Steve Urkel: Family Matters started out as a rather ordinary Cosby Show-like sitcom about an everyday African American family living in suburban Chicago. staple, began life as a spinoff of '80s odd-couple comedy Perfect Strangers. "So for most people, drinking and smoking weed is really not that bad. That all makes Jaleel White — Steve Urkel of Family Matters — the ideal Dancing with the Stars contestant. © 2020 TV.COM, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. She said "ouch," as people do when something hurts a little, prompting White to come unglued. diamond earrings for a hot night out at the Sizzle Club and comes home an earring short. his elf; a disappointed Richie learns that his mom won't be with him for the holidays. White, famous for playing the most annoying sitcom neighbor of all time, screamed at Ballas, "You remind me of that annoying sitcom neighbor who gets into everyone's face." Then the character disappeared, never seen or even mentioned again. By 2017, that marriage was over, and it … The show, like others, began to lose quality over the years and met cancellation. She'd wanted to stretch her creative muscles elsewhere for a long time. She was known for her roles as Justine Phillips on the NBC sitcom The Cosby Show (1988–90), and Myra Monkhouse, Steve Urkel's girlfriend on the ABC/CBS sitcom Family Matters … Meanwhile, Harriette discovers that her wedding ring was originally intended for another woman. Urkel accidentally becomes a stowaway on a train with Carl. Family Matters was the perfect show for the family. She'd even lobbied ABC to give her more gigs. As of 2009, it looked the same as it did during the series run. Meanwhile, Eddie quits school and decides to become a police officer - just like his dad. need to be a police officer, Eddie's meter maid duty takes a dangerous turn. In 2012, Bridget Hardy, White's former girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, told Star (via RadarOnline) that two years earlier, their relationship came undone after the former Steve Urkel turned violent. "They were in such a hurry to get to New York and start filming that they came out and picked the kids one by one right in front of all of us," he said. "They figured they could just throw me away, no explanation at all. | "No disrespect to Judy, who came in to play her, I felt like my mom was gone. Hardy got out of the house and took her daughter with her on a planned out-of-town trip. Meanwhile, Eddie decides to follow Carl around on "the beat" with a video camera. Debuting in late 1989, Family Matters became one of the definitive sitcoms of the '90s on the strength of longevity alone, but it evolved as much as the decade did itself. Myrtle Urkel tries for the last time to get Eddie. ‘Family Matters’ Alum Darius McCrary Signs With Cgem Talent, 15 October 2020 Armed with flowers and diamond rings, Urkel and Stefan each 'pop the question' to an unsuspecting Laura, leaving her with a major dilemma. Family Matters: The 10 Best Episodes, Ranked By IMDb, 21 October 2020 Laura's not impressed by Maxine's rich new boyfriend, D'Andre. "That was my first time walking into a room of 30 people staring at you going, 'O.K., make me laugh.'" Meanwhile, Laura disappoints Carl when she goes to the Sizzle Club in a skimpy dress after agreeing to change into something less revealing. Harriette's new boss has a reputation for being tough, but his employees are blindsided by his verbal abuse as well. Because he was this little character," Payton said. Steve comes to Laura's rescue when she gets drunk at a fraternity party. White agrees that the situation got a bit dicey.

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