The running the line back over itself is more similar to a whip knot. Place the leader above the braid and then wrap it over and around the braid while keeping tension on the line. I would have lost my bucktail jig on the next cast. © 1996 – Present, Grog LLC. Repeated the same test for verification. I’m curious on your sharp edges from glue comment. I only use a swivel if using a lure that is very prone to twisting my line (like a spoon or a trolling skirt). I just tested it out, and it seems to be working fine now. Sheet bend connects 2 lines of different diameter and also has a very different way of tying it. Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join: Save 30% And Put An End To Your Monthly Charges. One of the hottest topics among saltwater anglers these days is the FG knot. So we thought it would be fun to make a video showing me tying the FG Knot without taking the time to walk through each step. Yes, thanks for asking...I am in the Build a Tool Contest. I did realize that I was snugging it too tight the first time around when doing the 20-22 hitches, it seems like you just want to pull the leader enough to get that hitch to slide down close to the previous one. Cut the pieces out. Less likely to come undone. 골드웜네카페 :  ...  This should give you your first wrap. Did I mention that the braided line is very thin? The fluoro is Seaguar Salmon and very hard. For those two line, I’d use the double uni. For equal or lesser strength leaders, I recommend the double uni knot or the alberto knot. Keep alternating until you’ve made 16 wraps (I used to recommend 20-22, but 16 has worked very well for me). What does FG stand for? My guess is that it did not dig into the leader far enough so that when your hand slid up the leader, it put enough pressure on that first coil to loosen up which in turn caused the rest of the coils to pull up as well. Step 2: Wrap the leader around the braid. Tied my first FG just 5 min ago. Just a quick question though, do you prefer the FG knot over the double uni when going from braid to mono/fluoro? Great tutorial.I show your tutorial.After tying my first FG Knot successfully I’ve begun to wonder. Watched the video, tried the knot. Hey mate. But first let me see if I can answer some of those questions. After your last wrap. This post will show you the absolute fastest and easiest way to tie the “FG knot”, and we even have a free PDF guide for you to download too. Learn how to tie the knot everyone's talking about: SF presents the Adrian Gray Simplified FG Knot. I agree. love this…changed all my set ups from double uni knot….haven’t been able to test on large fish yet..but like how it flows thru the eyes.. thanks. Click Here toget to the contest page. The only time I don’t use the FG knot is if I’m connecting a lighter leader that is weaker than my braid (which is very rare)… for that, I like the double uni. They look almost identical after they’re tied but in all the tests I’ve seen the PR always comes out on top. Thank you for all your tips and sharing your knowledge with everyone. Thanks for sharing this nice feedback. No responsibility is accepted for incidents arising from the use of this material. Whould you go the the fg knot? I’ll wait. Thanks for the reply and late on a Friday night! Thanks again for all of your informative content. Question I have is if you have tested it to join braid backing to FlyLine?? Most expensive thing is the piece of aluminum, coming in at $10 at your local big box home improvement store. All makes sense now but damn I was smelling cilantro on my ceviche!! I’ve recently started surf fishing for stripers where I’m casting heavy plugs which seems to make this worse (and quite expensive). if not will the baited hook and lure turn around and around while retrieving? But the tying was of course done slowly in order to explain the various steps. Here’s a link to see a review on the Uni knot:, luke – have you tested this knot? Great article even a year later ???? I used to recommend using your teeth to keep tension on the line, but this new way is actually quicker and easier. I am gonna make my own leader now for the northern pike (muskie little brother) and I am not sure what knot to use. I use a double uni for braid to leader and really like the thinner profile of the FG and want to get it to work. I am still curious to know if the characteristics of the braid may allow it to loosen up over time as some have reported. Same result. After doing research, I see that most of the fishermen up there tend to use 4-6lb leaders. Wonder if this could work to tie on a swordfish wind on of 200-300lb mono with 80-100lb braid. I will test this out and see how it does. Not the classical I know the best, use it all the time bla bla.. My Question are know. Started using the FG knot 5 years ago. When going to “Fishing Tips”, you might consider adding a link as you did here (may be under “Editor’s Picks”) since the only way to find that link is to search the name “PDF Cheat Sheet Central”. After struggling with the FG coming out correctly I found a video on You Tube that shows how to tie it on slack line which will work better for me when fishing from the Yak. I’m sure this is a knot that gets better with time and you’ll get the “feel” of it. Heading to Toledo Bend in the morning and will try it. Watch the video: There's little reason any longer not to tie the FG! I used a glue stick. Yes, I use the FG knot for 40 lb braid to 80 lb leader, so I’m sure that the extra step up on both sides should be fine too. I have not yet tested the FG knot on flyline. Have you tested it against the PR knot? As of right now, no. I’m sure I’ll get severely chastised for this, but, right or wrong? #FGKNOT #FG매듭 #FG매듭법 #자작 #골드웜네 Try going into a fishing shop talking about your “correct” terminology and see what response you get. Start at 5:00 mark of