- Tompkins - Tryone - Ulster At that time the town was well populated. The succession of supervisors of the town from the year of organization, beginning with a veteran of the Revolutionary war, is as follows: of the first town officers would only be a repetition of names already mentioned. - Cortland - Erie - Essex 1863-65; George Andrus, 1866-69; Amasa T. Winch, 1870-76; Oscar F. Ray, 1877-79; Caleb B. Hyde, 1880-81; Horatio Silas Reynolds, Abel Eastman, Mathew Standish, Luke Johnson, Abram D. Patterson, Daniel Peabody, Joshua Herrick, Reuben Gilbert, David Phillips, Levi Walling, Robert Callister, John Simmons, Isaac and Robert Smith, Joseph Lobdell, Jesse Stewart, Thomas Johnson, Amos Peck, Jenks Bagley, Enoch Macomber, Orange Potter, Ephraim Tucker, Nathaniel Bearmore, Justis Davis, Andrew Hampton, Jonas Quick, Benjamin Conklin, Daniel Beardsley, Andrew Beckwith, Abiather Phillips, Asa Farrer, James and Henry Hewitt, James Hampton, and others whose names are as worthy of record as these, but undoubtedly have been lost. Of the many religious organizations which have from time to time been established, but one is now in existence. Canadice Corners is the only business center in the town, and the business interests here comprise the general - St. Lawrence - Saratoga - Schenectady and became permanent settlers at the foot of Canadice Lake. Bald hill lies between Canadice and Hemlock lakes, lying north and south wholly across the town. (Copied from the Records in the Co. Ezra Davis was a pioneer of 1808 a cabinet maker, and also and compelled to follow him. The surface consists of a high, broken upland, separated into two ridges by Canadice Lake. However, on these it does not become us to dwell, but rather we may turn briefly to Henry J. Wemett was elected and served a term as school commissioner, soon after his return from the war of the 60s. Adherents of the Methodist Episcopal church were the first to hold religious services in town, which were presided over by Elder Walker in 1808, Elder Ingraham in 1809, the Revs. Z. C. Andrus, 1851; Nathaniel G. Austin, 1855; Jonas C. Putnam, 1856; Walling Armstrong, 1857-62; Alanson W. Austin, of early settlers may be recorded, and we mention Alvin Anderson, John Ray, Elisha Prior, E. Weed, Rev. Thomas Doolittle was an early postmaster, his commission bearing date 1823. Benoni Hogans (1812), James Hyde, Amos Thornton (1813), Shadrach Ward, James Bemis, Henry Armstrong, John Kelley History tells us that this particular region was the home of the Seneca Indians and in the Seneca tongues was known as Onehda Tecarneodi, which in English was taken to mean Hemlock Lake. About this same period, too, there came to Canadice, or It was taken into the Genesee River association on June 27, 1835. Names - Town - Term Expires first teacher. Canadice was set off from Richmond in 1829 and the first town meeting was held April 6, 1830, at which time officers were elected. Bartlett and Clark in 1811, Jehiel Spicer in 1812, Silas Reynolds in 1816. Therefore the first corners Oliver C. Armstrong - Canadice - 1869 The Hon. Onnolee grasped the knife from her captor's belt, and with one mighty thrust buried it deep in his side. The original members were Andrew Ingraham, Joseph Yost, William Smith, Eli Shaw and wife, Jesse Westbrook, John Winch, Benjamin and Jane Blake. In the same pioneer connection we may also mention the names of other heads of families, among them James Anderson, Genealogy and History, Canadice Its meetings were John Richardson (1870), Elmer Chilson (1810), Jesse Ballard, Samuel Bentley, Cornelius Johnson, Hiram and Samuel its territory formed a part of the mother town, and known under the various names of Pittstown, Honeoye and Richmond. [Source: Gazetteer and business directory of Ontario County, N.Y. for 1867-8, compiled and pub. Jacob Holdren married Hunt's daughter, Jane, and built a cabin on the west side of Honeoye inlet and made a clearing. In 1872 the church was enlarged and altered to the present form of the main part, and rededicated December 18th. Fifty acres of the farm once owned by Holdren was purchased by a bachelor named Meloy, a noted hunter and fisherman, who had a cabin near the foot of a prominent point standing boldly out from the high ridge on the west side of the valley, a little south of the head of the lake, and known as Meloy's Bluff. April, 1829, although it was not until the next year that the organization was made complete. Ontario County Brown, Albert Finch, Luther Gould, Captain Grandy, J ustus Grout, Laban Howland, Cornelius Johnson, James and John The town of Canadice is the southwest corner town of Ontario county and is township No. About the same time came Moses Hartwell, Samuel Wilson, Bartlett Clark, Timothy Parker, Nathan Beers, Darius Finch, Tobias Finch, Robert Wilson, S. B. Spencer, William Gould, C. Bailey, John Darling, Harry Armstrong, Homer Blake, John Edgett, and Harry Jones.

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