I o, ffer private and group lessons as well as seminars and clinics. Working Border Collies for catlle, sheep/goats. Judging, lessons and clinics. Clinics and lessons available. Variety of training areas available. I've been trialing Aussies for 25 years. AHBA judge. Multiple working areas in various sizes. We hold herding workshops the 2nd Sunday of each month (weather permitting). But maintain a small group of sheep, goats and ducks for training and instinct testing. Come join us in the beautiful land of OZ for a sheep herding adventure! Contact Red Creek Farm. NORTH CAROLINA . If you would like to be added to this list, contact Linda Rorem at. Beginning through advanced herding lessons for all herding breeds on ducks, sheep and/or goats. A balance of herding ability, desire to hunt down prey items and vermin, and a natural desire to guard and nuture their livestock is central to my aims. We also offer basic obedience training, therapy dog,dog carting and draft work training, and rally obedience in North Carolina. Contact the Farm. USBCHA and AHBA judge. All breed herding classes. AKC and AHBA judge. All breeds. AKC/AHBA/ASCA trial facility and stock provider, wool sheep and ducks. We train herding dogs from test levels to the most advanced work. Learn with an experienced and positive trainer. Available for clinics & demonstrations. AHBA judge. Camping sites available. But this wait also means that all pups come crate trained, leash trained, knowing sit, down and stand and having a start on housetraining. Beggining through advanced herding lessons for all herding breeds on sheep and/or goats. Specializing in upright loose eyed breeds using guidance based training (rather than correction based). Provide in-house training for 30-45 day periods or individual/group private lessons. All levels of dogs and handlers, all herding breeds, various sized pens/fields, hair sheep, woolies, ducks. Check our training information at www.ncdogtraining.com Competitive in AHBA and ASCA. The rest of the property is open range land. I also have a. Stock and arenas appropriate for your dog. Experienced in training and handling all breeds of herding dogs. Sheep, goats, cattle, and ducks/geese. 27537 . Don Couch,20024 Red Top RoadCaldwell, ID 83607, Denise RackleyClearfield StockdogsSouth Eastern Indiana, Jerry Rowe's Twin Creek Farm Sheep Herding Camp1771 S 85th Ave.Osborne, KS 67473, Dr. Mary B. AdelmanGerman Shepherd Club of W KY, Glendhenmere Kennels229 Glendhenmere LaneHazel, KY 42049, Heather Elijah3130 London RoadMansfield, MO 65704. It is more then just getting a dog ready to trial, we train working dogs. Year round lessons for all herding breeds, beginning to very advanced. Private lessons, clinics, individual practice. Start on sheep or ducks and have cattle available for more advanced training. Year-round lessons for all herding breeds, beginning to very advanced. Facility rental. Training weekends available. Jerry Rowe's Twin Creek Farm Sheep Herding Camp. Sheep and ducks available. Have been training stockdogs for 20+ years, and have worked with both loose and strong eyed breeds. By appointment in Lancaster, CA. Karma Performance offers lessons to all dog/handler teams. Private lessons and clinics available. Demonstrations. Bridhe - Deep River Dublin Hill Ghost Bride. Posted on December 12, 2007 | 1 … This directory is in alphabetical order by state within the USA, by province within Canada, and within those sections, alphabetical by name. Stock and fields or all levels. Meet the sheep opportunities. 2 facilities for teaching and trialing from 82 acrea to 13 acres. The facilities are excellent and we have experience in hosting trials and other events. Test and trial trainer, clinics, events. Private Lessons, Clinics, AHBA and ASCA Events. Multi arenas pens and fields.

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