The name is popular in Belgium and Rome.

Little boys called Razi are peaceful and quiet; they love analyzing the world and its beauty. Along with Orion and Cruz, other cool boy names from around the world in the US Top 1000 include Aarav, Gunnar, Joaquin, Luciano, Mateo, Roman, Santiago, and Soren. Exotic baby boy names, in particular, are charismatic, lusty, and cool. Other variations of this wonderful name include the Spanish Fabio, the French Fabien, the Italian Fabiano, the English Favio, and the Russian Fabi. The name is easy to spell too. Bran is a name of Irish origin, the land of legends and shamrocks. Erasmus was a Dutch philosopher of Estonia, Finland. There’s no doubt that little boys called Phoenix will be energetic, passionate, and independent.

It means "profit" and boys called Fitim will gain lots of love, fame, and wealth. Slavic names are more than unusual, so, they have a special spot on our exotic list. Feisty yet floaty, Piper is an occupational ... Brock's town. By faith, I am a Catholic nun.

It means ‘helper’. In Spain,... Read More, This euphonious Italian Italian name for boys, often associated with the painter Modigliani, makes a recommended creative... Read More, Andreas is a beautiful name, with the patina of an Old Master painting, one that could make an exotic namesake for an Uncle Andrew.

Irish boy names are cool and unique, without being over the top or hard to spell.

At the same time, they tend to be powerful and charismatic leaders. Descendant of Brice. The East is magnetic. Names with their unique combination of character and power can shape a person’s identity and destiny. Novak is definitely one of the most exotic baby boy names on our lovely list. Well, if you want your child to stand out from the sea of humanity, you can gift him a unique and exotic name. Thijs is another exotic name on our list. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Conan: A fierce, but sensuous name, Conan means ‘little wolf’.

It’s interesting to mention that the name Eugene has Greek roots and means "well born." Thanks to super-sexy celebs like Javier Bardem and Enrique Iglesias, Spanish boy names are hotter than ever. As a matter of fact, Daniel is a Hebrew name meaning "God is my judge." Facebook Tweet Pin. Axel is a Danish name meaning ‘father of peace’. Some cute short forms of this name are Dan, Danny, and Dani. Exotic names are trendy and unique - they are like a beautiful symphony full of sassy notes. Also, it’s believed that the name means "citizen from Lucania," an ancient area in Southern Italy.

Copyright © 2020 SheKnows Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Hans is a diminutive of the names Johannes.

The exotic name Azrael is of Hebrew origin. Cool international boy names from Italy and Ireland, Scandinavia to the Middle East and beyond include a wide variety of choices. Mazin is an Arabic name derived from the Arabic word ‘muzn’, which means ‘rain’. It’s not surprising that there are lots of well-known bearers of this cool name. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus.". Other variations are:... Read More, A well-used Spanish saint's name with a lot of flair that could definitely cross over to more general usage.

... Top 350 Manly Dog Names for Boy Dogs. Do you keep seeing the same old names over and over, when what you want are rare, exotic baby girl names and baby boy names? It is a Greek name related to Zeus, the supreme God in Greek mythology.

In fact, we should mention that Hamish is the anglicized form of the Gaelic name Seumas, which is the equivalent of the English James. Other variations are Milos, Miloslav, and Miroslav. The double consonant beginning of this name makes it even more intriguing.

The Biblical exotic boy baby names means ‘the gift of the island’. Unleash your creativity and share you story with us! It is popular among parents from different ethnic backgrounds. According to the numerological meaning of the name Hamish, boys called Hamish tend to be organized and practical, which makes them great at managing money and leading the people around them. If you want a cool and exotic name, consider Alfie.

In the Yoruba language, it means "king" and "crown." Exotic names are like a divine melody - a celestial melody that can take your senses to other dimensions and realities. Enzo is an Italian version of the name Henry. We hope you liked the exotic boy names and meanings. In fact, the name means "universal ruler" - from Russia to Japan, little Vladimirs will spread love and harmony. A famous bearer of this unusual name is the great Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica who created masterpieces, such as Arizona Dream, Underground, Black Cat, White Cat, and the Time of the Gypsies. What do Hilary Duff and Audrey Hepburn ... Black; pale, white. Other variations are Archie and Alphey. In fact, a cool variation of this lovely name is Theodosius. When your child gets older, he may ask if he... Home ruler. It will inspire hope and idealism in your child. The name is very popular in Serbia.

It’s interesting to mention that the name Luke has also a powerful meaning; it means "light giving." The name means "gift of God." For sure the final match of the 2018 World Cup brought a smile to Zinedine’s handsome face. It is an Italian version of the German name ‘Humbert’. Ozias was the name of several minor figures in the Bible. In fact, Razi is of Hebrew origin, meaning "secret." In the category of Place Names as First Names, ... God is gracious. Your little Novak might become a famous athlete and a popular tennis star. A famous bearer of the name Milos is Milos Forman, the Oscar-winning director of One flew over the cuckoo’s nest and Hair. [ Read: Unique Baby Names With Meanings ]. Horizon and Creed are two surprise word name picks that lend well to the middle name slot as well. There are many unique boy names that follow these trends from afar like handsome surnames of Crosby and Briggs as well as occupational names like Ranger and Shepherd.

