the province to be sold needs to be within coring range. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 1.23. You don't need vassals outside Europe, at least I in my Austria game don't.

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