In January 1968 the Romano family bought the house and settled in. The exterior of Franklin Castle/Hannes Tiedemann House. It is even said that years later, a German shortwave radio would be found hidden up in the rafters. His first discovery was an old still that seemed to be leftover from Prohibition days. The house is built in the American Queen Anne style popular at the time. By 1974, the Romano family had had enough of the ghostly occurrences in their home and sold Franklin Castle to a man named Sam Muscatello. In January of 1968, the German Socialists sold Franklin Castle to James Romano. Franklin Castle is a big Victorian manor like house built completely out of stone. Hannes and Louise lost three more children during their time in the house. This sign stands on the main gate this days – Author: Tim Evanson – CC BY 2.0. They also encountered ghosts in the house and even did an exorcism in order to get rid of them. In order to distract himself and his wife from the tragic events, he began expanding and renovating the castle. It was named after the road it is built on, the Franklin Boulevard. Officially only used as a place for parties and meetings, rumors quickly started to spread that the Germans were actually using the Castle as a place to spy. Did Hannes Tiedemann really murder several of his family members inside his mansion, or is this simply a local myth meant to give credence to the ghost stories attached to the home? Turrets and gargoyles were also added to the edifice's facade, adding to the castle-like appearance of the house. Nowadays it is speculated to be the most haunted house in Ohio and naturally it is on almost every list of haunted places in the United States of America. In 1975, a couple of human bones were found in one closet inside the castle. On January 15, 1891, Tiedemann's 15-year-old daughter Emma succumbed to diabetes. Ghostly figures have been seen traveling throughout the house, and witnesses from outside have reported seeing a woman wearing black staring out through the front tower window. Some say that even Hannes' leaving the Castle was not enough to escape Franklin Castle's power and in 1908, Hannes died suddenly. The house saw its second death just weeks later when Hannes Tiedemann's elderly mother, Wiebeka, passed away. The most shocking discovery, however, was found behind a hidden panel in the tower. Around the end of this era the haunting tales started to flow around. Despite all this, DeVinko still decided to move out and put the house up for sale in 1994. But in 1913, it came back with a vengeance when Franklin Castle was sold to the German Socialist Party. The top floor of the Castle also provided wonderful views of both downtown Cleveland and Lake Erie. Although few deny that real human bones were removed from Franklin Castle, who they belonged to and how they ended up there has long been debated. There was a stairway and as I proceeded to walk up the stairs I saw a ghost and I had the most evil feeling in my life. From there, the Castle quickly passed through a series of owners, including Richard Hongisto, the then Cleveland Chief of Police, who owned the Castle for less than a year. Many investigators speculate that Rachel may be the woman in black who is said to haunt the tower room. Franklin Castle, officially called Tiedemann House, was built in 1881-1883 by the well-known architectural firm Cudell & Richardson, commissioned by a prosperous German immigrant named Hannes Tiedemann. Only a few potted plants, long-since dead and slowly decaying on the front lawn, give any indication that someone has been there in recent years. The "Private Property, No Trespassing" sign currently posed outside of Franklin Castle by the current owners. Unable to make Franklin Castle the haunted success they were looking for, the Muscatello family finally decided to sell Franklin Castle. A German shortwave radio was eventually found hidden in the rafters of the house years later. Allegedly, the secret passages in the house were the scene of a gruesome murder during the time the German Socialist Party owned the house. view of the Hannes Tiedemann House at 4308 Franklin Avenue, in Cleveland, Ohio. Only then a launch of Franklin Castle Club was announced. Dinner, anyone? Even 40 years after her last visit to Franklin Castle, this nurse claimed that she would never step foot into the home again. For the next 5 years, Franklin Castle stood empty until April of 1999 when Michelle Heimburger, who had been fascinated with the house since she was a child, purchased it with the intent of restoring it to its former self. past this house many times and thought if this place isnt haunted it should be. While searching for secret passageways in the house, Sam Muscatello discovered a pile of human bones behind a panel in the tower. After the death of his mother, his wife, and his three children he had sold this house. However a disastrous fire damaged a good portion of the part that was under restoration and the works were never finished. While I am a Cleveland-area native, I have not had the privilege of being able to actually tour the inside of the house, as the current owners are not welcoming to visitors. Louise Tiedemann also passed away, allegedly from medical complications while living in Franklin Castle. Soon, however, a dark cloud would come to settle over the Castle. The castle was featured in “Paranormal Lockdown”, a TV series in 2007 and was the inspiration of a book title “Haunted Franklin Castle” written by William G. Krejci and John Meyers.

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