Earlier this week, the Chicago Sun-Times apologized for its front page headline "FRIGHT 214," which was criticized for sounding like a stereotype of an Asian accent. How about “SOUP” for a pilot named Campbell. . Instructor said, “He’s a f^cking caveman!”.Coma – a very slow talking Southern guyCaptain – F-16 Driver in Japan – real name was James KirkChocks – F-16 pilot started taxying before the chocks were removedCOOTS – Constantly Over-emphasizes Own Tactical SignificanceCypher – Broke through radio interference on a training flight. Dash Two - The second plane in a two-or-more aircraft formation; the wingman.Dead Heading - pilots flying as passengers. Imagine you don't tell th, Current situation Back-seat crewman in the F-14 Tomcat and F-4 Phantom. The missing link between ape and man.Lunchbox – Ate anything left in the fridge for more than one day, Me-So – Last name HornMAHB – Man of hot & beauty – usually when the pilot’s wife or girlfriend is really looking good…Marx – First name was Karl, and he hated communists.Magellan – poor sense of directionMo’Gas – When during takeoff, always used to shout “More Gas! Whiskey Charlie - "Who cares" Whiskey Delta - "weak dick", a pilot who can't cut it. Warm Fuzzy - Feeling of confidence or security.Warthog - Universal nickname for the A-10 Thunderbolt IIWash Out - To not make the grade at flight school.Waveoff - When the LSO orders a pilot not to trap.Whiskey Charlie - "Who cares"Whiskey Delta - "weak dick", a pilot who can't cut it. A required  confirmation call prior to landing at Air Force bases. Bomber Aircraft Low Passes. Uta – U Talk Alot. ELINT - Electronic Intelligence; the gathering of electronic emissions related tocommunications, weapons control, or reconnaissance. . Sometimes cheat sheets are needed... We work hard to ensure that only appropriate factual information regarding an investigation is released and deeply regret today's incident. A 'hot cat" too much pressure - is less perilous, but can rip out the nose wheel assembly or the launching bridle. Apparently it was a Gucci purse. State - How much fuel you've got. The news anchor read the names off the teleprompter and didn't bat an eye, adding that the information had been confirmed by the National Transportation Safety Board. ", NATOPS - The Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization program,NFO - An aviator who is an officer but not a pilot. A reminder not to forget a little detail once missed in the simulator.Ghost – last name was CasperGlory – Last name HoleGrumpy – Not a morning person, and not too tall either. Martin-Baker Fan Club - If you eject, you're a member (a reference to the Martin-Baker company, manufacturer of ejection seats). Something silly that needs to be done NOW! Last name MaWhinney.LAMB – Notorious lady pilot who always had something low-cut when in civilian attire, thus LAMB (Look At My Boobs)Lingus – His first name is Kenny…you can figure out the rest…Link – Mono brow, neanderthal hairy, flat forehead, large knuckles. Furball - A confused aerial engagement with many combatants. The NTSB does not release or confirm the names of crewmembers or people involved in transportation accidents to the media. or "Lawn Dart". Fly-by-wire ~ Electronic, computer-controlled operation of aircraft control surfaces.FM - "f#cking magic": very high-tech; used to describe how something you don't  understand actually works. translation missing: en.cart.general.close, Abeam – Object located in your 3 or 9 O’clock position. Glove - The huge wing root of the F-14 Tomcat, housing the mechanism for moving the variable- geometry wings. Navigation aid which provides bearing and distance (slant range) between it and an airplane. Responded to in the form of hours and minutes of fuel onboard til you "splash". I got it ’cause I kept farting in the changing rooms , well they always thought it was me! . Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. He was an engineer though , not a pilot – hence the fix part…ALF – Annoying Little F**kAlphabet There was a new guy in the squadron by the name of Varsonofy Krestovozdvizhensky. IFF(Indent Friend or Foe), Snuggle Up - During formation flight, to close up under the wing of another aircraft. Top Off - Fill up with gas.Trap - An arrested landing on a carrier, a helo landing into an RSD (rapid securing   device). TACAN - Tactical Aid to Navigation. Zone 1 - Min afterburner in the F-14Zone 5 - Max afterburner in the F-14Zoombag - Flight suit. After sleeping outside in the spilling rain and freezing cold, he woke quite rested. Also known as "speed-jeans", Gaff Off - Ignore.Gate - Afterburner. Zero-Dark-Thirty - A half-hour after midnight. YANG – Yet Another Non-Guy. Nomad – Marine A4 driver above overcast, got lost and had to be taken home by Navy F14, I was in a Navy FA-18 squadron back at Cecil Field and there was a pilot in another squadron called OMAA. Refers to the clock system of scanning the envelope around  the aircraft; 12 o'clock is straight ahead, 6 o'clock is directly astern. Given to a pilot in the squadron who would NOT shut up. Electric Jet - The F-16 Fighting Falcon, so nicknamed because of its fly-by-wire controls. Popeye - What you are when you're flying in the soup or goo. Giggles – Female pilot, also known as “gigs” always laughed in formation. Groove – Perfect position on approach in relation to glide slope, AOA and the Meatball. He fainted at a Change of Command Ceremony….. thus “Tumble Weed”.Trash – Last name is of course White. Sortie - A single mission by one aircraft.Speed of Heat, Warp One - Very, very fast.Speed Slacks, Speed Jeans - The G-suit. Thus “Apex”, after the Soviet AA-7 missile.Apollo – Last name Creed. . "No Future  Occupation"; also called the "walkin'-talkin' navbag.". During my 34 year sojourn I had been given two call-signs (both of which I didn’t particularly like, but tough so-what-cowboy, in naval aviation you get what the brotheren crisen you with – if you didn’t like your given call-sign, all