If a unit has exactly 7777 HP in battle they enter All Lucky 7s status. For example, let's say there are two enemies against the player's party of a robot, monster, human, and mutant. Typically, Noel will finish with higher HP and Strength than Serah, but with less Magic.

Breakers calculate damage off Vitality and Strength (Fran has the highest Vit) and Hunters use Strength and Speed (which Balthier has the most of). If the attack is a normal physical attack, the power value is treated as "1" and does not affect the base damage. The stats that increase by leveling are as follows: The StatBonus values start at 0. Experience Points are acquired from battles, but party members must not be flagged defeated at the end of battle to receive it (thus they cannot be petrified or KO'ed).

Accruing Experience Points allows party members to level up, enhancing their other stats.

As such, players can use jobs with good all-around stats to make characters stronger overall, or use specialized jobs, like the Ninja, to make them excel at a particular set of jobs. It is impossible to clear ability nodes. The following is a list of stats in Final Fantasy VII.

The player will need to place 40 Strength Spheres, 51 Defense Spheres, 46 Magic Spheres, 59 Accuracy Spheres, 21 Agility Spheres, 44 Evasion Spheres, 29 Luck Spheres.

Turbo MP raises its linked Materia's MP cost in exchange for empowering them. How do I solve the Mayor's password? There are three potential scenarios here.

There is no trick of getting higher stats since characters are on a growth curve that cannot be modified in-game, and the only other way to permanently increase stats is through items. The turn order during battle is generally determined by the agility of the unit. Degenerator traps are useful in optimizing stats as they reduce character's level by 1, and thus reduce the stats of that character by the amount they would have gained by leveling up once in that job. Str Up can be found on the second floor. Serah and Noel can increases their HP, Strength, and Magic using small and large nodes on the Crystarium. With the use of the Add Status support ability and the Stop status to avoid gaining experience, it is possible to keep the party at Level 1 until Pandemonium.

As these are all one time encounters (except Raijin who is met twice), the only way to get a continuous supply is to refine them using Doomtrain's Forbid Med-RF as described below: The player can use a combination of the gil trick and card refining to max any stat other than Evade, but it is very time consuming. Every playable character has unique stat progression, making them slightly better suited for certain roles, but every character can wear any equipment piece and learn every ability, making them largely interchangeable. There are three groups of stats: points, primary stats and derived stats. When a character gains a level, StrBonus and MagBonus increase by 3, SprBonus increases by 1 and MStBonus increases by 5. Exp is earned from battles that have a battle results s… It is recommended to save the game before filling in nodes, particularly when obtaining the Saboteur and Synergist large node bonuses. These stats are separated in the menu, but the groups are unnamed. This request can be discussed on the associated discussion page. Maxing in the PAL/Int/HD versions depends on the chosen grid. In battle it can be dropped by or mugged from Raijin. The stat boosts are HP +10, MP +5, Strength +1, Speed +1, Stamina +1, Intelligence +1, and Spirit +1. In the classic release, character stats are fixed until level 70 and further leveling up can either increase or decrease stats. Humans and mutants also can gain an increase to maximum HP if they survive a battle. This is then altered by the ability power (if a magic, enemy or Command Materia attack) and reduced by the Magic def, among other factors.

Activates Agility, Accuracy, or Evasion nodes. adding information on what other games have strategies like this.

Please expand this article into a full one. Speed and Spirit max at 50, while Strength and Magic max at 99.

HP growth is based on level and Vitality. One Luck Up can be won from the 5th floor D-District Prison card player.

Therefore, a player should ensure that all humans and mutants survive the battle as often as possible. On party members, this is determined by the weapon boost and Strength stat. An attacker with 255 Attack% does not necessarily hit, as Attack% is only one stat that is used in the calculation determining the chance of a hit: The Luck stat allows attacks to hit ignoring Attack%.
The maximum effective value for all stats is 128. The third scenario. This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. It is a straight percentage chance and determined by equipment or the enemies' pre-determined stat. However, the most accurate attack in the game (belonging Dark Ixion) requires a combined total of 290 to ensure dodge any evadable attack; it does not matter whether this is 255 Evasion and 35 Luck, or 35 Evasion and 255 Luck, or anywhere in-between. Magic, when added to any equipment boosts, determines the Magic atk stat. They can then use a job with better growth stats to increase that character's level back up to what it was, with better stats. HP can be restored via items, curative magic, enemy skills and Limit Breaks, and by linking HP Absorb Support Materia with another command and using said command to gain 10% of the damage inflicted as HP. At Level 50, the level cap in Kain's Tale, the Hooded Man has 3,150 HP and 105 MP, while if the player keeps the Hooded Man at his starting level of 15 and levels Kain to 50 after he becomes a Holy Dragoon, he will have 4,036 HP and 206 MP.

Standard Sphere Grid has 32 more nodes than Regular.

With abilities that increase maximum HP, the player can still reach 99,999 HP with only 310 HP nodes. Once the player has reached the uppermost Monster tier by consuming the meat from one of the Four Fiend refights, they will only be able to progress by changing to the form of other top-tier monsters. Stat growth refers to the permanent improvement of the stats of the player characters. It affects the Active Time Battle timer, which fills up faster for characters with higher Dexterity. One must be careful not to scare a party member away by reducing their Bravery too low, or raise their Faith too high and cause them to leave the party in favor of a pious life.

RNG@002. The following table lists the best jobs per race to equip for each stat, along with that Job's stat growth. Boss battles should be focused on quick kills.

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