And those of us who are a part of it, like Andrew, welcome anyone who follows Christ to come alongside us and join our work. reserved. ________________________, Luis In the 1970s, he visited war-torn Lebanon several times, stating that "global conflict in the end times will focus on Israel and its neighbouring countries. Review: "Brother Andrew: God's Undercover Agent" (Heroes of the Salvation, and Statement of Faith). If Brother Andrew talked with each of us, he would likely encourage us along these exact lines. And this infamous incident at the Romanian border became one of many close calls to follow. In 1957, he travelled to the Soviet Union’s capital, Moscow, in a Volkswagen Beetle, which later became the symbol of Open Doors, the organization he founded. see price and additional information, including how (if available for this Film) simply click on the “I coasted forward, my foot poised above the brake. Faith Series), Book forty years in 1995. [8],, Portes ouvertes, une histoire dans l’Histoire, Brother Andrew's Prophetic Plea: Stop Murdering Terrorists,, Royal Netherlands East Indies Army personnel, Articles with dead external links from October 2016, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2016, Wikipedia articles with SELIBR identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 18:02. Conversion "did made an end to my sports ambition but put me on the track to In similar fashion, van der Bijl and a companion, Al Janssen, visited Hamas and PLO leaders, including Ahmed Yassin and Yasser Arafat, and handed out Bibles.Citation needed, Van der Bijl's tenth book, Secret Believers: What Happens When Muslims Believe in Christ, was released on 1 July 2007. _______________________, © EO International. [4] He signed up on a government-controlled communist tour, the only legal way to be in the country. DVD Color / 30 Min. We often describe Brother Andrew as the founder of Open Doors. "Very Inspiring Persons", This collection is expanded through Russia, Africa, Central America and even into China Note: Movie Review Brother Andrew: "God's Smuggler" Talks Openly. All rights These people, along with our supporters, still smuggle Bibles into regions that are hostile to the faith. Verses; 2nd Set: Salvation. When you were on earth, You made blind eyes see. Lord and Saviour? Van der Bijl visited China in the 1960s, after the Cultural Revolution had created a hostile policy towards Christianity and other religions, during the so-called Bamboo Curtain. Although Van der Bijl was violating the laws of all of the countries that he visited by bringing religious literature, he often placed the material in view when he was stopped at police checkpoints, as a gesture of his trust in what he believed to be God's protection. Central America, China, and the Muslim World, He adopted the name Brother God's Smuggler. Many, rather, are moved by just the opposite. His open Doors ministry celebrated Some Bible verses that you will find helpful for doing Memory Watch Queue Queue To Christ as your Jesus. By 2002, it had sold over 10 million copies in thirty-five languages. In the 1990s, van der Bijl again travelled several times more to the Middle East. But referring to him as “the founder” could lead people to picture him as a suit-wearing executive who delivers presentations in a boardroom. God’s Smuggler, one of many great Brother Andrew books, would go on to sell over 10 million copies and be translated into thirty-five languages. His work Do not let the guards see those things You do not want them to see.”. Later, when Van der Bijl was in a refugee camp in West Germany, Philip Whetstra called Van der Bijl to come to the Whetstras' new house in Amsterdam. So when the guards ushered Andrew forward, he did just this. During that decade, he also made his first visits to Cuba after the Cuban Revolution. The guard took a full hour to sift through it, including removing hubcaps, taking the engine apart, and even removing the seats. Andrew in 1960. [2] He told John and Elizabeth Sherrill, when they transcribed his memories for their book God's Smuggler, "From the day I first put on wooden shoes – klompen we call them in Holland – I dreamed of derring-do". earnest. The bestseller tells of the young Dutch factory worker's incredible efforts to transport Bibles … this, and that you may want to commit to memory are found on other pages Because his story suggests God might also use ordinary people like us in extraordinary ways. [3] An older couple, the Whetstras, had given him their new car because they had prayed about it and believed that Andrew would need the car. ____________, "A bullet This will take you Copyright © ", Brother Andrew "A bullet made an end to my sports ambition but with Project Pearl. Van der Bijl studied at the WEC Missionary Training College in Glasgow, Scotland.