However, yesterday I received a video link from two close friends and, as you will see, I no longer feel the necessity to go that route. To add a dramatic conclusion to the story, it was said the revival Bible was now sitting in the Oval Office, leading some to see it as a sign of impending revival in America. God has providentially prepared the moment and we will become the people of prayer pleading with God, ‘Will thou not revive us again?'”. Indeed so confusing was the naming among the people of my husband’s time and later that his local area put out a Gaelic Telephone Directory giving the real name and the nicknames of those who had telephones in the area….and obituaries in newspapers would sometimes add the nicknames in brackets after the real name of the person, so that people would know who the person was! This is obvious enough that friends keep sending me links to the proofs. Donald Trump proudly shows off the Bible given to him by his mother in 1955  e.g. The president and founder of Crown College, Dr. Clarence Sexton, wonders if an outpouring like the Hebrides Revival is in some way connected to President Trump's Bible. That means she also emigrated long before the 1949-52 revival ever broke out on the island. I was thrilled to learn this ancestry information about our President. The video below shares the journey of Donald Trump’s Bible from the Outer Hebrides to the White House. and righteousness from the God of his salvation. He’s done it! Donald Trump was born in 1946. I think I copied the letter written by Tom Lennie and which I sent to you a few moments ago. As much as I support our President, Donald J. Trump, we must get the right story out so as not to mislead anyone in any way. The people of these remote islands experienced a new-found fear of the Lord that propelled them back to God. He feelings about Trump are clearly negative. P.O. The woman’s facts may be accurate but her feelings about Trump are only thinly veiled. So first, here is my letter—slightly edited—from March 2019. We support monthly. At the church there were 800 people packed in singing psalms. The following letter has also been written by Tom Lennie. My husband was born on the Island of Lewis. It’s the kind of thing that I believe will appeal to him, should he see it. In Callenish, he prayed until the power of God laid hold on those who were dead in sins transforming them into living stones in the Church of Jesus Christ. Therefore, I had decided a few days ago that I should compose a letter to my former Congressman, now Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, to ask him to beg a minute of the precious time of the President of the United States, to verify the story. It was used in the Hebrides Revival of 1949 to 1952 and its now in the White House. James Murray MacKay, to exhort other church leaders in the area to pray in the same vein. How hard would it be for me to convince people that sensed that from her, that she is a total fake? (I have cleaned up the punctuation and other minor errors without changing the text from the Facebook post.) I’m longing for revival and God, You are not doing it! Some services were scheduled to begin as late (early) as 3 a.m. Donald Trump stands outside his late mother’s house at 3-5 Tong on the island of Lewis. When Peggy Smith heard Campbell had declined she said, “Mr. */. We are grateful to our heavenly Father and to you for your support. There was no need for Mary Anne to look to some religious revival on the other side of the world for someone to name her son after. Keep informed. Did you know that President Donald J. Trump has two great aunts that prayed the Hebrides Revival down from heaven between 1949 and 1952? How One of President Trump's Prized Possessions Ended Up at the Museum of the Bible. Consider the following characteristics of the revival that took place in the Barvas church, according to Beautiful Feet. I am thirsty, and You promised to pour water on me.”, Then after a pause, he said, “God, Your honor is at stake, I now take it upon myself to challenge You to fulfill Your covenant engagement!”, “With that the granite house ‘shook like a leaf.’ A jug on a sideboard fell onto the floor and broke. No Matter the Cost. They had moved into a new sphere of God realization, believing implicitly in the promise of revival. I do not live in America. Box 414 !’ – ‘Let Us Worship’ Revival Lands in Vegas and Arizona, 5 Dead, 15 Wounded by ‘Islamic Terrorist’ Attack Near Vienna Synagogue, 2 huge reasons why Joe Biden could lose that hardly anyone is talking about – Michael Snyder. Believe me when I say I could make a very compelling argument to substantiate my accusations. Hopefully he won’t start now! Steve has also authored and published 29 books. At around 11 p.m. the back door of the church opened and a man entered saying, “Mr. Why Don't His Supporters Care? FREE Love For His People app – News, music, videos, messages, events & more! The cottage of Peggy and Christine Smith was next to the police station, and some thought that might have produced a Holy Spirit magnet drawing their souls. He does not pass on to me anything that he does not know to be accurate. It was very important to call children after family names….my oldest son is Donald…It wasn’t enough, in some families at least, to call a son after his grandfather Donald,,, but if the other grandfather, the mother’s father, was also called Donald, your second son might also be given the name Donald. The language used was Gaelic. Hence, I did not feel the need to spend time trying to verify the story below. From: Lilian Campbell Date: May 3, 2020 at 12:30:42 PM EDTTo:loveforhispeople@gmail.comSubject: President Trump’s Bible. Sometimes he would be asked to pray, and he would mention but one word, “Father,” and everyone would melt into tears,” according to Beautiful Feet. Shortly after that, Peggy Smith asked Rev. Mary Anne Smith MacLeod, niece of the two intercessors of the Hebrides Revival and cousin of Donald Smith the 15-year-old converted at the revival, emigrated from the Hebridean Island of Lewis to America and met a gentleman named Frederick Trump. These two ladies were Donald Trump’s great aunts. This would have been roughly contemporaneous with the lives of Christine and Peggy Smith, who are famed in revival folklore for their lives of faith and intercession.But sadly the story’s not true. Pineville, NC 28134 USA. Of course, as we all know, anybody can say anything about anybody on the web and on social media, so I cannot verify the story; but it seems quite plausible to me. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. To distinguish among them they all got nicknames. “If God can find some open people who know what the window is for. An awareness of God filled the barn and a stream of supernatural power was let loose in their lives. I have re-printed her email to me in full, below, as she quotes from several reliable sources. Peggy received a vision of her church filled with young people and an unidentified pastor leading the awakening. Inauguration: Donald Trump to swear oath on Scots mother's Bible ... was born and raised on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides before emigrating to America in 1930 at 18-years-old. Here is his letter: The MYTH of Trump’s Bible, From Facebook. Is my heart pure?” He got no further, but fell prostrate to the floor. When interrupted he quietly said: “Excuse me a little, Mr. Campbell, I’m having an audience with the King.” Some of the most vivid outpourings of the Spirit during the revival came when he was asked to pray. Further, Lewis is a relatively small, well-connected island where people know genealogy well, and we are dealing with just two generations.

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