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Although the graphics are a little… well, not that great, the game is still fun as hell. A huge, open world where you can do literally everything and even drive tanks and helicopters… hell yeah! Now, why is this a helicopter game? This isn’t a hundred percent arcade experience, but a fine balance between arcade and simulation gameplay. Price: $24.99.

There’s no bullshit and filler content in this game.

Here are the top free Helicopter games for PC for 2020, including Empire: World War 3, Big Air War, Shoot'n'Scroll, and more.

But, has a special love for the FPS and Action. Today, we are going to take a look at a special genre of action games, and that’s 20 best helicopter games for PC. Speaking of war, we are dealing with the most brutal version of Vietnam I’ve ever seen!

And you are going to be doing this, in this epic, fast-paced game that will test your reflexes and inject you with a dose of adrenaline. They include new helicopter games such as Free Rally: Vice and top helicopter games such as War Brokers (.io), Free Rally: Vice, and Free Rally 2.

Air Brawls is a beautiful indie game that will let you fly an old-timer plane and evade the obstacles on your way. Well, Gunship 2000 is such game, and if you aren’t a fan of old-school games, the get out! How exactly is this a helicopter game? Modern Warfare 2 is an excellent military game, including all of the powerful guns, vehicles, and helicopters which you’ll use very often in your gameplay. Right now, I asked you the stupidest question on Earth! If you want a hyper-realistic aircraft simulator, look no further than DCS World. Our list has 20 Best Helicopter Games for PC which you'll surely like. It immediately became a real freakin’ deal! Looking for Helicopter games to download for free? Instead, you are being deployed on the battlefield and your mission is to annihilate the enemy lines and survive the vicious battle. Isn’t it scary when the plane flies so low? Oh, yeah, it is! Microsoft Flight Simulator X or FSX is an award-winning flight/helicopter simulation… Come on, you can’t say that GTA V isn’t a helicopter game. GameTop Pte.

Looking for Helicopter games to download for free? Use machine gun, or maybe missiles to bring the victory to your team in this hyper-realistic helicopter game. In my opinion, Homefront is a very underrated game, but it’s fun as hell, unlike its younger brother Homefront: Revolution. Use tanks, cars, planes, helicopters, and guns to your advantage, and remember- have no mercy in battle! Fast and secure game downloads. Fast and secure game downloads. It’s another FPS game, with beautiful graphics and polished gameplay. GTA V first began as a console game, until it was ported to PC and guess what? It’s high time for the Final Gunship battle and air strike to nail down the enemies! The helicopters are crazy good in the game, meaning that it’s a pleasure to play it, even at this point in time. Expect some heavy resistance, lots of shooting, and of course, helicopter battles. The controls are great, and the graphics are solid, I would say.

To get more information about our cookies. Microsoft is known for their polished and streamlined Flight Simulator which is still a real deal. So, basically, Koreans attack your country killing everything in their sight, and you are the hero tasked with putting an end to that. You know what I mean?

This is one of those game that’s much more fun in multiplayer, but you can play singleplayer as well.

The graphics were phenomenal at the time, and you were sitting in a high-detailed cockpit of an Apache helicopter! Helicopter Game: Helicopter Game is a classic game of balance and timing. There are tons of aircraft battles and dogfights waiting for you to participate. And you know what?

It’s released in 1998, and in that time, it was a VERY advanced game. You can use everything you have at your disposal and beat the devil out of your enemies! Sky Hunter is a strictly multiplayer game which lets you… well, drive a helicopter! Download only unlimited full version fun games online and play offline on your Windows desktop or laptop computer. It gets pretty hairy up there, once you're fighting gravity and dealing with an X and a Y axis you might just realize that flying is for the birds. Isn’t that so badass? Helicopter games are amazing if you love large-scale aircraft battles. Lock On: Modern Air Combat – PC Ubi Soft: 8.8: GET ON AMAZON: 5: Air … Because it’s an older game, don’t expect your pretty-looking graphics, but visuals that just do the job. Oh, yeah, and you are a superhero, bombing and shooting the enemies below you like a lunatic. Sure, you can’t drive a helicopter, but there are lots of them, meaning that you’ll often get roasted by one. But that’s not a problem since the multiplayer nails it and the fun factor is strong. Filed Under: Best Tagged With: Helicopter Games. If you like a great multiplayer shooting, Battlefield 4 offers everything you want. Developed by NAMCO, this is an amazing arcade game which will put you in a role of a pilot using planes and helicopters to his advantage. Ltd. uses its own cookies and third-party cookies. Because it’s an older game, the graphics aren’t on point, and the story isn’t to be taken seriously. AirStrike II: Gulf Thunder is very fun helicopter game which completely ditches a realistic helicopter behavior for a badass arcade experience.

Help Mr. Fogg win a bet and travel around the world in 80 days! This game rocks! However, if it’a laid-back approach to helicopters that you see, then you might consider this game. This is one of those games that will kick your ass if you’re not careful, but also let you relax after a long day of work. To make things easier, Air Missions: HIND lets you play with your friend and increase the chances of survival. You know… I must agree with that! Sharpen your retinas and crack your knuckles. But, don’t expect the game to hold you by your hand; you’ll still have a hard time surviving! It’s so much fun and I recommend playing it right now!

It’s easily one of the best helicopter games ever! If you are brave enough, you might as well try multiplayer. Unlike DCS World, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is much more approachable game. Our unique licensing system allows us to offer games for free legally. Take on Helicopters was developed by Bohemia Interactive, a developer that worked on many military simulation games.

Homefront is an FPS game that has a lot to do with helicopters. Have you heard of a Mi-24 Hind helicopter? I mean, if you are just a little bit into helicopters, you know what we are talking about?

Not only that you get to fly some badass helicopter, but also planes and use tanks! A Gamer who loves to play almost any gaming genre. Be sure to get this game and enjoy like never before. Nevertheless, the game puts you in a helicopter right from the start, letting you use your minigun to shoot the enemies below. All Rights Reserved, 15 Most Advanced Attack Helicopters Around the World, 15 Best CCleaner Alternative for Windows, Mac and Linux, What’s New In WordPress 4.9 | 10 Added Features and Changes, 20+ Tips and Tricks For Google Chrome – You Didn’t Know of, 10 Best Android Emulator That You Can Use In 2020, 15 Tools to Instantly Convert 2D Images to 3D Ones | 2020 Edition. However, the gunplay and helicopters are simply perfect. On the gameplay side, we have tons of powerful helicopter which you can use to beat the crap out of your enemies in both multiplayer and singleplayer. Ascend your way to victory! Here are the top free Helicopter games for PC for 2020, including Empire: World War 3, Big Air War, Shoot'n'Scroll, and more. Download Helicopter Game free game for PC today. Download only unlimited full version fun games online and play offline on your Windows desktop or laptop computer. Old games are the games we often use for our daily dose of nostalgia.

But, what is so great about those games? Basically, DCS World is a tank game, but with lots of stuff going on. There are 5 huge locations that will provide you with lots of fun. In fact, Homefront lets you use various gadgets, guns, and vehicles to bring a victory to your country.

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