[3]. Let me take some of the Bibles out and leave them in the open where they will be seen.”, Putting the Bibles out in the open would truly be depending on God, rather than his own intelligence, he thought. “Dear Lord,” Brother Andrew remembers praying, “What am I going to do?”, As he prayed, a bold idea came to Brother Andrew. We hope today you will choose to join us in being the Brother Andrews of this generation. seeking God. ...reading the Bible Dare I ask for a miracle? As a result, we see bits of Brother Andrew’s life—bravery and vision, risk and worry—in our stories as well. The guard looked at Brother Andrew’s passport and abruptly waved him on. Along the way, Brother Andrew even developed a trademark prayer to say as he snuck Bibles and Christian literature across the border: “Lord, in my luggage I have Scripture I want to take to your children. will go to the support of the cost of creating and maintaining this others about Jesus like Brother Andrew does: Though He watched, in anticipation, as the vehicle’s owners were forced to take out all of the car’s contents and spread them on the ground for inspection. By 2002, it had sold over 10 million copies in thirty-five languages. His relatable nature is, in fact, why we know him as “Brother Andrew” in the first place. on our  web site (see: Memory 1945, and it was there that he was wounded, having joined the above photo. Cunningham: Founder, "Youth With a Mission" __________________________. A comic book adaptation of God's Smuggler was published in 1972 by Spire Christian Comics. Review: "Prayer Works" by Brother Andrew. But his knee was against the door, holding it closed.”. That was the start of a mission leading him into several communist-ruled countries in which religious belief was actively persecuted. During his recovery he began reading the bible in Thanks, in part, to their contributions, Open Doors has expanded many times over. On this occasion, Brother Andrew approached the Romanian border in his car—which was packed with illegal Bibles. He encouraged Czech believers and gave Bibles to the Russian occupying forces. It grew from reading the Bible and Brother Andrew – God’s Smuggler Son of a blacksmith, Brother Andrew didn’t even finish high school. all called by God to share our faith (witness) with those who are not Tell Perhaps not surprisingly, many ordinary people have been inspired by Brother Andrew to find ways they can support persecuted Christians. 61 likes. to "[citation needed]. in Warsaw, Poland, that he felt a decisive call to the field. The guard was waving the next car to a stop, indicating to the driver that he had to get out.”. All Rights Reserved. After the fall of communism in Europe, he shifted his focus to the Middle East and has worked to strengthen the church in the Muslim world. He would tell us as he has told many others, “The Bible is full of ordinary people who went to impossible places and did wondrous things simply because they decided to follow Jesus.”, “The real calling,” he has said, “is not a certain place or career but to everyday obedience. One of the most loved Brother Andrew stories recounts a risky incident from early in his ministry. not all Christians are called to the ministry of an  Evangelist, we are We are drawn to Brother Andrew because we relate to him. But beyond daring border crossings and renowned books, what makes Brother Andrew inspiring to many, however, is not just the extraordinary parts of his story. Palau: Hispanic Evangelist to the Whole World, Loren But beyond that, they carry Brother Andrew’s legacy—his faith—forward into the years and decades to come. “I know that no amount of cleverness on my part can get me through this border search. [7] A comic book adaptation of God's Smuggler was published in 1972 by Spire Christian Comics. Stories from Brother Andrew’s dangerous global exploits earned him the nickname God’s Smuggler—a handle that would also become the title of a best-selling book about his ministry. [5] That was the realization of his childhood dreams of darings-do. put me on the track to Jesus.". Brother Andrew with Bibles from around the world. He went to Czechoslovakia when the suppression by Soviet troops of the Prague Spring had put an end to relative religious freedom there. ___________. As a man he found himself undercover for God. But beyond daring border crossings and renowned books, what makes Brother Andrew inspiring to many, however, is not just the extraordinary parts of his story.

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