Fivio Foreign Is Carrying the Torch", "Sheff G Quietly Ushered In Brooklyn's Drill Movement & Now He's Ready For His Time", "How Brooklyn Drill Became the New Sound of New York", "Get Familiar With UK Drill, the New Sound Exploding on the Streets of London", "Inside UK Drill, London's Hyper-Local DIY Sound", "From Chicago to Brixton: The Surprising Rise of UK Drill", "67 Interview: 'This Is Not a Gang. Whilst he was on remand, a drill video featuring him rapping about knife crime and gangs was put online. [71] The style has also spread to New York City, where artists such as Sheff G, 22Gz and Pop Smoke have collaborated with UK drill producers. [45] Since 2016, more modern groups have emerged such as 814, Silwood Nation, Block 6, Y.ACG, Zone 2, BSide, Moscow17, CGM (Formerly 1011), 12World, SMG, OFB, NPK and the Harlem Spartans. Media attention and the signing of drill musicians to major labels followed. [72][34] Artists in Spain making drill music have also taken on influence by its British counterpart, with various references and similar production to UK drill. Drill music artists are overwhelmingly males, however, there are numerous female artists that are part of the Drill movement. [33][52][53] Both genres typically utilize a tempo of approximately 140 bpm.[45][47]. His words on that song have caused numerous Gangster Disciples gang members to come out with their own songs dissing Chief Keef and his gang, such as Lil Jay, FBG Duck, and Cashout. I think that's doing too much. "[31], While drill music of Chicago fizzled out of mainstream popularity, a new scene was emerging in the UK and by the late-2010s was gaining mainstream popularity, spreading across Europe, influencing the creation of drill scenes around the continent. [33] The mid 2010s saw the emergence of Brooklyn drill which was almost completely influenced by Chicago with acts such as Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel, while the late 2010s saw a emergence of prominent drill artists from Brooklyn, New York, such as Pop Smoke, 22Gz, Sheff G, Fivio Foreign, Sleepy Hallow, Curly Savv, Fetty Luciano, Blizz Vito and Blixky Boyz. [76][74], Drill lyrics often convey aggressive themes, evident in some of the genre's music videos, which may cause the style to be regarded as a negative influence. Drill progressed into the American mainstream in mid-2012 following the success of rappers and producers like Young Chop, Chief Keef, Lil Durk, Fredo Santana, SD and Lil Reese, who had many local fans and a significant Internet presence.Media attention and the signing of drill musicians to major labels followed. UK drill[45][46][47] is a subgenre of drill music and road rap that originated in the South London district of Brixton from 2012 onwards. 'Cause I don't have to. Sasha Go Hard, one of the Female Drill music artists said that it’s harder for women to progress with their music due to the fact lot of producers tend to want sexual favors in return for working with them. Artists within the genre have been noted for their style of lyricism and association with crime in Chicago. It's not even fatalistic, because that would imply a self-consciousness, a moral consideration, that isn't there in the lyrics. [11][12] Some producers work at double tempo, such as 130 to 140 beats per minute. ", "Inside UK drill, the demonised rap representing a marginalised generation", "Drill, the 'demonic' music linked to rise in youth murders", "Three Jailed for Life for Stabbing Teenager to Death in South London", "Drill MC creates track using MP quotes in bid to highlight hypocrisy over violent language", "YouTube will keep 'drill' rap videos on its platform despite links to gang violence, says its UK boss", "YouTube won't ban drill music videos, says UK boss", "London drill rap group banned from making music due to threat of violence", "De opkomst van Amsterdamse drillrap: 'Er is een overlap met criminaliteit, "Why Drake fell in love with the UK (and vice versa)", "Drake Is Doing up UK Drill on New Freestyle Track "War, "5 Biggest Takeaways From Drake's New Song "War, "Should Young People Who Want to Express Themselves Through Drill Music Be Treated as Terror Suspects? Though the killer was never caught, many believe that his death was the result of the ongoing beef with Chief Keef. Unlike many beefs in the rap music industry which tend to stay on wax, a growing number of those beefs have seen a deadly end. [76][77] Drake's flow in both instances was reminiscent of UK drill artists, and the production style is rapidly becoming popular among other artists from the Toronto area prompting speculations that a new hybrid subgenre of drill music combining American and UK elements can emerge from Canada. : The Sound That Has Music Labels Flocking to the Windy City", "Trying To Make Sense of Chief Keef and the Chaos in Chicago", "Industry or In These Streets: When Superstars Meet Chicago's New Rap Scene", "Chief Keef: Chicago's most promising antihero", "Move over, Chicago: how the UK made drill its own", "UK Drill: Should the rap genre change its name? [24][25], Drake described the drill scene as a major vehicle of the early 2010s rise of Chicago hip hop, and described the scene as "a grassroots movement that had incubated in a closed, interlocking system: on the streets and through social media, in a network of clubs and parties, and amongst high schools. Chief Keef said that his simplistic flow is a conscious stylistic choice: "I know what I'm doing. "[68], In June 2018, Victor Maibvisira was one of five members of a gang who were convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, having stabbed Kyle Yule to death in Gillingham, Kent, in October 2017. "[58] In 2017, then 17-year-old rapper Junior Simpson (known as M-Trap), who had written lyrics about knife attacks, was part of a group of people that stabbed a 15-year-old boy to death, for which he received a life sentence. Though Drill music has been popular in Chicago for some times, it didn’t become popular with rest of the world until rap artist Chief Keef became famous though songs such as ‘3Hunna’ ‘Bang’ and one of his most popular songs to date ‘I Don’t Like’ around 2012. [30], Drill's subject matter strongly contrasts with that of earlier Chicago rappers such as Kid Sister, Lupe Fiasco, Psalm One, Rhymefest and The Cool Kids,[6], Older Chicago rappers have been mixed in their reaction to drill's popularity and violence. The word ‘drill’ was first used by Chicago rapper Pacman and originally meant to retaliate according to his cousin Fatzmack. The instinct is to call this tough, unforgiving and concrete-hard music joyless, but in truth it's exuberant in its darkness. [65] In July 2019, YouTube decided it would no longer be taking down UK drill videos on YouTube. Drill is a style of trap music that originated in the South Side of Chicago in the early 2010. The police themselves didn’t admit it had anything to do with Chief Keef, however they did believe it was gang related. Bogus Boyz the word can mean a wide range of things, from having sex with a girl, to going to war in the streets. [66][67], In June 2018, in what was described as a legally unprecedented move, the members of the UK drill group 1011 were prohibited by court order from mentioning injury or death in their music, and from mentioning certain postcodes in a "gang context". #kcfamily4life #chiraqdrillmusic #reactionsNew Artist For Promo Reaction Dm Us On Instagram::Follow Our Instagram:: @kcfamily4lifeFollow Our Twitter:: @cecefashion23Shop Now For K\u0026C Family Merch Click Link Below::\u0026tsmic=kcfashion#pid=2\u0026cid=2122\u0026sid=frontSubscribe, Like, Comment And Turn Notifications On. Though there are a couple of female artists in the drill movement, none of them have been signed to any major labels as of late. "[5] Young Chop is frequently identified by critics as the genre's most characteristic producer. [64] Later that same year, South London-born drill MC and aspiring Mayor of London Drillminister released a track called 'Political Drillin' which was broadcast on Channel 4 News and subsequently went viral, using UK MP's comments in a bid to highlight the hypocrisy of their own violent language.

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