If poring more infantry into the same division leads to you filling only 60 combat width while your opponent manages to fill 80 combat width with the same number of battalions, you do not gain any advantage. Shock & Awe boosts organization, soft attack and hard attack for your whole army. This is without support artillery just engineers and recon. This generally makes your marine better while landing and also makes it easier to maintain your holdings after capturing them. So would you rather have the exploitation force 10% faster or the breakthrough force able to roll better in combat? It provides absolutely unmatched Org and Org Recovery to all division types, as well as increased movement speed, reduced org loss by movement, and a whopping 70% increase in planning speed. Instead they must be formed into fast moving, independent units which can spearhead attacks. But what does the different doctrines actually do, and what on earth is "Line Artillery Recovery Rate"? Can only afford support artillery? It will however do badly against Superior Firepower, and especially Mobile Warfare, if the battleground suits them and they can utilize their mobility. Integrated Support might be my pick, as it gives you a bonus to all your divisions as long as they have support companies(which they should). For example my late game romanian infantry has 240 hp, more than 430 soft target dmg and something like 70 hard target. I havent done the math either but I dont think the advantages are so much stronger to warrant having 2 less, Personally, I prefer Grand Battle Plan but thats because it fits with my play style. If you are attacking with a concentrated force enabling encirclement its even worse odds. Since I usually don't have trouble winning the initial fight in Europe (since I can just retreat into low infra provinces with no penalty, meanwhile Germany is facing basically the same logistical nightmare it did IRL), I notice that the inevitable war in China (in every game the UK and Americans sends massive troops there via phillipines so it becomes a front every bit as large in scale as Barbarossa, but with even less infrastructure) and Africa and South America (where, thanks to the AI spamming naval bombers, it is necessary to establish a base in Guyana or something and slowly build it up and wear them down before the 80000 naval bombers they build insta-nuke any ship in range). A shovel is often the best weapon of the infantry. This puts you in a bad spot when stalemated or in line-to-line combat when no breakthroughs or encirclements are possible. However it is a one trick pony: if it fails to avoid said war of attrition you’re worse off than with any of the other land doctrines. Mobile Infantry or Blitzkrieg?This is an easy one. The doctrine tree consists of four exclusive branches that provide different bonuses. Uh. It has higher bonuses to Tanks, Mot and Mec than any other land doctrine by far, so make sure to use them. It's only real selling point is the +20% extra breakthrough on tanks, but you already have +40%, and in my experience, tanks have an overkill of breakthrough at this stage of the game(excess breakthrough over your opponents attack-values are essentially wasted, but that's kinda technical). It offers a straight bonus to several combat stats that are always active. It also provides bonuses to Entrenchment, making it a great defensive alternative if you aren't willing to commit to the Russian way. Grand battleplan - Infiltration branch. Its capping stone gives all your frontline units +5 organization. The extra planning bonus helps significantly when taking river lines and fort lines in Singapore and china. I recommend making this into a multiplayer guide and showing which countries would benefit from each doctrine. Ah, I forgot France! Using this for it's maximum impact often requires some micromanagement from the player, and preferably a country with a larger industrial base. Superior Firepower is boring but very good for any major. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. There exists some comments online that describe Grand Battle Plan as the jack-of-all-trades, master of none. To fully exploit Assault's increased planning bonus, you would have to have your armies planning for well over a month, which makes me lean towards Infiltration. personally i believe the best land doctrine is based on how you wage war. It is the best land doctrine when retreating and trading land for time. You may want to postpone on modernizing the infantry equipment you produce. Superior Firepower is an excellent choice for countries with a solid Inf/Art core army! On the mainland (China, Raj, Burma), I have no problems at all arguing in favour of GBP over SF. Moving also lowers planning bonus so you lose your counterattack options. The two tables separate army and overall bonuses from division unit bonuses. If you have taken mobile warfare, you should be heavily investing in tanks anyway. United States - Superior Firepower fits their playstyle pretty great. There are too many factors at play to just have one "best land doctrine" for each country, research bonuses, theorists, manpower, industry, playstyle, etc... Country choice matters far less than your specific playstyle. Low organization for motorized infantry, even more so with Airland Battle. Japan, Italy, UK - These are all kinda in the same boat. Regular infantry is the weakest of all these units. The decreased infantry combat width does require a 20% increased infantry weapons production and lots of manpower to make it workable. Work the best with a good amount of armored forces on plains when constantly advancing. Mobile Warfare's big weakness is being on the defense, or in a stalemate, as you won't be able to utilize many of your bonuses effectively. Superior Firepower is a great choice. This way you can reorient some of your faster, offensive troops without too much disadvantages. The concept of Deep Operations, or Deep Battle, is to break through the enemy's defensive lines at multiple points and destroy his operational reserves, his operational depth, and occupy as much of his strategic depth as possible. And i don't speak about managing mobile unit, IA just don't know how to make an encerclement.. Mechanized forces are ideal for conducting the rapid advances needed to properly exploit Breakthroughs, both for supporting the Armored forces and for securing the flanks of the breach. Desperate Defense or Modern Blitzkrieg?As Germany you often need the extra manpower of desperate defense at the very end of the game. Still useful for nations with a strong industry. Some people believe it can be quite powerful if you have sufficient manpower. You also suffer production efficiency loss when changing produced equipment. Effective staff officers ensure the flow of Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence between a commanding officer and the units he controls. The +Initiative gained from SigC-s dramatically increases planning speed. Superior firepower is just mathematically superior (going right and right again). Motorized Infantry, Motorized Artillery/AA/AT, Amphibious Infantry, Mechanized Infantry: Motorized Infantry, Mechanized Infantry, Amphibious Infantry: Mechanized Infantry, Motorized Infantry, Amphibious Infantry. Click to expand... Germany shouldn't go MW, I think someone did the math and the buffs they receive on this don't matter too much as tanks already have enough breakthrough that … But if you have a huge industry, a limited amount of manpower and your opponent is fielding a lot of tanks and other hard targets and not that much infantry, then I believe Airland Battle might be the better option.

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