Before commenting, please review our comment policy. SBS 24I0 These refrigerators in question had been sold at appliance and specialty retailers across Canada from 01/2005 through 11/2009 with a retail cost of between $2,500 and $3,200. In case this recall has caused you to think twice about buying a Viking refrigerator, take a look at our other Built In Refrigerator Reviews. When a circuit board fails, the refrigerator will stop cooling and may make a “clicking sound.” Some consumers experience a clicking sound “with a frequency of about 1 click per second.” Some GE refrigerator owners have reported experiencing only sporadic cooling problems, while others have stated that their fridge has stopped cooling completely. General Electric Monogram, Café, and Profile Refrigerator Lawsuit Investigation, Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Investigation, Wells Fargo Loan Modification Lawsuit (2020). All of the repair of these units will be paid for by Dometic USA. Turningrock1@***.com. Take me from Refrigerator Recall to Refrigerator Pro Home Page For other possible refrigerator choices, take a look at our Top 10 Refrigerators, Here our the Top 3 Wine Refrigerators on the market today. Most people across the country are unaware of the National Class Action lawsuit and Settlement Argreement pertaining to 304 models of GE defective refrigerators. The reason for his recall is due to a possible fire hazard. Once final approval happens in court, anyone who did not get registered in time will be forever barred from any claim against GE for losses or damages. DFBB362, DTBB362, DTBB363. Great Comment! On August 2017 lost food again and this time had to replace the main control board which cost around $200. Instead, consumers must conduct “hands-on maintenance and repair,” alleges the complaint. The starting "retail" price is a few hundred dollars higher than you can buy at a retail outlet! A class action lawsuit was filed on April 29, 2005 regarding General Electric's defective refrigerators -- Model 304 GE and Hotpoint refrigerator. Click here for more on Norcold Refrigerators, Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Suit - Samsung USA - October 2010. I have loud noise buzzing sound and not even cold that cause some food to freeze more than it should. This has culminated in what the "I-can't-make-a-repair"man terms a "sealed system leak. We were able to get the deadlines for registering extended to Sept. 4, 2006. :( GE is JUNK and the management are scam artists. Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Suit - Samsung USA - October 2010. I am also running ads in newspapers asking people to join me in a class action lawsuit against GE. Thanks! Strange it only allows me to click on the *** entry. An NBC investigation found rust and a black substance embedded in ice cubes, as well as sharp plastic pieces broken away from ice makers. Please do what you can to help us spread the word! We know that there are more than 304 models affected, we know that the defects are not limited to just the Bloomingtion, Indiana factory, and we know that the defects continued into 2003 models. Any class action suits in Florida? Within the first 3 months, we had to replace the washing machine. RI 1400 I am really pissed at GE. Review #218194 is a subjective opinion of * We've replaced four, count 'em, FOUR, ice makers which have failed over the few years we have owned this expensive piece if ***. Our attorneys are also investigating LG refrigerator problems, including LG compressor failures. Now in less than a month the main board has gone out again. I had to pay the GE Repairman almost $300.00 to repair it. I also bought the 5 year warranty advised by the salesperson. The Most Recent Refrigerator Recall is Listed First, The Most Recent Refrigerator Recall is Listed First. Get contact details that poster left for the company. Should you have a Coachmen vehicle with this type of RV refrigerator, then you should contact them to see if yours is included in this recall. The best way to know if your refrigerator falls into this recall is to check the model and serial numbers. Does this mean you need to get rid of your refrigerator or is there a small repair that can be done to bring it back into working order? Would You Like to Convert It Into Review? What: Viking voluntarily recalled 45,000 bottom freezer and built in side-by-side units (36” and 48” wide respectively) on units purchased between July 1999 and April 2006. Our content is free because we may earn a commission if you purchase products after clicking ads on our website. Click MAYTAG RECALL for more information. This is an indirect Norcold recall as Coachmen has decided to do a refrigerator recall on certain of their vehicles that came with a 1200-Series Norcold refrigerators. Second time it has gone bad in a year a half. We had a house built in late 2010 and early 2011, and all new GE appliances came with it. Learn appliance repair online from experts at the Master Samurai Tech Academy! Heck, they are even making huge bucks on the replacement parts, even after they KNOW that the parts are junk. You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions. LG