He started off with three major interruptions long before I started doing it to him. Meanwhile the mainstream media continue to do their best to downplay and ignore the tsunami of corruption evidence overwhelming Biden. It's a disgrace. You have to guarantee the certification. You just did. Well, it's just -- it's a scam. The first clip from Sean Hannity's big interview with the president features POTUS talking about Michael Bloomberg's height. They spied on our campaign, they got caught. You know it and I know it. So, we will have to see. And Mark is right.

But I've been good to Puerto Rico. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, BIG MISTAKE: Portland Rioter Tries to Block Pick-Up with Motorcycle, Things Do Not Go as Planned. Legal Statement. And we're going to win Nevada on a fair basis, but it's very hard when they send millions of ballots out and then they cheat. So, if people want to stop that, you got to vote against the Democrats. They spied on our campaign, they got caught. You have to have it signed. And she -- she was abused by John Roberts. And, you know, the only one that knows it better than you and I and other people is the Democrats. This is ridiculous. Other companies are great, Eli Lilly. Let me ask you, we learned this week -- and this is something -- we broke a lot of news in the last three and a half years, not really gotten a lot of credit for, it turns out we were right all along --. And his wife, John's wife, was saying, what are you doing? Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. I hope I’m wrong!

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We've cut -- if you look at regulations, we've cut more regulations than any president in history by far.

The late night host also spoke to Pete Buttigieg about... Post was not sent - check your email addresses! They act, oh, it's so terrible. And I think they're really talented, very smart. And if you look at Carolyn Maloney, what they did to that guy that ran against her, it's a disgrace. And, by the way, this was just breaking tonight as we're coming on the air, that the Trump campaign is suing Philadelphia over mail-in voting offices. -- sometime prior to November 3rd, which is the election. So, whether we quarantine, or whether we have it, I don't know. You have seen those numbers, I guess, 95 percent, or something like that, better. So, she did test positive. What if they change -- they're talking about the Debate Commission asking -- talking about changing the rules. I think you're going to be up anywhere from 22 to 35 percent in GDP.

Mr. President, I played earlier -- Joe Biden is out there all day today saying you have never condemned white nationalists. And so, we've done that. So, she wears masks a lot. She actually criticized her husband. Project Veritas came out with a tape. But you know her very well. And there's such love. It's total hypocrisy. You don't seem to mind to fight to get the money for the wall or fight for lower taxes, or to go out and fight for energy independence, or fight for the justices you promised you would put on the Supreme Court.

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