James said, throwing his arm around the redhead and pulling her a bit closer, "We've decided to move in together!".

She pulled Ginny to the side and sent her to get Harry and go to St. Mungo's to check on Hermione and the babies. He nearly lost his mind when her heat began fluttering persistently around him; pushing harder and deeper into her with every thrust. She'd never be as good as new again. To get pregnant you have to- OW HERMIONE! Honestly, you'd think I'd be sick of food by now-", "Ah, yes, the Ravenclaws have even been gossiping about it," Snape intoned, peering over his battered potions book, "And they aren't ones for gossip. ", Hermione took a deep breath and closed her eyes, "I think I'm pregnant.". RL/SB/HG. When Hermione finds out she's pregnant and Ron breaks her heart, she meets a little girl who changes her life; bringing an old enemy back into it. "But Fred just said you were. "The baby boy looked good, we saw them rushing him by us as we went out the door," Ginny told Harry. She smiled when she felt him kiss her forehead. Most babies weigh over 6lbs when they are born. One of his calloused hands made it up her shirt, cupping her supple breast through her lacy bra.

"I dare you to tell Mrs. Weasley that you got Hermione pregnant. "You need to start sleeping more," he observed, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and helping her out of the library. Both men stopped their pacing and leaned into the hugs. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. They were both in the sitting room, Sirius watching Deadliest Catch and Remus reading a book. Without saying a word, Hermione handed the paperwork from the medi-witch's office to Ginny and let her read. He patted his head. Sirius explained that Hermione's blood pressure had apparently been really high for a while, unknown to them and it had caused her to go into labor.

He looked suspicious before chattering away. He died again! So when Harry reminds him that he is an adult capable of making his own decisions and unwittingly offers him a way out...Well, what can he do but take it? They'd only been back together for about a month and Sirius was always on top of it to use the contraceptive charm.

Memories maketh the man. Ron frowned.

Hermione growled lowly, her dark eyes turning to the short boy in the corner. Ron frowned. Protect me!". She found Kreacher in his spot underneath the heater.

Hermione just sat there on a floor in front of the floor until Ginny came out of the kitchen to investigate the noise, saw her sitting there, and rushed over. I start the day after the full moon. "If we can find out the genders in 4 weeks then you've got to be….

", The werewolf groaned, "Can we please not talk about my cousin's sex life? She was led over to one of the two rocking chairs in the room and everyone gathered around her, bringing gifts. She used a light drying charm and then used muggle anti-frizz gel and went on to get dressed. She cried for herself, because she felt like a failure as a mother, and her children weren't even an hour old yet. James backed up. Their brains are developing nicely, their abdomens and heads are the perfect size for their range of development. Madame Pomfrey gasped, popping her head out of the office before scurrying towards her. SHE'S PREGNANT!

I missed this. Fred shot her a grateful look.

Remus explained when Healer Smith had told him about the DNA to Sirius, and passed him their daughter. He kissed the top of her head and murmured, "We raise it. You're going to have two beautiful babies for the price of one!" But in order to get pregnant you have to-". James shrugged.

Hermione grabbed the chain saw and handed it to Ginny who took it to the front desk. ", The brunette forced a smile, "Sirius and I have been looking at flats in Diagon Alley. Conversation prattled on for a bit before the group began to take their leave, leaving Sirius and Hermione alone in the room. Oh and twins! "Ronald Weasley! "What's wrong Hermione?" The timeline wouldn't allow her to change anything significant and a child was definitely that. 1995. He grinned from ear to ear. The nurses knew there was no way Hermione could be pregnant. I had no idea you were so like Lavender! Hermione looked over her shoulder and noticed how he was just staring at her. Ginny went and took a seat by Harry, who looked like he'd just seen a ghost. She knows there's a war going on but even she couldn't have guessed that the 7 items she remembered could have been the very thing to stop that war. When they got there, they saw a medi-wizard telling Sirius the same things that Remus had just learned. AN// Just to clear up a few things from reviews and PMs, I do have a bit of knowledge about preemies because my son was born 7 weeks premature. NOW LET'S GO!" Took Harry almost the entire meal before he asked why we were eating all the baby food. They gave her foot rubs, back rubs, full body massages and anything else she asked for. Neither of them realize they've bonded, but Hermione does realize something's not right with her close to two months later. Your review has been posted.

Ginny said, taking Remus by the hand and walking out into the hallway.