Refrigerator Reviews - Updated for 2020! Well, luckily most companies take immediate responsibility when they discover that their products could potentially put you or your family at risk. DTSB482, DDBB362, VCBB360, VCBB362 Content from this site may only be reused with written permission from, Content from this site may only be reused with written permission from, For other possible refrigerator choices, take a look at our, The Best Wine Refrigerators on the Market Today. The models that are in this refrigerator recall are: The serial numbers to look for begin with these numbers: var infolink_pid=10836;var infolink_link_color='002EB8';var infolink_title_color='252667';var infolink_text_color='000000';var infolink_ad_link_color='1E5F94';var infolink_ad_effect_type=0;var infolink_anow=18. So, nobody has so far had the cajones to start a class-action lawsuit against this greedy, care-nothing-about-the-customer-POS company called GE? The Fridge is bough in June 2015 and I still have the issue after 13+ months. All of these things happen with virtually ALL of GE's recent model refrigerators, no matter how much they cost. More of the Best Kitchen Gadgets we've seen this year! If there is a class action lawsuit, I would happily join in. The Liebherr company voluntarily chose to recall these models after having received report of 13 doors detaching. The problem had to do with the doors detaching and allow potential injury and hazards to their owners. [, GE refrigerator model PfE 29PSD GSS continuos problem , many calls for repair that work only for few weeks, Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. A class-action lawsuit filed against LG claims that many of the company's refrigerators only last a few years. On December 15, 2005 GE agreed to settle the suit and began a notification process to all past and present owners of the defective refrigerators by mail on January 13, 2006. I went on the internet and found literally thousands of complaints about the profie's main boards going out and having to call the repairman back multiple times with the refrigerator never being repaired well enough to run properly to keep the food cool so as to prevent spoilage. The units were made in Bloomington, Indiana in 2001 and 2002. Yes I'm angry? Waiting for repairman. At A Glance. Username and password will be sent to you via email. Current Refrigerator Recalls: After only a year and a half the main computer board went out and took other parts out with it. Monogram dishwasher is junk as well. They laugh at Quality Control. I am really pissed at GE. A list of open investigations and Consumer complaints online also state that GE refrigerator owners have incurred additional costs caused by failed GE parts, such as the cost of spoiled food, temporary fridges, and floor or wall damage from leaking refrigerators. The issue appears to stem from an issue with compressors, which can be … I live in New York. Then a month later had to replace the evaporator fan motor for another $62. The catch? GE should be rejected for quality reasons! I am now working to form a class action law suit against GE as people are getting food poisoning from food going bad because of these defective boards and also damages from buying these expensive refrigerators that are nothing but junk and then spending a fortune trying to get them to run. I bought a ge refrigerator that uses the rpwfe $50.00 filter. To learn more about your refrigerator, or to order parts, click here. oldcop. Of course, the miserable thing failed just as 4th of July weekend arrived, so we easily lost $300-$400 in spoiled steaks and other holiday treats. plastic donut (a "spacer") to clip on the shelf side to keep it from falling. The ice unit has been replaced twice for 600.00 and it causes all groceries on the refrigerator side to freeze solid. Any concerned consumers should call Liebherr to schedule a free in-home repair. * The repairman is coming to replace the usual $300 main circuit board today. What is especially galling, is that they are STILL SELLING the SAME *** with the SAME FLAWS, and laughing all the way to the bank! Consumers who own General Electric refrigerators may be entitled to compensation. This is when the company that manufactured your refrigerator receives enough complaints about a certain problem to cause them to take action. I have read and agree to the Pissed Consumer. I have also contacted the Missouri Attorney Generals Office and filed a formal complaint agains GE and am asking that GE be blocked from selling appliances in Missouri. Same here, we have a GE Profile,(2005) replaced mother board 2008, Today Sept. 11, 2013 stopped cooling again. 5.5 year old refrigerator. The washer repair was more than the cost of the washer new! General Electric Monogram, Café, and Profile Refrigerator Lawsuit Investigation We are investigating consumer complaints about General Electric (GE) refrigerator failures. There is absolutely no cost to you to submit this form. Disclaimer Please help to spread the word, only 7 weeks remain for hundreds of thousands of people to get their claim forms submitted in time.

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