video. Hi! Maybe be I should be using a lighter braid and a heavier flouro, the last knot it used to lock in the wraps seemed to look like a clove hitch to me / killer looking knot / will use it next time. That must have been some sort of glitch. Tie the fg knot easily without getting frustrated. How much does the bimini twist work as a shock/stretch ? Just curious, since when I make a wind on leader, after the serve is done, I was told to glue the serve. I used a rotatory carver and belt sander. Thanks Luke. Great illustration on your part and really made it an easy knot to tie. Definitely be sure to test it out before you use it on the water to be safe. Here’s a post that explains the details behind that: As I mentioned above, the most common reason we’ve heard from those who watched the video above in YouTube was that it takes too long to tie. Thanks Luke ! This not is superior to anything else and I thank you for teaching me the best way to tie it. On the adjacent side, put the next finishing washer upside down, then a rubber grommet, and then another finishing washer, right side up. IF so, they def should not come apart (I use a total of 4, and have not yet had any issues with them coming undone). I do mostly finesse fishing so use very light line. Luke – have you ever heard of the RP (Royal Palms) knot? Depends on the type of glue used… it must not be one that cracks because the knot will contract when in use so a glue that cracks can damage the line from sharp glue edges in the knot. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. I’ll try again and if no luck, I’ll try one of the competitor knots. I then, measured the hardware using a drill bit gauge. After every five or six pairs of wraps the stack should be compressed. I use swivels most of the time to attach leader. What if I put some super glue on the knot after it’s finished? As a new inshore fisherman (Indian River Lagoon) I am using the same knots I use for fly fishing. It's a favorite among the most hardcore nearshore anglers who toss huge poppers all day for monster giant trevally — some of the world's toughest fishing, a situation where your best knot or mine probably wouldn't survive for long. Hey Luke…man I’ve always loved the method of your 1st video using your teeth with great success…never broke once…but i did add something from another video I learn before the final hitches…when you cut the floro or mono line…i melt the line with a lighter just under the blue part of flame just before its about close to touching the hitch…then tap the clear line with your finger…and gives it extra security from the hitches ever backing out. As you’re pulling on the lines, you should see that each of the coils are tightening down on the braid and staying evenly spaced out. Great tutorial.I show your tutorial.After tying my first FG Knot successfully I’ve begun to wonder. The first coil is the most important, so definitely be sure that that one has tightened up, otherwise you risk this knot coming undone, especially if you’re casting through guides. What keeps the half hitches from working there way loose? It of course does work, but I found that the tension method achieved a more consistently strong connection because it ensures that the coils are laying together at the same tension before getting cinched down (plus I can tie the tension method much faster). Click here to get a single page cheat sheet PDF guide showing the core steps of the FG knot so you can always have it on hand if you need it… it’s 100% FREE! Good luck! or are there situations where you prefer to use one or the other? Why don’t you tie the hook to the braided line? The FG knot is designed to protect a lighter braid from breaking when tied to a stronger leader. Thanks for making time to leave the helpful comment Franklin! As long as you keep it snug when tying. Will this knot work on regular carbon line?? The Square Knot (Reef Knot) is usually learned when we tie our shoelaces. FG knot, with handmade tool #FGKNOT #FG매듭 #FG매듭법 #자작 #골드웜네 골드웜네 : ... 골드웜네카페 : ... 골드웜네밴드 : ... @goldworm 골드웜네유튜브 : ... 골드웜. Did you make this project? Tried alternating it and it still always unravels. These groves are easier to be formed with the thinner braid (benefit #1). and it is awesome! If the coils don’t dig in to begin with, then that’s due to using lines that aren’t condusive for the FG knot. Ever have this happen and or what do you think I did wrong? Try it. Thank you with all my fishing passion! I probably saw that post because I remember that being said. So glad to see that you enjoyed this FG knot tutorial. I spent many years in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, & Explorers (for BS over 18), + 20 yrs in the military, so I’m disappointed in your lack of proper knot terminology!! A few wraps, so when i lean the fishing pole away from me I have constant tension on the main line. I recommend the double uni knot for connecting a 10 lb braid to a lighter leader because it does a great job at protecting both lines regardless of strengths/diameters. A telephone call to the company confirmed this, but the Sebile Company Website makes no reference to it and “FG” and “GT” are in widespread use in North America. Thanks in advance dude! How do you prevent the leader end from sliding directly through the knot? Here is a list describing the essential steps to tie the FG Knot: This will allow you to keep tension on the line while still having nine other fingers to tie the knot. Then Albright with a leader 10lb or under.. (Alberto breaks 10lb line) and slim beauty with smaller guides (not because it’s smaller but because the braid rests ahead of the leader knot which protects the knot from catching or taking damage just ahead of the knot on the guides). Thanks again. Here’s a link to see the test results:

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