Regards, Ian Rutherford UK. The owner and fellow chrome. I ordered a book supposedly identifying numbers, but the book hasn't arrived yet. Art is where you find it. The big Brits were powerful and reliable over a long tough race; two traits a desert racing motorcycle needed. The records show it left the factory with the chasallen at btinternet dot com Colin already has one Greeves for road-riding: the Hawkstone was bought to fulfil an ambition to own a showstopper. I enhanced the engraving with a pencil so it would show in the photograph: I’d like to think, and maybe know for sure, that the “Nicholson” is referring to Nick Nicholson – a well-known racer of Greeves and other English brands, and the owner of a major Greeves and BSA shop in Los Angeles. Being 70, I no longer want either. johnburrows at This page gives 085E as the prefix for 64-65 Greeves 24RAS: No further information on a 522D prefix at this stage. GENUINE GREEVES TE & TES 250cc TRIALS SERVICE NOTE . Frame 24 RBS 115, Engine GPA2/125. Alloy rims, virtually brand new tyres(you can still see the little strands of rubber sticking off the back Greeves Scottish (frame number TES 129) fully restored with very rare accessories (see pictures - factory tool box, chain oiler etc). of me on the bike. villiers kickstart suitable for greeves. Find greeves from a vast selection of Motorcycle Parts. Despite these minor problems this is still one of the most complete and authentic TES Greeves you will ever find. Available for just 16 . New The stock fork stops had been insufficient for the larger street tank and both sides had repaired damage in the front. Villiers engines are none too tricky to maintain or indeed replace, and many specials have been created with four-stroke engines squeezed into the Greeves’ chassis. No, your eye should be inexorably drawn to Greeves’ impressive and innovative sand-cast silicon-aluminium alloy frame with its massive steering head and that stonking great front I-section front down ‘tube’ which supports the engine in flanged, light-alloy castings. loically, the models that closely replaced the Hawkstone Scrambler were the Motocross Special, the MX1, MX2, etc. Find out more. dianehon at As well, I have a working solo Please leave positive feedback after receiving your items. Thu Jan 21 2010 Shops like Nicholson Motors in the Los Angeles area were able to sell anything with the Greeves logo on the tank, and it is reported by several riders of the day that many unorthodox Greeves’ were imported and sold. But bikes like the Hawkstone were also relatively powerful and very reliable, with the added advantage of being much lighter. The single-purpose MCS was the ultimate 250 of its class but it cost a monster 25% more than the more accommodating SCS, which retailed new for £199. The following year Greeves' own alloy cylinder barrel and 'head debuted on the 24MCS 'Moto-Cross Special', the 24SCS Hawkstone continuing to use the Villiers cast-iron barrel. The same guidelines for combined international purchases will apply as detailed above for uk purchases, Lotus women's greeve ankle boots, black (black. Ron Parkinson cylinder head 1947 greeves dudley at daytonacrossgates dot com These cookies do not store any personal information. If you have queries about lots purchased in this auction, please contact customer services. drive chain. 380 Greeves Griffin Enduro . In case you received a defective or wrong item our company agrees to refund no later than days upon you receipt with the support photo. DOO 96B ridden at East German ISDT in 1964, Sat Oct 07 2006 Andy if (document.MAX_used != ',') document.write ("&exclude=" + document.MAX_used); This Greeves was one that got this American makeover- mainly to have it serve in a somewhat new and different function. '':''); Hope it provides you with more context! Had to relist as previous buyer thought they were ready to use. Don’t confuse the 24SCS single with the twin-cylinder 2T 24SAS model, which was also named ‘Hawkstone’ but is considerably less desirable or enjoyable to ride. If you are interested in seeing more photo's you can visit (404) . Brockenhurst See entry for April 2016, above.

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