The APR Crate Engine features strengthened internals designed to support the punishing demands of an APR Stage 3+ Turbocharger System with ease. This 2.0T TSI EA888 Gen 3 assembly offers incredible strength with long-term reliability and factory-like operating characteristics. DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS, OUR SHIPPING POLICY HAS CHANGED - CLICK TO LEARN MORE, Direct replacement completely assembled Gen 3 TSI block, Multi-point inspected and re-manufactured block by IE Race Engine tech, Bored and honed using IE torque plate for perfect round measurements, Short block deck is surfaced to exact flatness for excellent gasket seal, Crank receives polished journals and chamfered oil holes, Precision fit and filed Mahle piston rings to IE Spec measurements, Complete multi-point critical dimension checklist and measured clearances, Assembled with premium IE Tuscan connecting rods with rifle drilling, Mahle bearings provide long-life reliability under increased stress loads, IE Spec Mahle 83mm bore 9.3:1 forged pistons. ( Log Out /  We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. $299.00. All cores will be critically inspected and verified by an IE Race Engine specialist before being accepted as a good and usable core. Mahle uses a proprietary tri-metal blend to provide a stiffer bearing under high load use, which is necessary for race engines. The APR… Sign us up. © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Acton Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Mahle Motorsport Rod BearingsMahle Motorsport manufactures the highest quality race bearings available proven time and time again by race engine builders including F1 race teams. Each engine is fully disassembled, cleaned, inspected, overbore, balanced, blueprinted, reassembled with top-of-the-line high-strength componentry, timed, and finally pressure and vacuum tested for leaks. This Stage 3+ Golf R goes the extra mile with a new 2.0-liter APR crate engine, 71-millimeter Borg-Warner turbocharger, and forged internals. Each engine is sold as a fully assembled long block from the cylinder head to the oil pan, or as a short block only. All parts are brand new, and every engine is blue-printed, carefully assembled and dyno-tested by our in-house engine builder, Pat Downs. U.S.-Bound 2018 Volkswagen Golf R Might Get a 'Performance' Variant. Audi - TT 2015+ (MK3 - 8V - MQB) 2.0T Engine, Audi - TTS 2015+ (MK3 - 8V - MQB) 2.0T Engine, Audi - A3 2015+ (MK3 - 8V - MQB) 2.0T Engine, Audi - S3 2015+ (MK3 - 8V - MQB) 2.0T Engine. ATK Engines 930VR Part Number: 059-930VR. Next, we use oversized pistons, which slightly increase the displacement of the engine from 1984cc to 2008cc. 2020 JEGS High Performance. Your sport series short block will serve as the strong foundation for your MQB VW MK7 or Audi 8V powerhouse. This option allows you to purchase an existing built short block to swap with your existing engine, this allows for the least amount of downtime. Watch This 940 HP Volkswagen Golf Casually Hit 191 Miles Per Hour. The block is checked for flatness, and decked if out of tolerance. Robins Engine 1996-2002 4.8 out of 5 stars 10. Machined using industry-leading practices and assembled in-house by an IE certified race engine technician utilizing precise measurement and assembly tools not found elsewhere. From here the remaining components, such as the cam shaft adjusters, oil pump and chain, oil pan, new rear main seal, and new lower timing cover and upper timing cover are all installed with each bolt properly torqued to spec. The short block assembly begins with a freshly cleaned and inspected block. © 2020 Integrated Engineering There are two ways to order your engine: If you would like to send your existing short block to be built, add just the short block to your cart for purchase. Due to this excessive cost, all IE Gen 3 Short Blocks require an existing healthy core block and crankshaft to be sent in for the build. The APR Crate Engine comes in two forms: Our long block assembly, which is from the cylinder head down to the oil pan, and our short block, which is just the engine block with internals. Long blocks are ready to drop in after installing your accessories, while short blocks are ready for finishing with your own cylinder head, oil pan, and associated parts. Please contact us for details before purchasing. The rockers are installed, along with the cams, and then the main timing chain, tensioner and guides are installed and the system is properly timed. The … ( Log Out /  Shipping is not included. Each setup is fully disassembled and checked for damage before being hot jet washed and fully inspected. The final short bock assembly includes a multi-point critical dimension checklist with all measured clearances, and an instruction & care pamphlet. EZ GO Golf CART Engine Rebuild KIT & GASKETS 295CC with Standard Piston and Rings. The valve seats undergo a complete multi-angle competition valve job to properly profile the seats for the upgraded valves. To make the engine a long block, we move onto a freshly cleaned and inspected cylinder head. 2008-2011 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI 2.0L CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSOR OEM 145262. This bulletproof bottom end will hold up to your MK7 & MQB high-performance street or race build. $3,723.99 Ships directly from the manufacturer on 12/11/20 The … With many special features, these bearings have great wear characteristics and added durability for long engine life. You are now signed up to receive great E-Mail Offers! APR was only focused on whether they could do it, not whether or not they should do it. You are now signed up to receive JEGS Deals with text alerts! Lastly, the crankshaft is balanced, journals are polished, and tolerances are checked. With the included rifle drilling option, oil is forced to the wrist pin by means of a small hole drilled through the rod vertically. IE's "Sport" series assembled short block is precisely built with carefully specified components for high-powered engine applications being used for track and street use. Mahle pistons are treated with their own GRAFAL skirt coating, this greatly reduces the skirt to wall surface friction and increases scuffing resistance.

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