Hermione lost so many people dear to her. The nurse glanced at Hermione, then back to Fred before shoving the pills in his mouth.

", "I'll be fine. Deciding to play along, Hermione grinned. "Miss Lupin…I'm very sorry, but it seems you have a lot of dark magic residue-". We give it a better life than what we had and in eleven years, we see it off on the express. "Did you hear that George?

This time it was Ginny who smacked him on the back of the head. Hermione took a seat next to Remus and Sirius and buried her head in her crossed arms on the table. Your review has been posted. Excited? he asked dumbly, and George shoved a cookie in his mouth. Fred shook his head.

", George opened his mouth, but Fred blurted out. The werewolf scented his pack lightly before turning back to Hermione, his tail twitching slightly when he caught her smell once more. Lavender gave him an Are you stupid look.

Enter: Draco Malfoy, who actually sort of believes his theory. ", She sniffled, "What if I am?

She stepped into the shower and turned it on warm and began to scrub. Harry glanced at her. She grabbed the two tapes from Sirius, glared at him, and threw them at Ron and Lavender who were eating each other's faces. "That's wonderful!" "Snow, come on! The summer before their Fifth year, a mysterious woman appears for an order meeting at Grimmauld Place. "We'll be able to find them up here dear," she told him. Once the cleaning, painting and carpeting was finished, Sirius and Remus warded the door of the nursery so that Hermione couldn't get in.

", Lavender glanced at James in confusion. He chuckled reaching out to stroke her arm gently, "Come again, love? I spent thousands of galleons being informed that by the best medi-witches and medi-wizards in England. Dark Gods aren’t real.So why did one kill her father? ", Hermione smiled. Her head whipped up and she stared at him in confusion. However, neither of them is prepared for what will threaten their desires… or who will threaten them, rather. ", Tears pricked her eyes and she played with the hand that he had settled on her stomach, "We don't know for sure, yet. She made it to the master bathroom when she heard Sirius' motorbike come to a stop in the backyard. That made Hermione smile, and she began to calm down. Summary: Hermione is surprised when Ron shows up at her office for a little afternoon delight. Ginny and Harry led them over to a couch and sat both of them down.

Absolutely not is the answer. They paused to open the door helped her step inside and then let her remove the blindfold. "This is wonderful love.

The poor guy!". Hermione yawned and allowed him to lead her to Ravenclaw tower. When the war is through and people are finally starting to rebuild their lives and the world around them, what will it take for the brightest witch of her age and the heir to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black to truly find the happiness they both crave? "When we got back together…against the wall…I didn't use the charm," Sirius admitted, shuffling his feet and giving her a lopsided smile, "I was just so happy to have you back that it slipped my mind. "Mom," he said seriously. Sirius said quietly. Two mornings later, they were awakened by two crying babies. Molly directed half the woman to putting away the gifts and the other half to cleaning up the food and trash. Hermione Granger is pregnant. He walked over to their son's crib and picked him up gently, watching the oxygen hoses and monitor wires and rocked him softly.

She had two beautiful, amazing husbands who wanted nothing more than to spend every moment of their lives with her and the babies, she had two beautiful babies that she was told she'd never have, and even breastfeeding had come easy for the three of them. She'll let you walk the streets beside her, but when she wants she'll pass you by. Hermione wore a small smirk on her face, but it disappeared at Fred's worried glance. "We have two kinds! She nodded and allowed him to lead her off the stands and away from the Quidditch pitch.

Ginny said, giving Hermione a hug. Remember that. "Sorry Won-Won," she said before turning to Harry. Congratulations."

1920s Muggle AU. Ginny pulled Harry away and up the stairs toward the maternity floor. "Who cares? She had woken up to a sharp pain in her abdomen and her body was covered in sweat. It had been a week since they had gotten back together and she was finally content. (Rated M for later chapters including violence, sexual content, and language) - Now COMPLETE!

Did he even want kids? Lily laughed and kissed James lightly, "You're horrible with news, you know." "The blue one's manlier.

Remus pushed Hermione up in front of the tiny crib that held their tiny daughter. Their son was breathing well on his own, but needed a little oxygen supplementation to keep his levels up. All the while she's trying to make sense of it all, Sirius Black finds it terribly inconvenient to give her space. I mean come on, this is Hermione Granger! I'M THE GUY! "Hey!"

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