the better)… First one was “Pumpkin” as I had traded one of my flight suits to a Coast Guard buddy for one of their “cool looking” orange ones…Yup, I looked like a big ol pumpkin in that thing (6’3, 220+)…Second call-sign (different squadron) was “Bub’s” as I always referred to my squadron mates as (well) Bub’s or Bubster if… Read more ». If you complain and moan too much about 1. and 2., you’ll get a new nickname you’ll like even less! You respond"State one plus two zero to splash" = 1 hours and 20 minutes of flying time remaining. (Oh my aching A$$). Ramp Strike - Landing short in the ramp area.Radome - Streamlined fiberglass enclosure covering a radar antenna.RAG - Replacement Air Group. a videotape camera that records all carrier launches and recoveries. The primary optical landing device on the carrier. Gs, G-loading - High-performance aircraft subject airframes and occupants to centrifugal, Hangar Queen - An aircraft that suffers chronic "downs"; hangar queens are often, In the Spaghetti - Where you catch the wires on the deck. There is a Father on most Mothers.Feet Wet/Dry - USN terms describing flight position "over-water" and "over-land. Operations after midnight/before sunrise. Or a landing attempt. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Things You Can See Almost Every Day In Dubai, Comical Google Maps Glitches With Airplanes. Also Double Ugly.RIO - Radar Intercept Officer. . #aviation #avgeek #pilo, Cat plays with a bird... T-bone – dropped a practice bomb through a cowTBAR – That Boy Ain’t RightTeflon – Hawg driver at Spangdahlem. RewKiller – Given to a Marine F-4 RIO that locked up on the wrong target during an east coast missile shot. Several aircraft in tight ACM. TACTS - Tactical Aircrew Combat Training System. Due to many accidents involving this aircraft. OAST - Overland Air Superiority Training. Hard Deck - Minimum altitude for training engagements. ©2020 Verizon Media. All rights reserved. A specialized NFO. What is a callsign? A periodic training exercise conducted over bland and integrating all the elements of the carriers air wing. Waveoff - When the LSO orders a pilot not to trap. Hurricane – A female pilot named Katrina.Holyness – Last name LaPope.Headless – CDR, USN, S-3 Pilot … the guys last name was “Horstman”Hannibal – As in Lecter – One of our Squadron (21FS) Flight Surgeons, also an F-16 Pilot who, while flying a six-ship of Vipers trans-pacific, nauseated us with stories of becoming hungry when smelling cauterized human flesh in the operating room.Hyde – It comes from Jeckyl and Hyde, Jeckyl when sober and Hyde when drunk. Crossdeck Pendant - An arresting wire on an aircraft carrier; or the attaching cord  between a VERTREP helicopter to its externally slung cargo. Ditch – Forced landing into waterDirty - Aircraft configured for landing with gear, flaps and hook down.Dot - Refers to how a distant aircraft looks on the horizon, ("I'm a dot" means "I'm out of here"). Knowing what your airplane is doing relative to its envelope, where your adversary is, where the ground is, the status of enemy threats  on the ground, and hundreds of other variables. Agony – A man named PayneAir-Fix – Pretty vain and looked like a model apparently… i.e. Lineup – lining up the aircraft with the runway or Fight Deck, Martin-Baker Fan Club - If you eject, you're a member (a reference to the Martin-Baker, Merge, Merged Plot - The point at which aircraft come into contact, after having been. #Mechanics – Keeping #pilots alive since 1903! Many Top Gun training sessions occur over Echo Range. #generalaviation #a, V-22 Osprey Barrel Roll. WiFI – 2LT that drives a brand new Porsche…his wife bought for him (or at leave financed it)….WIfe Financed ItWerewolf – Always looking for the full moon! FASO - Flight Physiology Training: recurrent safety training for aircrews directed atemphasizing physiological stressors, conditions that may be encountered in flight. CAP - Combat Air Patrol over ground-attack aircraft.Military Power - Maximum jet engine power without engaging afterburner.Mini-Boss - The Assistant Air Boss.Mort - "Killed" in ACM practice.Mother/Mom - The boat on which you are deployed, and where you launched from.Mud-mover, Ground-pounder - Low-level attack aircraft.Music - Electronic Jamming intended to deceive radar.My Fun Meter is Pegged - Sarcastic comment for, "I am not enjoying this. These names were not accurate despite an NTSB official in Washington confirming them late this morning. FORD – Found On Road Dead. Shrek – 6 foot 2 240 pounds – loud when sober, intolerable when drunk.SLAW – Shops Like A WomanSalad – First name CesarSalesman – Apparently a guy who had a hard time closing the deal. Departure - Literally departure from controlled flight, usually brought on in high-performance jets by excessive angle of attack. Padlocked - To have a bogey firmly in your sights.Painted - Scanned by radar.Passing Gas - What an aerial tanker does.Pass - The point at which fighters, closing head-on, flash past each other. AAM. Mad Max Inspired Plane to Monster Car Makeover. Once cleared for takeoff, he ran’em up and got the “mission complete light”. Used in position reporting, Aluminum overcast – Describing a large aircraft, “Attaboy” – Highest praise from the Airboss. ECM – Enlisted Chick MagnetElvis – This guy was always hard to find when you needed him, so when someone was looking for him, other people reported sightings (“I saw him over at the…”).Electroman – This guy was like electricity with the ladies: he took the path of least resistance.Elvis – This guy was always hard to find when you needed him, so when someone was looking for him, other people reported sightings (‘I saw him over at the…’).EPU – For those unfortunate pilots who inadvertently fired their Emergency Power Unit on the ground.Exxon – In pilot training on his initial T-38 solo, this guy was so excited and in such a hurry that he kind of blew through the preflight.

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