In fact, Italian physicist Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the battery, was a popular bearer of this beautiful name. Are you looking for an exotic baby boy name that sounds cool too? If you are looking for an exotic and mysterious baby boy name, put Bran on your list. Just like the Phoenix, their beauty can never fade. This occupational surname was given to a gam... Saint James. Conor: There are several ways to spell Connor, but this one’s the sexiest of … A famous bearer of this exotic name is Irish actor Killian Scott.

From the lush lands of Ireland to the culturally rich homeland of Italy, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite baby boy names from other countries.

Killian is an Irish baby boy name, which sounds great. Top 80 Names for Fast Dogs. Happy.

The variety of options, however, may confuse parents. The charm of the Orient has conquered the world: ancient mysteries, strong fragrances, and delicious hummus. Another variation is Volodya. Read More, Alessio, simpler than the related Alessandro, would be a welcome settler here. Note that Theodosius was a powerful Roman emperor. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. Check out some of our favorites: Thanks to super-sexy celebs like Javier Bardem and Enrique Iglesias, Spanish boy names are hotter than ever. In... Read More. Umberto is a popular Italian name meaning ‘bright bear cub’. A lovely shortened form is Gene.

The name Lazar is a version of the name Eleazar, which means ‘God helps’. We should mention that Ade is also a short form of the names Adebola or Adewale.

Having Spanish, Latin, and Greek roots (since most of the islands were colonies of other countries at some point) these names are unique and spicy, just like the tropical island itself. Simply because the Bran Castle is known as the legendary Dracula’s Castle. Brontes is a very unique name for a boy and in Greek, it means “thunderous”. In fact, according to the numerological meaning of the name, little boys named Alfie enjoy working with and for their loved ones. Pure.

However, moms from all over the world will love this name.

Italy and its Mediterranean vibes is a romantic and exotic destination.

in Names. Fenuku – Born late 5. Because of his strength and fame, the name became popular throughout the world. Rocco is an Italian name that is among the top 500 names for baby boys. She tries to make the world a better place - starting with the little one under her heart. Eugene is another lovely name which sounds retro and exotic at the same time. In the end, no matter what name you choose, mama, your little one will make your life more colorful and exotic. Looking for names for both boys and girls?

Miller is a stylish name popular in the United States.

The name got a widespread exposure through an American doo-wop singer- Fabian Forte. In the Bible, Lazarus of Bethany was restored to life four days after his death – one of the many miracles of Jesus, all described in the Gospel of John. In fact, one of the most exotic baby boy names on our list is of Native American origin – Ahote. Looking for a baby boy name? This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. You may wonder why we are asking. These Baby Boy Names Have Real Swagger, Christina Anstead to Mom-Shamers: I Won’t Make Instagram ‘A Contest of Who’s a Better Parent’, Free Preschool & Paid Family Leave Are Coming to These States, Joanna Gaines Has a New Children’s Book for the Weird Kids — & You Can Preorder it on Amazon. Francesco is the most popular baby boy name in Italy.

The exotic baby boy names get more unique. Life" or "serpent", or from Latin "avis" meaning "bird. It is very popular in Belarus. Please read our Disclaimer.

The name is very popular among Hispanic and Argentinean parents. Many Irish names are well-known and regularly show up at the top of many popular baby name lists, but there are many lesser-known but equally cool Irish boy names. And Italian names are often seen as charming. A famous bearer of this exotic name is the French soccer player Zinedine Zidane. "What is in a name?" If you’re looking for original or unusual boy names — ones that will set your kid apart from the Jakes/Jacks/Bens/Liams/Hudsons in his class and keep things interesting, we’ve got you covered. Therefore, Danail with its Balkan twist is more original. On top of that, just like a popular hit, exotic names can rule the charts of your heart for years. A... Harpist, minstrel.

They may like the trends of today but maybe not how common some picks are. A perfect exotic dog name for a puppy with stunning eyes.

Abasi – Stern 2. Vladimir is one of the most wonderful baby boy names which moms and dads will love. Some parents seek unique middle names for boys, hoping to spice up a common pick or family name with some rarity. Note that Shem was one of the sons of Noah.

It is the name of a 7th-century saint who established a scholastic monastery near Dublin. Yet, there’s no doubt that words are magical. Were they discussing baby boy names? It is a substitute for Lucas and Luke. The name means "raven" – boys called Bran will be elegant, strong, and vigilant. Fabian is a beautiful name which sounds exotic and elegant at the same time. You've certainly come to the right place to find them, and their meanings too! Names for Boys 1.

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