Halloween Moon Crabs are not high-maintenance pets. This allows the crabs to roll them around and bury them to fortify the walls of their tunnels and underground dwellings. The second type of sound is a bubbling sound caused by fluid being forced out of their mouths. So, you have to provide them with: It is very easy to prepare saltwater. Doing so may change a “crabby” disposition to a more human-friendly one. A Halloween moon crab lives for about 8-10 years. Find out here! Tip: You can always use a ceramic or heat bulbs as a heat source. If you already have one, you must know this already, but for those of you, who do not own any Halloween hermit crabs, read below for more information on why they deserve a spot in your home aquarium. A 15 gallon (60 liters) terrarium with a screen top is recommended minimum for one Halloween Moon Crab. Many crabs often disappear during the day but the tracks around the cage in the morning will let you know that they are still active. Always keep studying your crabs for signs of molting. These crabs do not require deep bowls. Although you should not worry about them eating your corals, because of their size, they can accidentally knock them over or simply damage them. They can pinch. My crabs have 1.5 feet of substrate in depth to explore, which I believe has contributed to their longevity. These crabs are intelligent and quite accomplished architects. 1973. They will also eat meats, but the meat must be cooked thoroughly or your Moon Crab may be at risk of health problems. When I first got Halloween moon crabs as pets, there was little information out there about them. Wow, I had no idea that people kept crabs as pets. Provide food as normal but keep the lights low or off, and do not try to peak at or disturb the crab if it is hiding. They are typically found in the low intertidal or shallow waters (between 5-15 m), especially along the sandy areas around reefs. Take a closer look at a beautiful Halloween moon crab: You can also use half coconut shells for aboveground housing. In nature, they release larvae at night, and mostly during ebbing tides. I’m just wondering if this is normal or if I need to prepare myself to lose my little guy? Molting is the process of the crab losing a layer of skin and growing a new one. As the crab ages, these periods will begin to happen further and further apart. Halloween Moon Crabs do not need much space when they are young, and as they grow their environment must be able to sustain them. The eggs hatch to larvae, which go through several development stages before they convert to tiny versions of adults. The first signs that a crab is multing is when it turns a very dull color and/or turns white around the eyes. A molting crab appears quite limp and lifeless, and the body is often partway out of the shell. So, the real question is what is the minimum depth we can provide for Halloween Moon Crabs? Jeanne is the founder of Animal Bliss. What are the breeds of dogs with brindle coats? Halloween hermit crabs tend to run on the larger side. This type of molting is stress-free and safe for the Hermit crab. Loving all living creatures, especially unknown ones, I was elated but hesitant. I know my mom loves my crab ghost (his name as he is a Halloween crab) she tried to playfully and lightly bury him in sand, then when I went to check on him about an hour ago, his eyes were full in sand so I thought “uhh oh” then I lightly sprayed him in lukewarm water until the sand fell off. The best way is to allow your pet for its response and choices and love them anyway. I was on my own with 3 new charges that I was determined to give the best life possible. Halloween Moon Crabs prefer a wide choice of food (2 – 4 different types). Halloween Moon Crabs are vulnerable and helpless during and after molting, so it is necessary for them to go into hiding and not reappear until the process is complete and their new carapace has begun to harden. These crabs require enough space to burrow deep into the moist (but not damp) substrate to molt, which they do several times a year and shed their entire exoskeleton in 1 piece. Everything You Need to Know about Snake Poop? If you find what appears to be a dead crab on the surface next to an empty shell, have a closer look to see if it is just an exoskeleton. Ideally, it should be topped with a thick layer of moss or leaf litter. These hermit crabs are great for the quality of water in your marine aquarium. The natural process of a crab shedding its skin and regenerating a new one is called molting. The first signs that a crab is multing is when it turns a very dull color and/or turns white around the eyes. Hey I got a brand new Halloween crab a little over 2 months ago. People often think that if their crabs eat some products, so they can give more and more of them. I have a Moon Crab and there is little to no information about them, even the pet store guy didn’t know this crab molted (thanks a lot). Supply your Hermit crabs with rocks, decorations, plastic balls, plastic tunnels, crab huts, plastic plants, fish netting. Halloween hermit crabs are fairly easy to take care of. https://www.animalbliss.com/moon-crab-is-molting/. So, house extra males in separate terrariums to prevent fighting. Otherwise, they can drown. The Halloween Moon Crabs larvae took about 21 days to pass through several stages and metamorphose into the megalopa stage. Watch this contented Halloween moon crab mosey around his aquarium: Try to handle your crabs as little as possible — it may stress them out, and their pincers are strong enough to penetrate a human finger. 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The only book in the World’s Largest Bookstore in Toronto was a thin How to Care for Land Hermit Crabs, with half a page at the back of the book dedicated to the Halloween moon crab that described them only in their natural habitat. They can turn hostile to other animals in your aquarium if not properly fed. They will constantly move stuff and “redecorate” your tank to their liking. However, they can coexist peacefully with other tankmates if they have everything they need. Their tank should be tropical in nature with a relative humidity between 80-90%. They are nocturnal and spend most of their time hiding. It is not possible to guarantee peaceful coexistence. It’s essential to learn and accept how each crab behaves and responses to a stimulus. Even if you have not seen your Halloween Moon Crab for several weeks! The water temperature throughout the culturing period was around 28 C (82 F), and the salinity was 31-34 ppt. Reef Creature Identification, Tropical Pacific. I like that you gently sprayed him with lukewarm water to get the sand out of his eyes, and especially love that you respect his space. ), A 15 gallon (60 liters) terrarium with a screen top is recommended. Do not take them out just because you want to. During this time, darkness is encouraged and handling should be limited to little or none. However, the optimal is between 79 – 88F (26 – 29 C). You can also read “Difference between Aquarium, Terrarium, Riparium, and Paludarium?”. Low lighting and zero disturbances are encouraged during these molting cycles. The first signs that a crab is molting is when it turns a very dull color and/or turns white around the eyes. Trop. I use filtered or spring water to avoid the chemicals added to tap water. On this blog, I share all the things I learn about shrimp breeding as I go. They do not like to be touched or handled in any way. Interesting fact: During the investigation of the defensive adaptations of some crabs, Researchers discovered that Gecarcinus quadratus can produce 2 types of sounds when disturbed in their burrows and also at night. Here’s what I’ve learned over the years. Halloween Moon Crabs are stronger and can bully Hermit crabs. Halloween moon crabs are incredibly colorful and radiant looking crabs. I also definitely recommend a thermostat. Also, DO NOT try to dig it out! Updated: This post was first published on 8/4/1014. Thank you for sharing, What a cool idea for a pet! However, they also time their reproduction to coincide with the beginning of the rainy season, presumably so that adults do not dehydrate during their migration to the ocean. After a week or two of polluck, I started feeding him bits of shrimp and he absolutely loved it so I continue to feed it to him today. You do not want to have an injured crab. After every molt, hermit crabs will need larger shells. This species has a general distribution along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of tropical North, Central, and South America. Having them as pets can be exciting but it is one big responsibility. Identification of a Ciliopagurus strigatus (Herbst, 1804) species-complex, with description of a new species from French Polynesia (Crustacea, Decapoda, Anomura, Diogenidae). Always keep a small piece of Cuttlefish bone in their enclosure. When they grow up, it’s always necessary that their environment provides enough for their total sustenance.

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