I wanted to say “Fine!” but I didn’t. Slaps on the mouth and punches continued as before, albeit well out of John’s sight and hearing. The big syringe would come out, filled with green washing-up liquid mixed with water. “As soon I sit down it floods my brain, so I don’t sit down.”. My parents already knew her because she had looked after me briefly as a baby while my mother recovered from an operation. Eunice Spry (born 28 April 1944) is a British woman from Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire, a Jehovah's Witness who was convicted of 26 charges of child abuse against children in her foster care in April 2007. But I looked up at Eunice’s stern face and I knew I had to choose. Panic is bubbling up through my body. “Open your mouth,” said Eunice. The stench entered my nostrils, turning my stomach and then, with a sudden further push, my face was in it. The second thing we had to do was to change our names. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. She bribed her with presents, offers of washing and cooking and the promise of a good life for her children, so that Mum would entrust us to Eunice’s care. She was sentenced to 14 years' imprisonment and ordered to pay £80,000 costs. 28. I remember once at the swimming baths – before Eunice eventually put a stop to such outings – one of the dads noticed my bruised toes and asked: “How did you do that, then?”. ‘She said the facility wasn’t bad. I knew that saying anything at all would inflame the situation, so I stayed still, hoping the storm would pass. But no mercy came. It hurt a lot, and I hadn’t the slightest idea why she had done it. ‘We were so thirsty for information. 1989) were tortured, starved, and imprisoned by their adoptive mother, Eunice Spry. “I can’t go to the dentist today without being knocked out because having anything in my mouth is traumatic.”. ‘She bought all the cuddly toys she didn’t have as a girl and went to Disneyland.’ At 22, she met her long-term boyfriend, Anthony. But she wasn’t joking. For Mrs Evans, the worst incident came at the age of 14, when she and Spry's daughters Charlotte and Judith were involved in … Her siblings allege that residual trauma from the abuse she suffered led to her suicide. Victoria’s physical challenges were to worsen as a teenager; in 2000 she was involved in a car crash after a rare family trip to Pontins with Spry’s biological daughter Judith, 37, and fellow adopted daughter Charlotte, 16, who had largely escaped Spry’s abuse. “Be quiet,” said Eunice. I looked up and Eunice showed no emotion at all. It was revolting, but I just hoped it would give me the energy to survive. amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; I was 11 by now and had been enduring Eunice’s terrible physical and psychological cruelty for nearly five years. Judge orders cancer-stricken girl back to B.C. They included routinely whipping the soles of the children’s feet, ramming sticks down their throats until they bled and making them drink their own urine. Victoria Spry veröffentlichte Tortured im April 2015. ‘She would have had no idea I was there, as we were not in day-to-day contact. We spoke about some things from the past, she said she was sorry we had fallen out, but most of it was general stuff about my children and what life was like in the mental health unit.’. View our online Press Pack. When it was over I would go to school feeling utterly horrible, hoping no one would ever find out what had been done to me at home. Then, when she was ready to let rip, she would grab me by the arm, drag me into the living room and close the door. With Eunice, we discovered, you were either in her good books or her bad books. Several curious events from that time stick in my mind. It was me, not the dog, she was commanding. It was twisted and makes me feel sick now, but children need affection so much that they will ask for it even from their abuser. “Go on, what are you waiting for?” I started walking down the stairs to the bottom, Eunice watching my every step. ‘As victims, we are very good at portraying images of what people want to see. Born in Cheltenham, Chris was taken from parents who neglected him at the age of three and placed in care with Eunice at her Gloucestershire home. A file has been passed to the coroner. Then I remember that the owner of those terrifying hands is now safely in police custody, and I finally find my voice. The minute I’m skewered by her gaze, by those hard, grey eyes that bore into my very soul, then I’ll be lost. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. By the time I met her as a six-year-old, Eunice’s children had grown up and she had adopted two young girls: Charlotte, who was a couple of years older than me, and Sarah, who was about the same age.

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