Breaching Skewer grants a 400% damage boost to the special against armor making it very useful in later levels if you can line up multiple enemies to skewer with a throw and recall combo. Only then will Arthur's sword be properly unlocked. For the main attack, Zagreus just swings the shield around in an arc dealing knockback damage to enemies. This buff is really nice as Critical damage, even if there is only a small chance for it, can be very helpful in the later parts of escape runs. It takes a moment for the weapon to charge before each attack and you have to time your release just right to get maximum damage. When thrown, the shield acts like a slow-moving drone. If you use the Drunken Flourish boon from Dionysus, the special will inflict hangover on the enemies it pulls in. If you absorb the damage from the grenade you will gain a temporary damage boost up to 60% for eight seconds. Players have a set amount of ammo and need to reload manually after the ammo is depleted. This aspect slightly makes up for the lack of range in the other aspects for this weapon. This effect is a little underwhelming in lower levels when only two or three shields are being thrown, but at the higher levels the shield gains a mock shotgun effect that can do a lot of damage to anyone in range. What? You cannot attack or defend while the shield is out flying so you will have to just dodge until it returns to you. Press J to jump to the feed. This weapon is pretty straight forward and fairly easy to grasp initially but can be difficult to master. This weapon tends to knockback enemies with each attack. This a good all-around aspect but doesn’t really change the weapon as much as other aspects. Cast should be stacked with boons like True Shot from Artemis and Flurry Cast from Hermes for maximum effect. Keep enemies, particularly bosses and mini-bosses like the furies, at a distance. This aspect works very well with boons form Artemis granting Critical damage to the attacks. This works especially well with Dionysus’ Trippy Shot and Poseidon’s Flood Shot. The magnetic effect is also transferred to the dash special. The damage from Thunder Flourish also stacks with the two hits in the special and creates an AoE attack that can do a lot of damage. It has a medium-range with a good balance between speed and strength. I was like? This aspect changes the special to Magnetic Cutter. It took me 12 total runs since the update dropped to finally get it, due to Nyx either being absent from her spot, or other dialogue occurring with her instead. The main attack combo and the special also do a lot more damage but are much slower to execute meaning players will have to combine them with dashes or be mindful of their timing. Hades, the Greek mythology-themed action-roguelike from Supergiant Games, ostensibly gives you six weapons to play with. It doesn’t do quite as well with Ares’ Slicing Shot or Demeter’s Crystal Beam unless you get a duo boon. Supergiant Games. The new spin attack moves slowly in the direction you are facing. This supercharged special when stacked with boons can make bosses like Alecto and Theseus and Asterius much easier to deal with. Has she told you the "magic words" yet (ending with 'prison of stone' or something to that effect)? This aspect benefits from Cast upgrades and buffs found at the Mirror of Night like Boiling Blood and Infernal Soul. This allows you to one-shot some of the weaker enemies found early in runs.

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