If you are struggling with boon uptimes, you can drop your Power Chronomancer and take a Power Boon Chronomancer. I know for a fact how much effort Target himself (and a few others) put into quality checking the huge amount of content generated for the website.

If you feel like your boons are slightly dodgey, you could drop the Boon Daredevil for a Boon Thief. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

This composition allows you to split three ways during the split phase.

Harry. Not an apology that people were "caught", an apology for the fact it happened.

The first Maul in this video hits for 41.415 damage. Condition Renegade is an extremely strong specialization that carries a lot of group benefits. Truthfully, the best thing to do is run arcdps, and just see if your doing damage competitive with the … If you don't do that you won't trigger .

Axias Your Alacrity Renegade provides very high CC and can cover Stability with . This will help with boon uptime, burst phase DPS and CC.

Any condition classes work well here, specifically Condition Renegade. If anyone that found a discrepancy such as what has been mentioned here, and cared about the integrity of the creator(s), this wouldn't happen. Power Dragonhunters can be replaced by Power Weavers, Power Soulbeasts, Power Chronomancers or Power Holosmiths. Condition Scourge and Condition Reaper: This will be in the form of Throw Magnetic Bomb and Detonate Plasma. Again, we don't want this to be a witch-hunt but it's just fair if the cheated benchmarks are re-done so everyone can get a better picture of how DPS classes really compare against each other. Using full Power Dragonhunters removes the requirement of a Power Boon Chronomancer due to . Harry In any case, Target is currently on holiday, but we'll try to get the content in question updated ASAP. The Power Boon Chronomancer will need to apply Quickness to the entire squad through . For this reason theorycrafting, testing and optimizing our builds are an important part of LN. This composition is capable of skipping the Pillar mechanic.

its pretty hilarious because there is absolutely no value gained by faking them. All benchmarks were done with stat infusions. One Condition Chronomancer from each subgroup needs to take to provide Quickness.

This will force you to Push the Tormented Dead through the group to allow it to take damage, before finally Pushing it a second time away.

does anything actually think that being 0,5k better (or whatever difference it actually makes) changes anything? The Condition Quickness Firebrand can take to provide Stability to nulify the Knockback from .

Power classes are generally very weak on this boss due to the high constant damage which will cause you to have low scholar uptime.

If you are running the normal build as advertised on SC's website your Binding Blade should hit for 1085. Max It also offers good CC through . The Power Spellbreaker has be with the group during Phase 1 & 2 in order to have permanent Alacrity for , however Phase 3 is longer which allows them to kite that phase.

If you find that you're struggling with Stability, you can drop for . All strikes of this skill will hit as you cannot pass through the hitbox. Power Holosmith can also skip by using and provide CC through Shield. Boon Daredevil is taken to provide all boons except for Alacrity, hence the Condition Renegades. Overview. The numbers displayed are taken from the category "All DPS" when looking at dps.report.

SC are not trying to swindle people here, the hard truth is that, come major patch day, there is so much to do, and some things get missed. Power Banner Berserker achieves better results than Condition Banner Berserker at this encounter however you will have no form of turret control.

This makes us the oldest, still active, speed run guild and we can look back on several speed runs and records in dungeons (in both games), fractals and raids. This allows you to give Might and provide an additional target for . The numbers displayed here are based on each of the burn phases.

Reddit votes arent "Like/dislike", Why do people bury the relevant discussion? All Power based DPS professions are suitable replacements for Power Dragonhunter. Look at the two videos from SC. We and a lot of other people had the suspicion that certain benchmarks were faked for a long time but due to the player in question hiding his log, hero panel, food and in-game time it was very hard to proof it was cheated. The Power Chronomancer will need to run Focus. Weaver is a bit of an outlier, but outside of that Holo is where I think it should be.

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