I am intelligent and worthy of success. The breeze picked up, moving the tree limbs above, shifting the shadows on the road into eerie patterns. Day: Wednesday Silver:  Cypress oil Centeotle: Mexican fertility goddess. Change ). ( Log Out /  What do you see? So from the b eginning she is a nurse of the young, and these are her honours. Her most important sanctuary was Lagina, a theocratic city-state in which the goddess was served by eunuchs. Shrines and statues of Hecate were set up in front of Greek temple complexes to keep evil away. I am pleased that you call to Me in your craft. Your art, performed in My Name, will bring Me much Honor and Glory. Dogs 13 drops Cypress Oil Her sacred candle color is royal blue. Additionally, colors can symbolize very different things in different cultures. She is known as a goddess who is not to be invoked lightly, or by those who are calling upon her frivolously. ~ Marcia Starck Hecate Meditation (adapted from a meditation by Timothy Roderick): Close your eyes, ground and center as you do for all meditations, in whatever way works best for you. Dew: Greek fertility goddess. Worship Hathor with offerings of rich perfumes, songs, and dance rituals. She was also Queen of the Underworld and the sister and consort of the God Frey. LOVED ONES WHO HAVE PASSED OVER TO BE WITH ME 2 parts myrrh Wortcunning also makes a stellar Hecate incense based on information in ancient majickal texts. The moon’s shadow fell as a pattern on the dirt road beneath the trees. The Moon has no light of its own, only reflected light from the sun. Parvati: Hindu Goddess of mountains and consort of the god Shiva. Kupala: Slavic Goddess of life, sex and vitality. To gain the knowledge that She can bestow, we must give up negative habits and thought processes. Element: Earth Then it disappears, and you know you are back in your body. I invoke thee, Hecate, Midnight’s Lady, She is depicted as a woman with the head of a lion and is the Egyptian counterpart of the Hindu Goddess Shakti. Embracing the Goddess: 5 parts Sandalwood Clearly, it is important to look to your own cultural upbringing as well as your own experiences before taking correspondence table recommendations to heart, particularly with colors. Transform the negative thought and painAnd help my life be whole again. Animal: cat She … Permission is needed for material taken from Hecate's Cauldron to be used for The warm, energized feeling that remains after magickal work is physical proof of Her presence and the flow of magick.To learn from Hecate involves spiritual sacrifice. She is the fulfillment. Her sacred candle color is black. At this customary time during the cycle of the Moon, With incantations, chants and the power of will, You send your energy into the Universe to take physical form. And she is good to stand by horsemen, whom she will: and to those whose business is in the grey discomfortable sea, and who pray to Hecate and the loud-crashing Earth-Shaker, easily the glorious goddess gives great catch, and easily she takes it away as soon as seen, if so she will. It allows you to view the past and glean information from it, and it allows you to look into the future, giving you the ability to direct your destiny. An online encyclopedia of witchcraft, magick and the occult. Now the mist rapidly closes around you, and Hecate, the stones and the roads fade into the darkness. Hecate, who sits enthroned before the Veil of the Temple as the High Priestess, the card in the Tarot which is ruled by the Moon. Her festival of Pomonalia was celebrated in ancient Rome on the first day of November to mark the End of the Harvest. The earliest known monument is a small terracotta found in Athens, with a dedication to Hecate, in writing of the style of the 6th century. Hecate, Goddess of phantoms, of shadows play Whose body divides the sun lit days.She from whom all Gods and men were born Whom she will she greatly aids and advances: she sits by worshipful kings in judgement, and in the assembly whom she will is distinguished among the people. The Ancient Greeks would erect statues (hecataea) of Hekate Trivia Sepulchral, in a saffron veil array’d, The incense delights Me and you have provided honey as a sweet offering. They celebrate the wonder of nature and the miracle that it truly is. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Her Story: He also "granted" her the powers of the heavens, on Earth and the underworld......as if She did not have these powers already! Hathor’s Correspondences: Vesta: Roman Hearth-Goddess whose temple was lit by a sacred fire tended by six virgin priestesses known as the vestal virgins. The young woman’s cloak hid her face as she leaned on her knees to dig a small hole, depositing a knotted scarf holding herbs and stones, a tiny carved image, and her menstrual blood. This color works well with Neptune energy. Permission is needed for material taken from Hecate's Cauldron to be used for See our disclosure statement for more information. Great honor comes full easily to him whose prayers the goddess receives favorably, and she bestows wealth upon him; for the power surely is with her. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Cybele: Phrygian Goddess of nature and fertility.  Source: This formula is a traditional one. Epona: Celtic mare goddess who sacred candle color is white. I have not had the time to go through all of the correspondences for each incense on this page but for “homework”, if you are interested in incense and herbs would be to go through the incense on this page and look up the correspondence learn them. Hera: Greek Goddess of death and rebirth, earth Goddess, and consort of the God Zeus. Flora’s Correspondences: This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Leave the rest as an offering to Hecate.Light the purifying incense in the censer, cut a door in the Circle, and, beginning in the eastern-most corner of your home, smudge your home, going counter-clockwise. I have been following the religion of Wicca since I was 13 years old. 1/2 part Mint She appears in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter and in Hesiod’s Theogony, where she is promoted strongly as a great goddess. Tlazolteotl,: Central American earth-Goddess associated with fertility and love. Hecate Incense ____________________ In ancient times, she was worshiped in the form of a cat. Hecate is not the priestess who seeks the inner knowledge, but High Priestess who has found it and imparts it to others. Symbols: a torch; a dagger; the crossroads; The Goddess  Hecate is a triple Goddess in that She rules the Heavens, Earth and the Underworld.  During the times of Hecate, there really was no such thing as a Crone.  Dark Goddess yes.  Crone, no.  If  you look at images of any Goddesses, they are never depicted as old.  Dark Goddesses in ancient times did not mean old but merely an aspect of what they represented.  The phrase "Mother, Maiden, and Crone (Triple Goddess) is a neopagan concept and most particularly Wiccan.  The first time this phrase was brought forth was through Robert Graves in his book White Goddess..  He claimed there was a triad of Goddesses as such, but his theory has bee discredited due to lack of primary sources and poor research.  Maiden,  Mother and Crone sounds very poetic but that is all that is was and is.  For proof, one can merely look at ancient plaques and/or paintings on ancient walls or even statues which never depicted an elderly woman.  However, to Neopagans, as a triple Goddess, Hecate represents Maiden, Mother and Crone.

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